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US Army slows ~$20bn project to put Microsoft's HoloLens VR headsets into the field


Its the loot boxes

The troops have Been running around collecting loot boxes.

Intel's €80bn European chip plant investment plan not bound for UK because Brexit


Bad Business

This is why the west is in trouble technically

Big business wants subsidies or it won’t build

How about NO and if you decide to drop those types of bombs

How about we hit chips built outside the uk with a new FYou tax on importing them.

Once it uneconomical to import the UK WILL start to expand its own Capabilities

IKEA: Cameras were hidden in the ceiling above warehouse toilets for 'health and safety'


What will they call these cameras in the catalog

How about


Netflix sued by South Korean ISP after Squid Game fans swell traffic to '1.2Tbps'


Netflix should not pay

The ISP sells broadband

Netflix sells shows

The customer pays for both

Why should the ISP get money from Netflix?

It’s ridiculous

If Netflix and others didn’t produce the content then ISP’s wouldn’t be able to charge the silly monthly rates they do

Autonomy founder Lynch scores extradition decision delay as Home Sec ponders sending him to US


No Extradition

No extradition until the USA killer lady is returned for trial to the UK

Grow some and stand up to Biden


Re: If he goes to the USA

And probably broke ?

Brit law firm files suit against Google and Deepmind over use of hospital patients' data


Who will stop them

It is going to happen

So let the law suit run and let’s hope they hit them in the pocket hard

As for the guy at the hospital responsible for this agreement hopefully he is no longer employed and did not get a golden parachute

If your head's not in the cloud, you're not in the right place


The cloud is not complicated

AWS & Azure have been built to make setting this up like walking through an old style installation wizard.

For me the big thing is AWS & Azure are NOT your friends

They have their hand in your pocket so yes you can spin up and scale and auto deploy

But YOUr going to pay for it big time.

JEDI contract might be no more, but case should live on, says Oracle: DoD only wants Amazon, Microsoft for new cloud deal


God Given Rights

Why do these companies believe they have a god given right to be awarded these contracts.

The truth is they are all in it for the money not the security of the nation just the plain old dollar bill.

Watch whoever wins it outsource it to another company or country.

The military should nit need to BUY these services these companies should be falling over themselves to offer it for their nations security.

Do you think for 1 second that Chinese companies are suing the CCP?

USA heading to 3rd world status at a rate of knots, end of empire, here in the UK we have been in this path for 100 years.

Apple, Google yank opposition voting strategy app from Russian software stores


Democracy pah

If google and Apple throw things under a bus every time an autocratic regime says do this now

Then democracy is dead, or is it only open to westerners ?

Stop chasing the $$$ and grow some morals

Remember do no evil ?

When you capitulate like this then it reminds me of the PM chamberlain and the Nazis

Sir Clive Sinclair: Personal computing pioneer missed out on being Britain's Steve Jobs


Thanks Clive

Thanks a lot

You gave me a life long love of programming and the skills to help many companies expand and some to survive

ZX81 is still my first love ❤️

Everything after that has just been expensive to do what we did on the ZX81

Thanks and switch the tape off now

Thanks, Sir Clive Sinclair, from Reg readers whose careers you created and lives you shaped


Thank you

Thank you

Your ZX81 had me understanding programming before I started my City & Guilds

And when the 1st interview came I finished the 100 logic questions in 20

Minutes while many were still on the 1st page.

When I failed my A levels, the imagination triggered by the ZX81 kept me in a job that insisted on A level passes.

The life I have is TOTALLY down to the amazing ZX81 and it’s brilliant inventor.

Thank you Clive

You can press “stop” on the tape player now … the programs over

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81


ZX81 Totally B4 It’s time

The keyboard hade built In shortcuts you only really type variable names.

Some of the games written that fitted in to 1k were amazing.

1K think about it

I need an SSD & 16gig of memory to do the same stuff.




Amazon abuses dominance to keep wholesaler prices high, says DC AG in updated antitrust complaint


Ah Big Tech

Well what did you expect ?

Every startup that becomes successful pulls the ladder up after themselves.

Amazon make money, they don’t sell goods anymore, the stock is someone else’s zero risk.

Banned: The 1,170 words you can't use with GitHub Copilot


Freedom of speech ?

Why should a product contain a list of banned (by whom) words.

Does a hammer have a safety system to test if you hitting a nail ?

I am happy for it to highlight but it sounds like “cancel” culture to me

If you don’t type what I want you to type then it stops working, that’s basically rubbish.

Imagine the uproar if VS2020 auto corrected any AWS ref to Azure or refused to load a competitor package no more Nuget (actually hmm)

You get the point

Norwegian student tracks Bluetooth headset wearers by wardriving around Oslo on a bicycle


Criminalise Bad Security

Security is a massive issue.

Criminalise the failure to adhere to basic standards, these standards should be set by the nations elite spy agencies.

Until then don’t turn around, I am watching you.

I’m the one in the jeans and top can you spot me ?

Not to worry I know exactly where you are, see you soon x

US Air Force chief software officer quits after launching Hellfire missile of a LinkedIn post at his former bosses


Well Done

At least this person had the cahoonas to tell it straight, of course it will fall on deaf ears as no manager can ever be wrong.

Worked with a guy in the UK NHS who quit, he was asked to give an exit interview, it went along these lines.

Speaking to the manager

“It is obvious you have read a book on managing IT written by Steve Jobs, you are ill equipped to run an IT dept and your man management is not even at the basic level.

I have spent the last 3 weeks designing various UI and each time you say it is not good enough, I then presented you with the first one again and you said why could you not have done that in the first place.

You should go back to the accounts department where you came from, making an excel spreadsheet is not IT.”

The colleague told us this over farewell drinks.

Monday morning the manager spoke to staff explaining that out friend had left due to ill health.

The moral of the story is make sure your bosses boss is in the room when you throw the grenade.


Oh! A surprise tour of the data centre! You shouldn't have. No, you really shouldn't have



I was called in to look at why the warehouse was not running and all of the warehouse computers were showing a critical system error dialogue.

Traced it to the existence of a critical error file in a directory, deleted the file the warehouse came back online.

{takes hero stance}

I had to do it because the usual guy was away on holiday.

Looking further into the issue I found a little program running on a timer that created said file at randomised times good few days between creations.

Turns out you get paid extra for being on call and being called and mucho gravitas by getting the warehouse back up and running, so El Sid had written a batch program that sat there and created the “incident”.

Now that’s mortgage driven development.

Can we talk about Kevin McCarthy promising revenge if Big Tech aids probe into January insurrection?


USA Taliban

It appears to the world that the USA now has its very own Taliban.

One carries an AK47 and the other a briefcase and suit.

What is going on in the USA ?

Fired credit union employee admits: I wiped 21GB of files from company's shared drive in retaliation


Blame the Women

You should be blaming the Managers.

It is always bad management that is the issue.

Silly person did a silly thing, she should never have been able to do it and that should mitigate the damage, 10 years in prison that is outrageous

Some killers don’t get that

Docker Desktop no longer free for large companies: New 'Business' subscription is here


The cost is peanuts

Just pay it give them the income stream required

YOU don’t work for freeeeee. So why should they ?

Chinese developers protested insanely long work hours. Now the nation's courts agree


Overtime is just bad management

Overtime is the personification of bad managers.

I was asked to not bill for hours over 8 as it was part of a professional day, I replied I am here to clean up your mess, you did not start out being professional so why should I lose time or money to correct your mistake.

I remained for many renewals getting the company back on its feet, the mangers slowly left.

Overtime === BAD MANAGER

So the data centre's 'getting a little hot' – at 57°C, that's quite the understatement


Jeans company

Had a halon system installed

On the test day it fired off and dumped the halon into the server room

All good, until we tried to leave and we found the positive pressure held the door in the shut position as it opened inward

That bit was a bit scary

UK's competition regulator fires red flare over Nvidia's $40bn Arm takeover deal


British Politicians Now Look East

The USA is no longer the dominant force, the geo political forces now reside in Asia.

Our political whores will be bending that way, so if China want to buy ARM it’s not going to be a problem.

Microsoft slaps on some new Paint and previews Windows 11 on Azure


Looks like every other paint app

Most of the time I use paint for screen grab highlighting to show where a problem exists

I really don’t need all the bells and whistles

But hey it justifies the price rise

Apple extends live-at-work to at least January 2022


Back in your box

Oh Covid may hurt us

You must work from home

Oh we can’t see you and micromanage you

You must come back in the office it’s impossible to work from home

Oh if you do work from home we will need to reduce your pay

American tech companies really are the pits to much power in the hands of greedy people.

It’s like some Netflix series

Blue Origin sues NASA for awarding SpaceX $3bn contract to land next American boots on the Moon


Nothing like a muppet scorned

Tesla roadster car currently going further than anything BO has launched and that was years ago

Let’s be honest Bezo you didn’t hire the best and SpaceX did

Now go back to shipping boxes like a good little shop owner

Apple responds to critics of CSAM scan plan with FAQs, says it'd block governments subverting its system


Time to get rid of smart phones

When is a smart phone no longer a smart phone, when it works against you!!

I have been in the receiving end of the police with a speeding image and the prosecution that follows, your guilty end of story.

That was until the day before when they sent me a copy of the image and I pointed out that my reg has a B and the image has an 8, no apology nothing they just hung up.

A very narrow escape but that’s what happens AI / ML is not infallible and innocent people will be prosecuted withy the threat admit it or the sentence will be loads worse.

See UK post office scandal if you don’t think that happens.

Time for a basic phone methinks

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Maybe this is the last iPhone I own

To be honest I really just want something that texts and makes calls

If your going to attempt to make me a criminal by your definition

Then I don’t want your product

Israeli authorities investigate NSO Group over Pegasus spyware abuse claims


PR Stunt

It is the same as the USA investigation into its tech sector pure unfiltered BS

Nothing to see here move along, everyone is doing the right thing.

Rackspace literally decimates workforce: One in ten staffers let go this week


700 Vacancies

Dismiss 10% while hiring 700 I didn’t think that was allowed ?

Still 700 vacancies is a lot, bet you fill them with min wage people

UK celebrates 25 years of wasteful, 'underperforming' government IT projects


DHSS. 1988

Joined the project it was £2bn over budget.

It was run by Aurthur Anderson’s who had to change their name to Accenture (for some naughty reason)

You had to use their proprietary pseudo code generator which the DHSS had to license, well what a bag of crapola that was, I was reprimanded for putting a red pen through some of the code as it would never work “true = false” type stuff.

There mantra 4 weeks in ops, 4 weeks in development, 4 weeks as an analyst and then you ready to lead a team.

NIRS - did it every go live.

The simple thing is with government IT no one every gets sacked.

Richard Branson plans to trump Jeff Bezos by 9 days in billionaires' space race


Re: To quote a well known phrase...

Did not know about the X-15

Wow pretty amazing stuff


Re: To quote a well known phrase...

The glass is likely to be damaged by the swelling ego’s of the passengers


Re: Do we have to let them back in ?

Don’t hey have to to isolate when they arrive and when they get back ?

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer


Never met him

Never met him

But his bloody software has killed a lot of my machines over the years, reducing powerful pc’s to spluttering husks.

Sounds like a guy to party with but not let into your life.

EU court rules in Telenet copyright case: ISPs can be forced to hand over some customer data use details


Very apt

Bunch of w@@@@@s prosecuted by bunch of w@@@@@s for another bunch of w@@@@@s.

It just sort of writes itself.

India tells Twitter to obey its laws — or make wielding them easier


Democracy ??

How can democracy really exist when in the rich and powerful can be elected ?

The UK 2.5 party system is a demonstration in a system that no longer represents its people.

No party elected in the UK has ever had a majority of 50%+ of the electorate.

They get by on 60% turn out resulting in governments voted in by 33% of the population.

India is the same I believe, right family right connections

Toshiba engulfed by scandal again — and the prime minister is implicated


Leave them alone

Clearly Toshiba have totally got this

A couple more fumbles and the board will be replaced by the company that buys Toshiba for peanuts.

Personally I am more upset at the fact my Toshiba TV plays adverts at me and I have no way of stopping it.

Some of the TV ads are for violent programs that my youngest saw.

Let them fail.

Playmobil crosses the final frontier with enormous, metre-long Enterprise playset


Re: tribbles, how to remove?

Or “it’s game over man”

Three million job cuts coming at Indian services giants by next year, says Bank of America


Who cares ?

The UK & USA all sold their people down the river.

BOA can make speculation all they want.

India & China are the powerful entities now.

America is sliding towards the “ End of Empire”

What can the UK IT person offer ?

A real willingness to get the job done and NOT a billing cycle uplift mechanism.

Virgin Galactic goes where it's gone twice before, for the first time in two years



We are so close to real space travel

I hope it happens in my lifetime

Beijing bashes Bing and lashes LinkedIn over improper data collection and storage


V Scary

First it was the Americans putting demands on other countries to follow its own rules

Now we have China doing the same

And American IT rollover like puppies

They chase the dollar and the yen and don’t care who gets hurt along the way

Americans chasing the dollar never saw the rise of China and now as they slip into subservience to China laws they go blindly still chasing the dollar

And so goes liberty ...

39 Post Office convictions quashed after Fujitsu evidence about Horizon IT platform called into question


Hope it brings some closure

The IT staff and managers should have owned up immediately NOT 10 years later.

I would NEVER let someone be prosecuted if I new it was based on a lie.

As for the lawyers involved each should be struck off they apparently knew what they did was wrong, maybe put them in front of the same judges they misled and see the judgment passed on them.

Finally I do believe a name and shame for ALL of those involved.

Full compensation, each SPM PM should be treated as if they had perfect careers and successful businesses and they should be paid out accordingly.

I am so glad that they finally have their justice.

Patent battle over Facebook Live and 'walkie talkie' tech rattles through High Court in London


Yawn ...

Boring ...

Docking £500k commission from top SAS salesman was perfectly legal, rules judge


Torn Between ...

A sales person NOT getting a ridiculous sum


A company reneging on promises, by using the fine print.

Judges, seem to fail in their role these days, they are supposed to use their judgement.

From now on I will include a clause in my employee contracts, "The company will pay you at its discretion" as the judge praised the company in inserting this type of clause.

NASA's Mars helicopter spins up its blades ahead of hoped-for 12 April hover


Love it

This will be amazing if it works imagine being able to fly over Mars


Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan


FB is Too Powerful

It needs to be stopped

I used a site and it offered me the ability to select which cookies features etc I was willing to accept


It stated FB is not part of the recognised process to opt out, so basically tough shit we are sending FB all your searches and pages you look at

Cheers for that mate


Simple concept

Facebook want a free ride and want to get paid by advertisers

If you play music to the public you have to pay royalties

It is exactly the same

USA don’t like it when other countries don’t want to just pay them money for nothing

Honestly OZ should just block FB in return


It’s simple really

When a radio broadcasts music

It pays royalties

FB wants to do this but for free



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