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CompSci teachers panic as Replit pulls the plug on educational IDE

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Ah we want it for free

While we charge £9k in tutor fees £9k in living expenses and even more if you an overseas student.

University is a con these days another USA inspired debt manufacturing sausage mill.

Google dragged to UK watchdog over Chrome's upcoming IP address cloaking

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Honey Voucher Plugin

It knows everywhere you have been and what you did.

Useful but insidious.

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC

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iMac 5k 32gb

2013 model boots into windows and flies along running VS2022 and Sql 2019.

The screen is a 27” 5k and looks amazing

Current eBay price £250 i paid £1200 all that time ago

Who cares about resale grab one and enjoy

$1500 company BETTER be paying for it

Adobe sells fake AI-generated Israel-Hamas war images – then the news ran them as real

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There could be trouble ahead

When all trust is lost then you can trust no one and the elites have you.

Money looks after money and keeps anyone else out of the loop for fear of diluting the money pot.

Information is power and when only one set of people have the information and the rest have the BS then we have lost and may never get back.

This AI frenzy could very easily lead to a collapse of the western democracy system.

Infosys co-founder calls for youth to work 70-hour weeks

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Work harder to make me richer

I have a new Lamborghini

IF you work really hard for many house then next year

I can get another ….

Well hellfire that sounds fair to me

Element users are asking for protection against government encryption busting

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George Orwell 1984

It was a story of how things COULD go bad


It was not meant to be a guide book on how to do it

Surveillance capitalism

Indian authorities raid fake tech support rings after tipoff from Amazon and Microsoft

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3 down

1.2 million left to go

Still got a job at the end of this week? You're lucky, as more layoffs hit the tech industry

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Re: They should come to Germany :D

The UK is not crazy

It is however interestingly managed by the current suits.

The actual people are brilliant.

Buyer's remorse haunts 3 in 5 business software purchases

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Enough said

Atlassian users complain of cloud migration dead ends, especially in UK

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Not the only game in town

Seriously they are not he only game in town.

Personally I prefer Azure DevOps (put the knives away)

In the past before these things we wrote our own to support the teams we worked with.

It is actually not that difficult, any decent DB and you could be up and running in a week.

So many features that you pay for but never ever use.

Apple pairs well with profits, not repair shops

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Apple repair ha ha ha ha

I had to get a repair on my iPad v2 apples quote £350 new one £299

E waste production

Took it to a look phone shop repair guy £40 all fixed

If you now have to pair it with icashcow then your tied into apple

That is totally wrong

The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right

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New phone no thanks

My iPhone 7 is still doing its job.

Upgrade nah.

This is why apple want to be a bank now, they have used up all of the suckers and they need your financial data in order to target the right people.

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Re: Recovering fanboy here.

In the Q behind you buddy

UK-US data deal could hinge on fate of legal challenges to EU arrangement

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Aw come on

Everyone knows that the USA has the best justice money can buy

BT confirms it's switching off 3G in UK from Jan next year

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Cheshire relies on 3G

Service here is pretty shit 3G is the only thing I can count on once I leave the house.

Google exec: Microsoft Teams concession 'too little, too late'

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Using. Windows and Linux

Never had a problem with either.

Teams is convenient and does the job.

SQL SERVER just works and works at pace other DB maybe available but I have not had a need to use them.

Google Amazon and other complaining about price gouging makes me smile.

I should have trained as a lawyer as this is one mega gravy train and it will never stop.

Local governments aren't businesses – so why are they force-fed business software?

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LA are all the same

They are supposed to provide the SAME services a bit McDonald’s like.


They have been doing this since the 70’s it is a disgrace and a total waste of money.

LA spend money like there is no tomorrow why BECAUSE IT IS NOT THEIRS.

Apple races to patch the latest zero-day iPhone exploit

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Tim foil

I’d invest in that

Computer graphics pioneer John Warnock dies at 82

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Runs so smooth

Thanks and RIP

US Supreme Court allows 'ghost guns' to fall under federal purview

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Stop making your own guns

We have entire industries for making killing machines

If you make your own we won’t have buckets of profit

The murdered are just acceptable collateral damage as long as it’s not our collateral

Mr Smith & Western

Astronaut-menacing sunstorm spotted rippling across inner solar system

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4 of them wow that’s fantastic.

Japanese supermarket watches you shop so AI can suggest more stuff to buy

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New Horizon ?

I can see it now

We suggested you buy X.

You didn’t buy it therefore you must be intending to steal it.

Let’s prosecute the customer.

No that wouldn’t happen, I mean it is not like it happened in another shop like a post office.

School for semiconductors? Arm tries to address chip talent shortages

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About time

Stop out sourcing and start up skilling.

UK government's newest department to lead mega ERP procurement

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How about we dont

How about we don’t do this.

The government should work with universities to design a fully fledged system and then work with them to deliver it.

Just piling in consultants will just mean extra billings and massive overrun.

Now that you've all tried it ... ChatGPT web traffic falls 10%

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AI suffers the same fate

Internet attention span is so low that AI has nothing new today, so it starts the slide.

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?

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Conspiracy ?

Or is it ?

Samsung warns of imminent profit plunge

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Just doom mongering

Samsung oh it’s so bad for us

Now let’s have some of that subsidy cake

Just the topping thanks

Google says public data is fair game for training its AIs

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It’s Google

It did, it will and your not going to be able to stop it

Artificial General Intelligence remains a distant dream despite LLM boom

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GAI is coming

Hmm from what I have read and observed

General intelligence is receding at great speed

Mark Zuckerberg would kick Elon Musk's ass, experts say

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Won’t they both just out source it?

Neither would turn up

Oh, great. Yet another tech billionaire thinks he can get microblogging right

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Threads crap name

It would be better named


That sort of describes all of these channels perfectly

Microsoft and GitHub are still trying to derail Copilot code copyright legal fight

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We all do it

How many on here have used stackoverflow?

We all do it.

When VS started offering to digest changes by reading my code I said no as it was bloody obvious what MS was up to,

The purchase of GitHub cemented it and lo and behold it came to pass.

No free lunches.

Google formally accuses monopolist Microsoft of trapping people in its cloud

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Seriously who cares ?

Google or Oracle or Microsoft or Apple

Each one guilty of creating walled gardens with an entry but no exit.

Apple being the most powerful company in the world I am glad that these corps have each other to fight

Imagine what would happen if they expanded in to finance or property

We would really all be FUBAR

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim

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No way would input a tech company in charge

Sorry mate your an idiot for allowing a tech company to control your home.

The new world of EV where the company can disable your car

Or the automated re-enrolments these are so wrong they are off the scale.

I had my internet connection shut off by my provider

I merely relocated to a coffee shop that was bad enough, took nearly a week to get it sorted out.

I now have the coffee shop the home WiFi and my phone hotspot so they can never take me off mine again.

Google HR hounds threaten 'next steps' for slackers not coming in 3 days a week

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Re: if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it

HMRC as an example is not a good look

HMRC has always been a nightmare to call like forever

FBI: FISA Section 702 'absolutely critical' to spy on, err, protect Americans

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The FBI are great

Please take me off your lists

I think your awesome :)

GitHub accused of varying Copilot output to avoid copyright allegations

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GitHub purchased by MS

Well no one saw this coming …

MS purchase the largest code repository on the planet and then scrape it to sell you code that really was not theirs to utilise.

Everyone wins IF you are a lawyer that is.

UK government proposes legislation to regulate umbrella companies

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Drunks in charge of the brewery

Again the people who created this mess say they are the ones to fix it while claiming expenses and achieving nothing themselves

Microsoft rains more machine learning on Azure cloud

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AI does look amazing

AI in Azure does look amazing.

I just worry that with all the low code no code drag and drop, you become completely vender locked.

It would make it almost impossible to move to another provider.

There is also the loss knowledge when you make everything drag and drop.

Perhaps I am being a little old school.

Twitter Spaces groans under weight of Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk's egos

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Mouse wars

When you pitch your future as fighting with a mouse then you deserve everything you get.

Florida where careers go to die.

Leaked Kyndryl files show 55 was average age of laid-off US workers

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Some real oldie hate in here

Some of what I just read is pretty disappointing young vs old, so very sad.

I like to “pay down” for the future so I train grads etc to the best I can, but if I thought they thought like some of the posters on here I wouldn’t teach them to wipe their asses.

You all get old and it comes round too quick.

Tech changes weekly, so knowing when to step in to it is the key.

When at an interview I was told the interviewer expected the dev to be a member of many external groups of like minded devs, her face froze when I asked her what external management groups does he belong to.

Meta promises UK it won't pilfer rivals' ad data to build Facebook Marketplace

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Trust easily lost

Never able to be regained

Time to rename the company again Marky

Guess who is collecting and sharing abortion-related data?

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Ho hum

If your thought process is like that then you are one of the surveilled not one of the watchers.

I’m the west it is impossible these days to not be watched unless you have the money.

Nvidia GPUs fly out of the fabs – and right back into them

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Machine making machines

Well that sounds perfect, I mean nothing could go wrong could it ?

Hmm let us see “I’ll be back”

AI is great at one thing: Driving next waves of layoffs

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VC Usecase

AI how can I grow my portfolio and make a killing ?

AI: invest in robotics, military and big pharma, I guarantee a huge killing.

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Pharmaceutical Usecase

AI how can I increase the usage of our products ?

AI: hey I know someone in the military who could help, let me just connect.

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Military Usecase

Hey AI how do I make war more palatable to the public?

AI: Sack all the soldiers as with AI and robotics we can remove the issue of body count.

BT is ditching workers faster than your internet connection with 55,000 for chop by 2030

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Look forward to it

Hopefully it will have access to you account and prior message chat logs etc

As the current staff make you start again on every call and then suggest the same things again and again

Hope that the AI will see that it’s already done crap scripts 1 to 100 and will then fix the bloody problem

It will get better for sure FAQ’s did improve things but then things were pretty bad

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Indian call Centre staff

Must crapping themselves

'Top three Balkans drug kingpins' arrested after cops crack their Sky ECC chats

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Nationalise The Drugs

This will allow the farmers etc to continue to make a living and the governments to tax the sales.

Perhaps some of the big king pins would be able to use their skills to just sell them legally no more need for guns etc