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You've got (Ginni's) mail! Judge orders IBM to cough up CEO, execs' internal memos in age-discrim legal battle

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Re: The American elephant in the room, er, ocean.

So, what do you call replacing these older employees with younger ones? IBM isn't laying these people off for profit margin, they are replacing these people with lower cost and lesser experienced people. They effect of this a staff with less to no experience working with the technology to create or support anything. I have seen this first hand from an IBM-taken-over IT department.

What a bunch of DoSers: Wikipedia says it was walloped by 'bad faith' actors over weekend

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AH, so that's why my daughter couldn't reach the site.

Rome wasn't built in a day, wasn't teased in a day, either: AMD's 7nm second-gen 64-core Epyc server chips finally land

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...and neither was Syracuse!

It's Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Tech industry speaks its brains on Brexit-monger's victory

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The stupidest person in UK Politics is now PM?

God help you all.

Alexa, are you profiting from the illegal storage and analysis of kids' voice commands?

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Then don't by the fargin' thing!

Ahem, ahem... AI engine said to be good as human docs at spotting lung cancer developing

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"As good as"? Then don't produce it.

Salesfarce to Failsforce: Salesforce database blunder outage enters day three as fix falters

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Re: Spare a thought for the teccies...

Why? That is what a tech does - I am one. There are times when you work long hours. Just remember that when you are bored out of your mind.

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Re: I never get tired of saying it

Nope. Why put your data in the hands of someone else to bork?

Office 365 user security practices are woeful, yet it's still 'Microsoft's fault' when an org is breached

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When Does Technology Become A Burden Instead of A Benefit?

What is the point of using technology if we have to authenticate multiple times?

This reminds me of the checkpoints the USA setup in WW2 when the Germans started infiltrating US camps with impostors. That got so absurd that a US General was detained for not knowing who Mickey Mouse was or some shit.

Just ludicrous.

Get out of Huawei, it's an avalanche of news from everyone's favourite Chinese bogeyman

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What has Huawei done exactly to create all of the scorn against them?

Timely Trump tariffs tax tech totally: 25 per cent levy on modems, fiber optics, networking gear, semiconductors…

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Re: *NOT* Emabarrassed American!

So, it's OK to do business with China but it is not OK if China does business with the US?

Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp

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Re: Wow!

I can second this due to my experience with Accenture.

It's Big, it's Blue and it's down for 3Q: Whomp... there goes IBM's storage hardware revenue

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"Cloud". Why do we BS ourselves?

"Cloud". Why do we bullshit ourselves?

These are replicated data centers, not some magical sphere running systems.

I guess taking the term cloud from all of the WAN diagrams in the 90's, when drawing out how you connected to a server you went through the WAN "cloud" because people didn't want to explain how routers and protocols worked.

I know, our society has always dumb downed things for the masses, but we, who either like or love IT, should know better than to fall for all of Marketing's crap.

Chap joins elite support team, solves what no one else can. Is he invited back? Is he f**k

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Re: not neccessarily very good at brown-nosing...

Yes the problem arises when some PHB comes along and thinks you are doing a "boring" job and wants to shift you to something "exciting".

A coworker and I were in a VP's office fixing his PC while he was on the phone. He was talking with an underling at a remote office. The VP basically states that the role this remote guy was doing, for 15 years, was "boring" and that he wanted him to use the weekend to come up with a plan to start doing what others at the remote site were doing (this was offering loans for companies by either engaging new clients and/or managing current ones).

After we fixed the VPs PC we left and started talking about how pissed over what we heard. We couldn't believe the horror that remote guy must have felt when some PHB was basically forcing him out of his comfort zone for 15 years to do something the PHB thought was more "exciting".

I never found out what happened to the remote guy but I always wondered if he just didn't do it in the hopes of never being "reformed" and staying at what he was comfortable with, of if he left the company, or God-forbid, had a heart attack.

Microsoft sysadmin hired for fake NetWare skills keeps job despite twitchy trigger finger

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This has happened too often to me. I chalk it up to the fact that the initial recruiter you speak to is just looking for anyone who even remotely matches the job description (shows he/she is bringing in people!) until you get moved up to the account manager, who really knows what is going on, and rejects you because of a certain skill the skill level of the first recruiter never told you about.

Azure, Office 365 go super-secure: Multi-factor auth borked in Europe, Asia, USA

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No, because when off prem breaks you are relying on someone else, whom you have no control over, to fix your junk in what that person considers a timely manner, to hell with your companies SLA.

Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo...

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Re: Can someone explain this to me?

I remember the one and only copy of an old database I deleted on tape.

Way back in the late 90's we have tons of physical servers and a tape drive and backup software installed on five of them. I dutifully inserted the tape for that night's backed into one of the drives and right clicked, chose erase.

Nothing. No lights on the tape drive to show a job was in progress.

So I repeated the steps.


I did this at least three more times until I saw a tape below the one I was working on light up.

Good 'ol Backup Exec allowed anyone to point the software to any tape drive on another server in the network so long as that server was also running BE.

I must have erased that lone backup for the old DB at least four times. That tape was definitely erased!

Once I fixed the error and erased the correct tape I told my boss what I had done. His reaction?

"Good. That's what they get for messing around with the backups and not telling us."

Euro eggheads call it: Facebook political ads do change voters' minds – and they worked rather well for Trump in 2016

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The US doesn't have confidence in democracy, so why should anybody else?

Microsoft: Like the Borg, we want to absorb all the world's biz computers

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Software is only as good as the humans configuring it.

Microsoft reveals train of mistakes that killed Azure in the South Central US 'incident'

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Re: RE: asynchronous nature of geo-replication could have led to data loss

The cloud just puts your data in the hands of other engineers. It is still human driven. Better to have things local.

The eyes don't have it! AI's 'deep-fake' vids surge ahead in realism

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Another solution looking for a problem.

We're doomed: Defra's having a cow over its Brexit IT preparations

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Why do I keep reading "If the UK leaves the EU"? Hasn't the decision already been made? What is stopping the government from announcing they are staying?

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms

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Change the terminology? I don't care. This isn't going to make the species unfurl.

By gum: Supermicro's Samsung storage ruler server uses secret SSD

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$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs

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Exactly. The market wants bigger, bigger, bigger, and when it crashes it's someone else you pays the cost.

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Re: "screaming for killing Obamacare"

Uh, Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act (the ACA) are the same thing.

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Re: 'understand' does NOT mean 'agree with socialists'

Your first comment clearly shows you have no understanding of socialism so we can disregard everything else you said.

Microsoft Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores

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Now that your stuff is in the "cloud" you get to wait for someone else to fix it. Good luck with those wait times!

TSB goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Surprise Users, Probably

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Re: "some of our customers are experiencing intermittent issues with online and mobile banking"

"Some users are fans of TSB, but many, many, many More users are NOT fans of TSB. This article is for the latter."

US tech circles wagons as India reviews data protection proposals

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This is why the is a fad. Once people truly realize that "the cloud" means data can be anywhere, freakout occurs, and calls like this story, to move data back to the home country, become the norm.

Net neutrality freaks furious over lack of fury at FCC hearing

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It was tax dollars that created the internet. That it was brazenly given to private corporations was a major giveaway.

IBM's Watson 'n' cloud head honcho targeted by WPP – reports

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Re: Re:Total disaster

Oh yes it is. Response time for IT incidents is in the toilet. Outages are more frequent and longer lasting. Fixes for other issues are in "development hell".

WPP is never going to implement IBM's equipment because they are far too many sub-companies with autonomy.

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This would be interesting as the relationship between the two, IT wise, is a total disaster.

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking

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Re: is bugging classed as hacking?

Top four attack origins according to Norse Attack Map:




A bunch of countries.

Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

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Why do we need IoT in the first place??

Mmm, yes. 11-nines data durability? Mmmm, that sounds good. Except it's virtually meaningless

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Re: Statistics Vs Reality

Sod's Law?

As in ;'Sod off, I've got my own problems'?

Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle

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Problem is, when your stuck in a room with nine other people more than three meetings becomes such a racket that I have to walk out just to hear myself think.

No privacy to talk openly or freely, these open spaces are idiotic.

Reality Winner, liberty loser: NSA leaker faces 63 months in the cooler

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Re: Guilty?

Yes, The Intercept fucked up, admitted it, and helped her court case as best they could. But I wouldn't stop trusting them because of this.

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The Espionage Act needs to be abolished. This cuntry...

Veritas to put biz tech support on the slow boat to India – insiders

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Re: Thats a good idea

Came here to say the same. Ask anyone who has to deal with India and they will tell you it is a disaster.

BUT, your smiling MP still gets to speak to a good bloke so all is well!

And that is definitively that ... for now. 5G's carrier features frozen

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IoT is the god-damned stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Google cloud VMs given same IP addresses ... and down they went

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Re: More Google CloudFog

The risk can be mitigated by building and managing your own sh*t. Letting others manage your stuff just makes no sense.

IBM to GTS: We want you to 'rotate' clients every two years

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What a bunch of bullshit. Since no one ever trains their replacement keeping people who actually understands the client and has built a rapport are much more successful than bouncing around all of the time.

Trump’s new ZTE tweet trumps old ZTE tweets that trumped his first ZTE tweet

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Re: Toddler

There is no good news with this fucking moron.

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'

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That is interesting because I have both Facebook and the Data Manager disabled on my Android phone. I am not sure if that actually helps but I am able to disable both.

North will remain North for now, say geo-magnetic boffins

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I takes many years for a reversal. Don't believe those BS sites that says it going to flip over like car.

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes

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Better than WPP, with all of the people IBM keeps letting go?

Wish in one hand, poop in the other and see which one fills up first.

Stop us if you've heard this one: Job cuts at IBM

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Job Creation Is A Misnomer

There is a HUGE difference between job creation and well-paid job creation. Any fool can create a job but only those who wish to leave the earth in a better place than they found it create a well-paid job.

Developer mistakenly deleted data - so thoroughly nobody could pin it on him!

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I will admit that I did the same thing once but with the helpdesk ticketing system. I wanted to show I was more than a phone jockey so I grabbed the manual and attempted to "update" the software. Instead I ran the delete all script. Luckily we caught it before it deleted the whole database (we lost about 40%). This gave my manager an excuse to rewrite all of the categories and knowledge base so it was a backhanded win for me.

NSA boss: Trump won't pull trigger for Russia election hack retaliation

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We do it to them, they do it to us. Why are you complaining?



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