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Defend yourself against ISP tracking in an Trump-era free-for-all

Jimmy Cohen

Compromising in speed is still better ha comprising the data. Even, speed does not decrease much. I am using Ivacy VPN for more than two years and I never felt a major difference in speed with and without VPN.

Did you know iOS 10, macOS Sierra has a problem with crappy VPNs? You do now

Jimmy Cohen

I am using Ivacy VPN. They are offering PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols in Mac app. But, after the launch of Sierra they launched a beta app for Sierra users. This version does not have PPTP and is working fine. Expecting they will soon launch its full version.

Snowden: NBN leaker raids a 'misuse' of Australian Federal Police

Jimmy Cohen

I don't care about freedom of speech because I have nothing to say

People who say "I don't care about freedom of speech because I have nothing to say" are dumb. Everyone has something to hide even if he / she doesn't do illegal work. No one wants his bank account info and things that can be misused to blackmail him / her to be publically available. That's why it is important for us to secure our online activities. As a start, one can start from using a premium VPN like Ivacy to stay safe and anonymous on the web.