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Norway apes American gambling folly

Mark Totton

This is not hard

I have lived in Norway for 20 years, and one characteristic Norwegians have is that they:

a - don't like anyone telling them what the ought to do

b - enjoy swimming against the tide and finding their own way of doing things

Remember Norway has not joined the EEC and large sections of the population support trashing the existing agreements in the belief that they can persuade the EEC to give them better terms!

Hyperic charges after disgruntled Ubuntu upgraders

Mark Totton

Linux generally

Yeah Linux is faster bla bla bla, I have spent 23 years working with PCs and every version of Windows. Despite any and all problems it is STILL easier to use Windows. I just installed Ubunto and tried for about 12 hours to get my Dell Wireless Lan to connect! I found hundreds of different sets of instructions (2 on ubuntu, one on ndiswrapper and several hundred on Google) none of which worked. On my Windows machine I just ran a CD, restarted the machine and I was on the net.

If Linux is ever going to eradicate Windows it is going to have to spend a lot more time on the User Friendly bit!

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins

Mark Totton

Chuck who?

I remember a Chuck Norris getting killed by Bruce Lee in his first movie - shame he didn't stay dead!

Is AV product testing corrupt?

Mark Totton


This is no different from the behaviour of all special interest groups. Car tire manufacturers pay to ensure their tires score well in "independent tests". About the only reliable source of information is anecdotal reports from people you trust: "I use xxxxx and I haven't had any problems for years".


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