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Undercover teachers to track gang members online

Black Helicopters

@Slaine & Plain stupid

Slaine, hahaha your timetable made me chuckle but I believe you forgot to continue the timetable to 23:00 when you've finally fnished marking, lesson planning, answering this suggestion by the over-zealous Head and that allegation from Jonny's chavvy 50-a-day parents.

@Plain stupid poster, my sympathies. A dear friend was in a similar situation and has suffered the same as you. I know for sure his accounts were comprimised because the little darlings attempted to add me to their msn convos too (amongst other things)

I was asked by the investigator to give an account both as a "victim" of these little turds and as an expert* in the field. I prepared a lot of evidence with times, diagrams and screenshots to prove my friend was completely in the clear....and it was subsequently ignored (cos let's face it, having made all that fuss and spent all that money, they can't then admit it was the little shits after all - especially when one of the little shits responsible was a governer's child)

My point is that the Plain Stupid post is 100% correct - these people would be setting themselves up for both career and social suicide if they were to go ahead with this latest government brain fart.

*not self appointed expert, just compared to them I am!

Watchdog bares teeth at mobile premium rate scams


@ John A Thomson and AC - ME TOO.

I also had an issue with unsolicited spam and was told by the company involved "future mobile limited" (associated with MyTxt) that I "must have downloaded some WAP content to have signed up" (standard bullsh*t response)

So I reported them to PhonePayPlus to find out how they REALLY got my number as they are refusing to divulge, sticking to the "must have downloaded Wap content" line

On PPP's advice and after several calls and emails, Voodoofone finally "agreed" to write to me confirming that I had never downloaded any wap content onto my mobile. Typically, they never bothered so I have to wait for my bill as proof. (that seems to me to be impeding the investigation of an unlawful activity)

I got a £1.50 postal order from the clowns at future mobile but let's face it; the previous poster is probably right: they are sending out blanket SMS's and hoping that not everyone complains and while they can get away with this, why would they stop?

John and AC, did you find out who sent the SMS? and have you tried the above route (they are in breech of data privacy rules by not divulging how they got your number and have obtained it unlawfully) and if so, I hope you got more help than I did from Voda.

p.s whenever I tried to call futuremobile's customer services number, I'd get an answering machine instructing me to e-mail them...YEAH RIGHT!

Women love chocolate more than password security

Paris Hilton

@Mike Richards

Well done mate, I was gonna ask the same thing with perhaps an RC car or similar on offer.

Plus, I could be wrong, but isnt it more a question of these "researchers" were asking these people to create a username and password specifically for the purpose of entering the competition, rather than asking them outright what their passwords were?

I got a similar "enter here for free chocolate" email a few years back. Needless to say I didnt bother. I just got off my fat @rse and bought some from the shop for 30p.

Paris cos she'd do almost anything for and with chocolate if you point a camera at her.

'Magnet boy' freezes Xbox


@ Echowitch

Are you American by any chance?

Equifax asks customer to email debit card photocopies


A good experience with HSBC

they called me once and asked for my security details first, and the CSA was absolutely fine when I explained that a work colleague years ago had his card stolen and the theives called shortly after pretending to be the bank and took all his security details.

Therefore we agreed that we would take it in turns; I would ask them for a letter and they would ask me and so on. Perfectly acceptible comprimise with a totally understanding CSA - plus, I always see a number come up when they call me.

Snooping on users Facebook 'staff perk' - claim

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"I would have thought this would be a requirement for policeing the site if reports on the number of sex offenders and kiddie fiddlers on the site are to be believed"

Exactly when have facebook ever policed the bloody thing? All I read about is Facebook denying ALL culpability for any content on their site or any grievances caused by said content.

They just want a good giggle.

Provided that they are not taking personal information from these profiles to forward to their mates who don't even work there................

(regardless of what people are stupid enough to post)

If that is the case, then it's a little more serious. If it's not..see above.

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'


The B*stard

...take some numbers away and rearrange the remaining and that's my home phone number he's published on the internet.

Right...get me some of those forms...

Lawsuit claims sex-discrimination, bias at EMC


Thanks Guys

Thanks Graham, Tim and John.

I think you covered just about most things there.

Though I really wouldn't give roper the time of day if I were you (many of us don't)

While he'll undoubtedly disagree that his behaviour is such, I believe that trolls should be ignored.

Vista launch jamboree leaves PC World with indigestion



So true and so funny.

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign


Woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

THIS is why I get the reg emails.

What a fantastic piece of news, made my day.

Thanks Register

Sacked PlusNet boss blasts BT sale 'stitch up'


Question for those current PN customers...

who are singing the praises of PusNet..

How LONG have you been with them?

Nuff said


Hoist by his own?...

Oh Straffy Straffy...Surely YOU of all people should know.

I sure know and hundreds of other ex-PN victms (customers) know ....that's right:

***.If you don't stick with PusNet for x amount of years, they throw you to the wolves***...

come on Man; PN did it to everyone else, why should you be any different?

As with PP's I am starting to believe in Karma now.