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Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict

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Re: Eejits

"And don't give me the "torrents have legal uses" bullshit. We all know what torrents are used for, and we all know it's illegal." Too scared to post non-AC? I'll have you know I use torrents to download Linux DVD iso's and that it 100% legal. Fedora actually put links to the torrents on their site. Don't tar all torrent users with the same brush, please.

Windows 7 beta washes up on Pirate Bay

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Old news..?

Apparently this has been on the torrents for a while, and many people are upgrading their Vista installs with no serious side effects. I have also "read" that it works well under Hyper-V if you don't want to trash an existing machine in order to try it ;)

Microsoft's Silverlight 'so good' it claims Netflix tech jobs

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Re: And a nice 'F***k you' to our users!

There is a Linux project called Moonlight, it's an open source implementation of Silverlight:


I am also a heavy Linux user and no product of the MS/Novell unholy mating is coming anywhere near my boxes.

Not that I ever intend to use Silvershite, even though I am by profession a MS-based web developer.. Flash is/was bad enough back in the late 90s for some truly awful websites that took ages to load on a dial-up connection.

Axl Rose may have undermined own case over Dr Pepper stunt

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Jobs Horns

Rose does it again

When will he learn to stop being such a idiot, look where it has gotten him over the last 15 years or so. He only has himself to blame.

I refuse to buy or even listen to the new album 'cause it just ISN'T G'n'R..

Blogger to plead guilty for Guns N' Roses leak?

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Paris Hilton

It's not really GnR any more is it

Considering it's only Twatty Rose from the original GnR I fail to see the connection really - okay he swindled the name from the rest of the band but it's just NOT going to be the same without Slash and Co. Rose won't see a penny of my money and I bet many others feel the same.

Snakebite 'n Black? That was only for the girls when I was younger (not spotty though).. proper Snakebites or Newcastle Brown Ale was the order of the day followed by copious JD ;)

Paris 'cause she could probably put together a better band.

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager

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I have a VM of 8.10 running for a few days, just checked and there IS an xorg.conf :/

Amanda Donohoe rides into Emmerdale

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I don't recall seeing much IT in t'dales

As good as Emmerdale Farm was (when there were cows, sheep in t'top field etc) I fail to see what El Reg is doing reporting this? I mean, next thing I know my wife will be reading this site to get her Eastenders fix..

Paris 'cause I'm sure she's an animal lover.

Old timers rattle zimmers at 'Elderly Persons' sign

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IT Angle

They fought for us, died for us

All these elderly bashers, have they forgotten that were it not for the elderly who fought (and died) for us to keep Britain afloat we would be a different and a lot worse nation now?

I for one am happy to pay my taxes in honour and recognition of what our elder members of society sacrificed in order to make a future for us.

Hyper-V in Server 2008 RTM doesn't like non-US locales

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Re: Virtual Madness

Okay, I'm not sticking up for anyone here - I am a Linux man myself but there's no way the company I work for would switch lock, stock and barrel to Linux over their MS contract.. there's no-one to officially support Linux and most of our stuff is built in .Net.

It's not as simple as "Xen/KVM are cheaper", the rest of the package needs looking at - TBH I'd LOVE to swap to RHEL/CentOS 100% but it isn't going to happen :( Till then, we'll be on MS for most of our servers..

MP3sparks.com downed by links to Russian cybercrime gang

Marc McAllister

VM not working here

I can verify VM isn't seeming to allow the connection through.. looks like it is to timeout, pings aren't working either and a tracert cops out around the cogentco end of the line.. mind you, I wasn't planning on shopping there anyway!

Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us

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Re: Military Intelligence is an oximoron!

Brings to mind the Megadeth lyrics:

"The Military Intelligence, two words combined that can't make sense.."

I love that quote!

/grabs air guitar and throws a Dm shape..

Management vs. the virtual server

Marc McAllister

Right time, right place..

"In the end I found that virtualisation didn't give any advantage over a physical layout where we managed multiple applications by dynamically restricting the resources available to the app.

In then end virtualisation seems to be just another fad for the majority of sites I work at, but quite useful for one or two."

Matt, I can see what you are saying but take our dev environment for example. For one particular project we need at least six servers just for dev and our server room is full to bursting - the air-con and power supply wouldn't handle that many new boxes. All six servers are now VM'ed and housed on an ESX box, with room to add plenty more and the cooling/power requirements are a fraction of what the physical boxes would have taken.

For "the right time, the right place" it can be a god send (also for ease of backing up) but it does seem that companies are just thinking "right, let's stick ALL those old NT servers onto one box".. it isn't a quick fix. I think people will get wise to it eventually and use it for the correct purpose.