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500 jobs threatened as Virgin Media shutters Liverpool call centre

James Raeburn

Just when you thought VM Customer Service couldn't get any worse!!

Nokia N79 smartphone

James Raeburn

Speedy or Not?

But what is the speed of the OS like?? Not personally bought a Nokia since the piece of turd that was the N73 came out. That was shit slow and chronically unreliable, so is this any better? Need to know before I'm tempted back to Nokia.

Ofcom slices up the digital dividend

James Raeburn

Where Does OffCom Get The Right??

Where does OffCom the right to do this sell off? The bandwidth and infrastruture to support it was bought and paid for by the People and therefore should be returned to People once it's no longer needed to provide free & better services ie. Freeview HDTV.

I think it's time MP's and action groups were lobied to stop OffComm's high and heavy handed approach.

Or am I just being gloriously niave.....long live the revolution.

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

James Raeburn

The Sooner Virgin Media Dies The Better

And Virgin hammers another nail into it's own coffin. Is the company run but complete bunch of morons? .......Oh wait I think I just answered my own question.

Customer exodus hits Virgin Media

James Raeburn

Simple Solution

If Virgin want to get out this mess that they & Ntl created the solution is simple. Hand the customer service operations back to the old TeleWest staff if any are left or at least just bring it back to the UK; stop premium rate charging to speak to Customer Services, sort out the capping issues and reduce the price of XL broadband package to a more realistic level.