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Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network


What's behind the Green Door?

Room 614A - Spying Pornography - Wake on LAN (WOL) magic packets - SWAP enabled UEFI and copies of Snoopy running on SIPR_net apparently!

Who need's "passwords" when you can just instruct NVRAM to store the pesky thing along with your self signed security certificates in the first place!

Don't bother with passwords - "Hey fuck you, we're not all Android users, waiting for Drones to come and play bug squash and kiss our ass with multiple hops!"

Android Shell (Ash) not as harmful as the Bash Shell (ShellShock) RC Shell with Open RC for the Win! Then they say we need a decentralised way to communicate securely?! It's called BarnOwl dip-shit MIT has been using it for years - with that pesky thing called Encryption! You know the stuff that supposedly protects you from OpenSource wielding terrorist's using advanced Unix standards!

The 'new' Microsoft? I still wouldn't touch them with a barge pole


Re: What action would you give / take?

I look at Microsoft's influence over the last 30 years and wince, lets see, what firewall? Windows Kerberos borked, no firewall since XP and NTFS is such an awe-inspired file system, complete with Lo_Jack for laptops, hidden UEFI particions and other less than agreeable bull-shit, like NSA_Key and your CAPI or crypto API file.. Redmond blows, it blows chunks, in more ways than ONE.. and lets face it not usre what you CAPI file does then you can always decompile the DLL.. although MS would probably scream Developers, developers, developers.. Next time I want a PC with extra horse shit, I'll install android or microsoft windex.. if I want one that refuses to spy on its end users I'll choose one that doesnt invade user space whilst being aware of APACHE end licence and Lord Xeno (Unix) Scientology mixed in with ET's people from Epsilon Theta and MIT's technology department.. Yeah those guys are smoking something and it's not a Green Door if its got Android and its a Kernel.

Redmond needs to get with the program, bit-locker fucked encryption sold keys to third parties and money in the bank.. Along with LM_Hash.. bill Gates is some kind of complete cunt who never liked the fact FreeDOS did it so much better than MS in the first place.. but hey, MS in your Linux and Nix server, embrace, extend, extinguish! Anyone for a cream pie??