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Introducing 'freedom gas' – a bit like the 2003 deep-fried potato variety, only even worse for you

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Re: Dubious re-branding?

>>Never forget "Windscale is now Sellafield". The UK government is up there with the best.

Er, sorry, Windscale and Sellafield were different sites, for difference purposes, run by different entities (while still being the same place). Not really rebranding.

Windscale - the original "generation" site run by UKAEA (then AEA Technology)

Sellafield - Reprocessing etc run by BNFL.

There was a third section to site called Calder Hall.

Pirates, because , well, BNFL.

US laptops-on-planes ban now applies to just one airport, ends soon

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Re: Guns

@ Bob

Bob, cheers for clarifying "rifle" vs "gun" for those who aren't familiar with the distinction.

Favour for a favour, I shall distinguish for you "over sensitised" with "an understanding of faintly responsible gun ownership."

"Over sensitised" is a borderline manically paranoid response to a stimuli, for example, thinking that despite all the laws, you need (and are allowed) to pack a firearm into your carry on, that is not only loaded, but also made ready.

"An understanding of faintly responsible gun ownership" means we get that you like guns, we know that guns are simply a tool but we tend to think that giving every yahoo who wants a gun, with limited checks on them and no training, isn't, perhaps, quite the best thing to do.

Anyone, short of a sky marshall I guess, who thinks it's fine and dandy to bring a bloody firearm in their carry on onto a plane, and frankly I couldn't give 2 hoots whether it's loaded or unloaded at this point, is, IMHO a f***ing bellend and deserves being slung in the clink without being told why and left to guess why. Once they figure it out, then they can be released, given some basic bloody training in fireamrs (and Not Being A Bellend 101) and sent on their merry way.

Nuh-uh, Google, you WILL hand over emails stored on foreign servers, says US judge

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Re: The Lolberal Democrats and the Greens are quite strong on privacy.

"The Libs had some degree of success in reining in the worst excesses of the Tories on civil liberties during the coalition government."

Then they crashed into the ground in a huge ball of flames. What does that tell you about them?

As for the Greens, yes, maybe strong on privacy, for now, but as another poster has mentioned, when you are in opposition to those in charge, you are strong on everything they aren't, right slap bang up until you're nose is in the trough (and your two front trotters). You want an example, look at Trump (through sun glasses). Sadly though, the Greens are staggeringly mental and unrealistic on pretty much everything else. They haven't a clue.

Confirmed: TSA bans gear bigger than phones from airplane cabins

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Re: TSA approved locks

" TSA approved locks? Bollocks to that! Always lock with bloody secure padlock, don't want those TSA monkeys searching my bags without me watching."

Then you will end up with a lot of cut padlocks. They do just put a bolt cutter through them, and seemingly delight in targeting those without TSA approved padlocks. My (albeit wimpy) solution was to whack a fluro-coloured cable tie (with a slight notch cut into it) through the zip alongside the TSA approved padlock to at least give me a chance of knowing whether they'd been tip toe'ing through my luggage. I never trusted that silly little indicator button on the padlock.

If they want in, they will get in and there's smeg all you can do about it. Only thing to be done is simply not play their game by not going there in the first place.

New strategy to curb officials' drone, phone and CCTV snoop jollies

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Cost Savings

“I think the knock-on effect is NHS will be able to demonstrate significant cost-savings,”

How? This is absolutely not a rant at Drs and Nurses, but in the fuckwittery above them. How in the smeg is the use of surveillance and body worn cameras going to have any kind of cost saving in an organisation near famed for, amongst other things, excessive wasting of cash on bollocks programs and piss poor data management?????

Please, I am genuinely curious about this, and yes, a tad skeptical.

Engineer who blew lid on Uber's toxic sexist culture now menaced by creepy 'smear campaign'

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Hey Uber

The 80s called and wish to sue you for unauthorised use of their business models and tactics.

Uber (management) - Fuckwits who have watched Wold of Wall Street to damn often.

'At least I can walk away with my dignity' – Streetmap founder after Google lawsuit loss

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Re: Not as good

Fair comment of proper maps vs 2d representations..

However.. how many of those dickheads getting stuck would be able to read a proper map representation (be it paper of 'net based)? Not that many I'd wager so it would not improve the situation.

Parents have no idea when kidz txt m8s 'KMS' or '99'

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Re: @redpawn

And we have a swing and a miss by ShelLuser.....

Look up" Internet Tubes Ted Stevens" to understand the joke.

Now that's a Blue Screen of Death: Windows 10 told me to jump off a cliff

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Re: Methinks MSFT (and some here) are taking this too seriously.

Agreed, which is why I have some posters from Despair.com. These at least get a giggle out of proper people.

"Priorities" is definitely may favourite!

Wannabe Cali governor gives up against beach-blocking billionaire VC

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Re: Super Cali ...

Super cali fragile hipster access quite atrocious?

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*

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Re: Pandora's box?

"Not sure that is a good point to make. Wool naturally falls from sheep and shearing just accelerates that process and is beneficial as the result is more comfortable (obvious the process the sheep go through is a little distressing, but done well most of them seem to bleat quite merrily afterwards."

Errrr..... by that logic, the cow would die naturally anyway, we just accelerated that.

Not sure that's the strongest debating point you could have picked, but I kinda get where you are coming from

I have to say, I find it grossly depressing and offensive, that given the shit going on in this world, that THIS is what gets people upset. They probably f!"£$~@ inhale more "animal based byproducts" walking into the damn supermarket than they get from touching a fiver. Grow the f**k up and take a more reasonable, balanced view of the world. I do not believe the Human Race could possibly survive without farming and eating animals (how we treat them, whole different argument), so animal by-products are forever going to be a "thing". Live with it and stop expecting the significant majority to bow in homage to your own personal fetishes!!!

Yes I know that's insensitive, yes, I know some Religions have issues with it, but seriously people, get over yourselves.

McDonald's sues Italian city for $20m after being burger-blocked

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Re: The real reason

"To be fair, foreign beer is ( if you like brown beer with bits in ) crap. It's all plain lager. Is buying San Miguel from an international superbrewery really celebrating cultural differences?"

Here stands a man with definite opinions, clear guidelines as to what he likes, firmly held visions of of a pint in the sun.

...and an unbelievably limited view of what beers are out there. Dude, Belgian beers, some good, some bonkers, some frickin' awesome. German beers, spent a happy few days a month ago supping a number of Germanic brews, from light to dark, even a couple of German IPAs, all good and without any headache from chemical based crap. I hate to even admit this, but even the Yanks are putting together some not shabby brews!

Get you ass off the sun lounger and into some quality brews mate, you'll thank the brewers!

San Miguel & Sol != beer

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity

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WTF El Reg? How the hell did this pile of steaming crap get published?

Bet this is the last time you let the janitorial staff try and write articles!

Gareth, word of advice, don't give up your day job. What, it IS your day job you say? Then give up, please just give up... go work for MaccieD's or something.

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

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Re: Torture isn't even the biggest problem

Archtech... not sure people are complaining that Trump condones torture, per se, or that it has been done for years. I think (hope?) what worries people is, outside of some of the more bonkers dictators, no World Leader openly approves of torture as it is "something no civilised country would do"! (yes yes we all know that is BS). Now, move the scale a bit, if Trump believes Torture is good and fine, what the hell kind of darkness does HE think "no civilised country would do"?

I have no concerns nor issues if a person is taken out of the game because they have been proved to be a terrorist, but if that proof is derived from a process that forces a person to condemn themselves to either spare them theirs or someone else's agony it is utterly worthless. What would any of us say to spare mind bending agony? To spare our families the same? Torture only yields evidence that the torturer wants to hear. Occasionally that might be the truth, but by and large very unlikely.

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Re: Just say NO

"Yah. But I believe your Constitution explicitly forbids "cruel and unusual punishment"............"

And yet, they still let Justin frickin' Beaver sing......

Brexit may not mean Brexit at all: UK.gov loses Article 50 lawsuit

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Only 20 thumbs down for the truth? Wow.. does this mean I can assume anyone NOT giving me a thumbs down actually agrees with the Remainers, so REALLY it wasn't a majority decision after all?

Damn.. I keep meaning not to feed the trolls, and every time... bugger.

*sick of the whole bloody, whinging gig... both sides*

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You mean like the Remainers accepted the majority decision in the original Referendum?

Oh wait... bugger... my bad.

SpaceX searches for its 'grassy knoll' of possible Falcon rocket sabotage

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Re: Pathetic attempt at diversion

"Funny how everyone else here is supporting him then."

@UT :- Downvoting you because you appear to have missed your meds/seen some billy goats does equal "supporting Musk".

No one has (yet) said "ULA blew up our rocket", but people to appear to be trying to be very thorough in trying to figure out why a seemingly normal rocket went kaboom, which I kinda expect when it's a couple of hundred mill for the rocket alone, let alone clean up, poor PR, etc etc etc

As for other El Reg bods and the discussion of snipers and what it would take, that's kinda normal... someone chucks a problem in here, people try and solve it. No one is actually stating that that IS what happened, merely how it could happen.

PS you do know Musk doesn't actually personally design this stuff don't you? Just checking.

Criticize Donald Trump, get your site smashed offline from Russia

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Re: If this asshat gets elected..

"what, you think I _CARE_ about things like that? "

Bob, trust me, we are abundantly clear that you don't care... about many things.

If Trump "does what he says"...

Wall between USA and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it :- How, and without causing International eruptions (yes, I know, Bombastic Bob says "Fuck 'em") and sanctions against USA (sorry, you really don't believe the likes of China and the USSR wouldn't like to fuck up the US????)

Deport all illegals :- One Civil War coming right up..... that's the likely outcome of trying to deport 11 million people that kinda don't want to go.

Ban all Muslins :- one solid surefire way to have the Middle East unleash every terrorist in your direction. Muslim or not. Islamic or not.

Put simply, the man is a dinosaur of the times, and I don't mean one of the cool ones, like 'Raptors or Stegs', but one of the small dopey ones.

Granted, I'm not convinced HC is much of a better choice, but she's not likely to cause diplomatic incidents or terribly likely to pick a fight with the country next door, and it's people currently living in the US.

Making us pay tax will DESTROY EUROPE, roars Apple's Tim Cook

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Tax Technicians

"Tax technician? Does that mean you're outranked by Tax engineers?

Does that also mean that Tax is a physical object that needs maintenance?"

"Tax technician...pssh."

"Anyone else posting bullshit titles think twice, have some dignity."

Does it hurt to be that much of a muppet? Seriously? Ok, I get protecting "Engineer" and getting all stroppy about stupid titles using the word engineer (I for one get extremely narked off) but ffs, you may wish to go and check what AAT stands for. Formed in 1980 it's one of the primary "non chartered" accountancy professional institutions.

You just insulted over 130000 very qualified, hard working individuals. Now get down off your high horse and apologise for being epically wrong.

Corbyn lied, Virgin Trains lied, Harambe died

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Re: That's the icing on the cake

"... for himself by asking this question to him when, really, it wasn't the time or place."

Sorry, so what you're saying is that Journos should stick only the approved subjects they are told to ask questions on? If that is the case, then I am so glad you're not in charge, you're as bad as Murdock ffs. How long is it before you start saying Journos should have their questions pre-approved?

"He wanted to sit with his wife, so finding two unreserved seats next to each other wasn't possible."

So here we are saying that this wasn't a case of "Corby couldn't get a seat", but actually "Corby couldn't get a group of seats together", sorry, but if you ever use public transport, it should be fairly sodding obvious that if you want a group of seats together, you sodding well book, or live with the various smattering of seats available.

I don't know who thought up this piece of cock awful propaganda but the fact that that mendacious bastard allowed a poorly presented piece of theatre to go out and THEN is pissed when he gets called on it bewilders the hell out of me. I know, it shouldn't, but it does.

Oh, and for the record, it should never be ok to take a political swipe at a private entity but deny that entity the right to defend itself, and yes, I know that the Rail Service is fairly shocking in this country, but lying like a weasel to prove a point is NOT ok.

UK's mass-surveillance draft law grants spies incredible powers for no real reason – review

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Re: Looking at this the wrong way round

"Of course a police state will reduce crime: the reasons we haven't allowed one to be created in the past is not because we like crime but because of the other effects it has!"

Come again? Implies a) we have a choice over whether or not we get a Police State and b) we haven't got the makings of one already. On a day were the Reg is running an article on some bloke subject to an SRO and the Police's attitude is basically "well, the Court says he didn't do it, but we're going to ignore them, punish him with an SRO and then we're going to completely ignore the way their supposed to be used so we can f*** up this guy even more".

Did Donald Trump really just ask Russia to hack the US govt? Yes, he did

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It's not often

I genuinely feel heart sorry for the American people, but this is one of those times.

On the one hand they have a fairly unpleasant Politico, bred for the purpose of trying to become the first female POTUS and all the crooked nastiness that any "designed" Political Dynasties comes with.

On the other they have Donald. A man more bonkers than Screaming Lord Sutch with absolutely none of the grace and humour of the man, and to my mind a fucking dark side (encouraging his supporters to beat up the opposition... history has seen that before and it never ends well).

An unpleasant crook or an unpleasant congenital lunatic. USA is fucked either way.

As for "colluding with Foreign Intelligence Agencies", please, no, he didn't, not based on that outburst. Not saying he wouldn't if he thought it would benefit him, probably call it "price of doing business", but one of his bonkers outbursts does not equal colluding/encouraging.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

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Re: We all know what happened

"What it is come to is a large percentage of the country are not necessarily racists, but idiots who bought the lies that the Leave campaigners unashamedly spun."

I think roughly 52% of the country would say "fuck you" to that unbelievably arrogant statement.

Just because the country voted to leave the EU (not exactly resoundingly voted but there we go) against YOUR personal beliefs does not make them idiots, racists, biogots or any of the other deeply bitter and nasty epithets people seem to be chucking around right now. You choose to live in this so-called Democracy, how about dealing with it rather than being unpleasant about the majority of it when things don't go your way?

To my mind, the real disgrace here is simply this. We were told to make the biggest single socio-economic and political decision of the the next god knows how many generations and BOTH sides gave absolutely zero credible or useful facts. The whole shower of them both resorted to childish "he's lying, no he's lying more" school ground BS. We deserved better and they failed to deliver.

The whole damn lot of them should be sacked. Every single one of our Political Overlords, regardless of stance, should be out on their ear for epically failing the people by failing to prepare them properly for the enormity of this decision.

UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits

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So who's fault is it?

So here we have everyone blaming everyone else.

Who feels that we are part of this problem?

Apart from me that is.

The article refers to Code Club, a seriously worthy STEM gig to be honest. How many of those here assembled get involved in helping run these? How many of us are involved in ANY kind of STEM support? Schools are required to give impartial Careers support/advice to their pupils, yet how many Teachers can hand on heart point to any positive points of being employed in Technology? We are the ONLY ones qualified to give advice and support and portray our careers in a positive light.

To those of you who DO support after school clubs, STEM events, to you I raise my hat. To the rest of you, I lay a challenge at your feet. Again (I've ranted about this before).

Get involved. Speak to your professional body (if you're a member), talk to the likes of STEMnet (look 'em up), get involved with any of the myriad of after schools clubs, STEM organisations, Greenpower Trust is worthy of note in this, Code Club etc etc. They are all crying out for volunteers, from "a couple of hours a year" to the "devote your life to it", they're just delighted to have the support from people who know their shit!

Maybe if more of us get involved and share our reasons for getting into this gig, and why we're still in it, a few more kids will get involved and we won't all have to worry about the state of the nation when we're in our dottedge. Mind you, judging from some of the posts here, some might want to reconsider their career choices if they hate it so much, life's to fucking short folks!

Virgin Media goes TITSUP* in South London due to painful piles

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Love it...

How an article about a construction company fucking up royally and drop[ping Virgin in the shite turns into an Ofcom bashing sesh.

Not that Virgin and Ofcom don't deserve it, but really?

Still find it amazing that, as someone's already said, that it is quicker, cheaper and easier for the construction firm to go "na fuck it, we'll just take a chance" than to actually go "look, for the love of god don't lap a bloody great pile here...". Or is it the fault of the Architects for piss poor planning?

Out of interest, anyone know what sort of fines there are for this sort of stuff and who actually issues them????

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know

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Re: That's quite a pro-vaping article.

"Its not hard, you just stop. If you really want to quit smoking then you will and all you have to do is stop."

You forgot the Joke Icon. Or rather I deeply hope you forgot it and don't believe all that. Yes, some people struggle to quit because they don't want to, but others genuinely struggle and to dismiss the addiction as "oh if you REALLY wanted to, it's no problem", is to display, on a massive scale, a lack of understanding of the psychology of addiction.

'Knucklehead' Kansas bloke shoots self in foot

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Hiding a gun in your sock

When you absolutely have to prove that you're a moron to absolutely everyone, accept no holster.. or substitute.

Brit polar vessel christened RRS Sir David Attenborough

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Re: the mass lunacy the Internet can loose on the world.

Fixed :)