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Paging technology providers: £3m is on the table to replace archaic NHS comms network


The 160MHz carrier and it's ability to penetrate walls and go round corners is the magic that is going to be very hard to replace.

IMHO the NHS is big enough that it should be able to use bespoke products as their end user population for almost anything is large enough to generate economies of scale. If they were to take the opportunity to add some marginal improvements to the existing pager system then they would have a device that others with similar coverage issues would adopt.

Lords: New IR35 off-payroll tax rules 'riddled with problems, unfairnesses, unintended consequences'


I've rejected approaches from four different recruiters in the last fortnight trying to resource public sector roles in strange locations that would mean travelling for almost anyone that takes the gig. All inside IR35 (one with option of 18 month FTC), so the cost of travel and subsistence can't be set against tax.

It would seem that they are really struggling to find candidates. Doh!

Watch out, everyone, here come the Coronavirus Cops, enjoying their little slice of power way too much


Re: Wear face protection?

"...slightly longer than one dead relative laid out on the ground"

African or European relative?

Check Point chap: Small firms don't invest in infosec then hope they won't get hacked. Spoiler alert: They get hacked


How about SMBs implement the basics

In no particular order:

1 Enable Windows Defender (it's a freebie), or whatever end point protection you prefer

2. Disable local admin rights

3. Remove write access to archived (old) files

4. Setup and maintain proper backups - even (especially) if you are in the cloud

5. Restrict full admin rights.

HMRC claims victory in another IR35 dispute to sting Nationwide contractor for nearly £75k in back taxes


Travel and lodging?

What is going to happen to those that work on 12-18 month contract travelling from home every Sunday night and staying in a hotel? HMRC seem to be saying that those costs cannot be deducted pre-tax by the contractor, so are they to be added onto the day rate?

It's going to hurt companies in remote places like Dounreay bigly.

You're always a day Huawei: UK to decide whether to ban Chinese firm's kit from 5G networks tomorrow


Are there any computing companies left in the USA that do actual R&D, you know develop new products?

This is nothing to do with security and everything to do with propping up failing American companies like Cisco who've taken their eye off the ball.

DXC Technology warns techies that all travel MUST now be authorised


Re: Paperclip counting jobs

Problem is that DXC is too big to swallow, even for someone like HCL. Splitting it up for a sale would require a whole lot of thinking and effort by people in a very short time.

MPs tell BT: Lay more fibre or face split with Openreach


Re: Nationalization not needed.

Except for the fact that there is no obligation to provide mains electricity, gas, or water, nor unless it is residential, a telephone you got all that right.

I built a house in 8KM west of Dumfries - no water, electricity at cost (£4000 in 1985), no sewage, no gas, and the telephone I only got because I dug a trench for 500M. The rule of thumb used to be that universal obligation only included one telegraph pole.

Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network


Ironic (given the subject) that no one has recalled this nugget yet

Passwords have been done to death, but as always xkcd has summarised it raterh well: https://xkcd.com/936/


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