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Bigger Blue: Tonic for Ginni as IBM actually does OK in storage


Re: We don't see IBM having a strong scale-out filer offering...

Spectrum NAS.

The 4 stages of All-Flash storage: Denial, anger, bargaining... and integration


A9000R Resiliency

Resiliency is exactly the point of the A9000R. Each A9000 has 4x Flash 900 and 8xcontrollers.A single Flash 900 failing will not affect performance. For a single Flash 900 to fail which is a dual controller system itself with 12 flash modules. You would need 2 flash modules fail at the same time, also each flash module runs variable stripe raid, as well we do raid 5 across all the modules with a spare and a parity module. You would have to suffer at least 4xFlash modules fail at the same time to take down 2x Flash Systems at the same time and the A9000 would still keep on ticking. Keep in mind we are now talking about an absurd amount of failures and you could always have two A9000R if your still concerned.