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Free software darling SugarCRM blasts OSI

Russell Nelson

A fine example of British humour

Hehe, funny, Ashlee, very funny. No, it's not clear that the GPLv3 automatically complies with the Open Source Definition. Early versions were questionable. They went through a long process; why do you think our process should be any shorter?

As for SugarCRM, the problem is that their license wasn't approved for use with the Open Source trademark. Yes, in the short term, switching to the GPLv3 solves nothing. In the long term, SugarCRM will be one more company complying with the Open Source Definition in their use of Open Source.

As for the "Who elected us?" issue, I wonder who elected RMS? Or Eben Moglen? Or John Roberts, for that matter. Democratic institutions are highly overrated. Winston Churchill once said "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average reporter." Or something like that.


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