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Novell CEO confirms that Microsoft is a reality

Greg Helps

Re: Linux has replaced Unix

I was a little surprised to discover today that Linux has replaced Unix. And I took a quick look to check it out, sure enough all our HP-UX servers now magically run Ubuntu! And our aging DG/UX boxes have had slackware installed!

Seriously though, in an enterprise, I need to be able to put my hand on my heart and say "sure, we can run application X on ABCD linux". And it needs to work, and we need a number to call if it doesn't because it costs money. That's why vendors like RedHat and Novell are attractive to an enterprise.

So let Linux creep in to my place and your friend's place, it all helps. But enterprises don't generally like risks. So for Linux to be embraced, it needs to minimise risk. Novell seem to think that they have to 'work with the enemy' in order to achieve this, and they might be right.