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Update your iPhones, iPads right now – govt spy tools exploit vulns

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Re: Phone Security

I have a feeling that is the reason why Blackberry have pretended to abandon BB10. I think that BB10 will become a propriety OS sold only to high security organisations. I know that the uk police are looking for a replacement for BT Airwave (tetra) radios and have been considering 4g options. A hardened version of BB10 with BES would fit the criteria. Chen isn't as stupid as he sounds.

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Re: We'll never be "safe, safe", so lets keep our freedoms instead.

Absolutely spot on, although you can anonamise yourself to some degree by not registering your car, having a trader's policy and not putting it on the MID etc. Living in that grey area at the edge of the law really winds them up and is the best that people can do as individuals. Hopefully one day there will be enough individuals to form a big enough group and to fight back for our freedoms and our democracy (there are signs of fledgling ones now, but nothing near big enough).

I always said that leaving the EU is just the beginning and the walk to freedom is a very long one, but at least we now appear to be on the right path and every day will take us a step closer (whether we use peaceful or violent methods to get there will entirely depend on whether the politicians listen; so we will just have to wait and see).

If the worst comes to the worst then on the plus side we know that the government has a propensity to rely on youth as their cannon fodder, so we can be thankful that the vast majority are snowflakes.

New UK trade deals would not compensate for loss of single market membership

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Re: Really ....

Here is an example of the reason that I voted for Brexit:

The EU are mandating a spy in the car technology called eCall. Initially it will just contact the police if there has been an accident where the airbags have been set off, but sooner or later it will provide all sorts of information that will allow for the abstraction of cash from drivers.

If we had remained in the EU then we would have no choice but to accept this technology. As it is there is a possibility that eCall might be implemented by the British government regardless as to whether we are in the EU or not, but this is the biggie; this is the reason why I voted to leave the EU: At the next general election we will have the opportunity to vote for a government that promises to scrap eCall. If we had remained, no government would even be permitted to make that promise, let alone act on it.

This example can be applied to any and all rules, laws and regulations and is the absolute major reason to get out of the stinking rotten EU as fast as possible and to hell with the FTA.

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Shocked how many techs are remainiacs

I was under the impression that to be a tech (be you a programer or a sysadmin) you had to have a logical mind; be fairly intelligent; and have a strong ability to problem solve. This preconception does not reconcile well with voting to remain in the European Union.

Remaining in the EU is like trying to rewrite a program when you do not have access to the source code; it simply does not make sense.

Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

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What is she going to do if somebody writes "fuck" in the comments?

I think I prefer Leadsome to May simply because she will invoke article 50 quicker, but this is a really goddam silly idea.

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

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Re: What a horrible waste of time and money

By just over half what you mean is by 1,269,501 people. IMO they should represent the will of their constituents but in this case it would simply result in the majority voting to leave and so would make little difference. Better just to let the priminister invoke article 50 as soon as possible then we can all get on with our lives.

Ireland's tech sector fears fallout of Brexit 'Yes' vote

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Re: Choice

You misunderstand the argument. A vote to leave the European Union is a facilitator of those choices rather than simply being a choice in itself. That is why we must leave.

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I cannot see why anybody with an iq above 100 would ever consent to allowing laws and regulations to be made by an unelected chamber.

Nor can I see any good reason to give away 350million each week with a chance of getting a little of it back IF and only IF we spend it on the latest social engineering project that the EU are pushing.

I cannot see why anybody would not want to be able to vote out the people who make laws that they do not agree with.

I cannot see why a country that is a net importer would be concerned about trade deals.

If we leave and my company wishes to trade with the EU then it is true that it will have to comply with EU regulations, but the most important factor here is that I will not have to comply with said regulations if I choose NOT to trade with the EU.

Leaving the EU is all about choice:

Choice to ignore EU regulations and deal with other countries or nationally;

Choice to elect and un-elect people who make the laws that you are forced to live under;

Choice over who to do trade deals with and to set their particulars;

Choice over exactly how to spend 350million every week.

Leaving the EU is a foot on the path to freedom. We have been caged by the EU for 40 years so it is not too surprising that people are easily scared of being set free, but that does not mean that we should spend the rest of our lives as caged animals. Voting to leave the EU is our one chance at freedom, and we absolutely must take it.

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!

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No thanks

I would rather cut my balls off with a rusty saw than have a black box in my car.

I am already spending hours researching how to disable the EU mandated eCall just in case people are daft enough to vote remain.


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