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Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

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IT Angle

And this is IT related how?

Is any 'news' that comes from a web site therefore IT related?

Sun kicks out VirtualBox 3.0 beta

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VBox is the best

I have stopped using VMware on the desktop for all but a few situations because VBox works so well and costs me nothing. It won't run Netware, but I can't blame them much for not bothering with that.

Department of Homeland Security to destroy swine flu victims

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What next?

I think Janet should hire amanfrommars to write all her speeches and statements from now on.

Arizona teen's mobile shops him to cops

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Re: Somebody then tipped off the local cops.

>>> Whichever way, Somebody was listening. Somebody then tipped off the local cops.

I don't see how. If the phone (and perp) were located via the phone network, the cops had to be on to the call while it was in progress, not after.

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

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Dont' Mess With Texas

>>> Reminded me of those silly "Don't Mess With Texas" road signs

Maybe you don't understand all three meanings of those signs?

1. Don't litter in Texas

2. Don't enter into a war against Texas

3. Don't go into or have anything to do with Texas

Between the three possible meanings they offer something that is valid for everyone.

Red Hat sprints past ESX on VM running

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So, is this the already built in XEN in Red Hat or something new?

So, is this the already built in XEN in Red Hat or is the article talking about something new that I don't already have?

Quantum of Solace trailer teases fans

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Re: Martin

Hoagy Carmichael's Wikipedia page claims that Bond is described in more than one place by Fleming as looking like Hoagy, but with a scar down his face.

eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

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I switched to Craigslist years ago

I used to use eBay, but found that Craigslist is so much better that eBay is just obsolete. If I were trying to find or sell some exotic item that needed a national audience it might be worth dealing with eBay, but with a little extra work you could probably still get better results on Craigslist even then.

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

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Stupid, but not new

I was told to take off my tie pin once when boarding a flight because it looked like a gun. It was a bronze, 2 inch replica of an 1894 Winchester rifle. I asked if they thought I might hijack the plane with it, and they said their policy stated that images of guns could not be worn. I turned the tie clip around so the deadly Winchester was on the inside and not showing and they said that would be fine.

This was 30 years ago in the southwestern USA.

Pain ray really killer ray gun, many goats dead, says 'expert'

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Please Clarify

"Gaubatz, described as a former veteran of the Air Force's Office of Special Investigations.."

What does being a former veteran mean?

Was he a veteran, but had his entire military standing retroactively revoked?

eBay declassifies classifieds-happy Craiglist suit

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What should happen:

If eBay pushes, Craig should push back.

By removing the restrictions on the Craigslist search function so that it could work across city, state, or national boundaries in a single search, he could directly impact eBays remaining market.

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

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When do we stop saying the U.S. has 'free speech?'

I heard yesterday that someone was fined for telling some kids to quit playing in a tree 'like monkeys.'

Somebody somewhere needs to found a country where 'free speech' actually means something.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

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another favorite of mine

"I feel... I have been denied... Critical. Need to know. Information. --Bert Gummer, Tremors 2.

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

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Empty Gun Theory

Without knowing the guy, I can't say if this a sad story or not. I agree with a previous poster though, that at least he did the right thing in testing his 'empty gun theory' on himself and not someone else.

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention

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Send the signals

A hundred years from now we will be very, very advanced technologically and spoiling for a fight. It takes a long time for the signals to cross space, and a long time for an alien invasion fleet to travel to us. If we want action in the future we have to send the invitations now.

BOFH: Budget cuts

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Re: Resurrecting Blackadder

As an American who's main exposure to British accents has been TV, I always imagine everything on El Reg being read to me by BlackAdder characters already, especially the comments!

US rules vote swapping legal

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Senate Elections

I propose that U.S. Senate elections be made more representative of the wishes of the people by elminating the elections entirely. Then the duly elected legislature of each state can appoint its Senators to represent the state's interests.