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Warrantless wiretap opponents lose brace of court cases

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phone number = URL ?

while i can, to some extent, agree that there is a definite similarity between a phone number and a domain, it seems to me that http://domain.com/titleofdocument.html has a much more detailed information payload than 555-1234. I think this is another instance of inflexible cold-war-era laws being applied to technologies that are too complex for a good fit.

Core 2 Duo: Intel's insecurity blanket

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>4GB in 32-bit Linux

being able to address more than 4gb of RAM in 32-bit modes is doable by enabling the bigmem extension in the kernel source and recompiling. it seems to be on by default in newer binary images of 2.6 series kernel (at least the ones being cranked out by Debian).

Leopard gets dose of Solaris ZFS

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Re: Hmm...

Umm... the XNU kernel that runs the thing?

Video download site ordered to spy on users

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Re: Re: In the name of US justice

"He wasn't elected fair and square. There was ample evidence of vote rigging and voter intimidation going on. The US is probably the largest Banana Republic in the world."

In the last election here in the US, only about 10% of the 22-35 year-old voters (who tend to be Bush's most vocal critics) actually bothered to go vote. You may not like it, but the jackass was re-elected by the apathy of his constituency.

Shuttle docks with ISS after 'almost flawless' launch

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how about relaxing your notions of scope with regards to the term 'world record'. seems a lot easier.

C of E blasts 'sacrilegious' Sony shoot-'em-up

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28 Days Later

As I recall there was a scene in a church in the film '28 Days Later' featuring zombies crawling all over each other and a zombie priest chasing the sprightly protagonist out into the street.

if sony should have checked themselves before including the set in the game, maybe the church folk should have raised a ruckus when a house of the holy was used in a similar context, albeit in a different medium of entertainment.

NASA chief regrets having unpopular opinion

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nice photo

is it just me or does this guy look totally blazed?

Space elevator business plan crashes to Earth

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not geostationary?

the proper term, from what I know, is actually geo-synchronous. it means the the orbital period of the satellite is in sync with the rotation of the Earth, and this IS one of those.

AMD launches Phenom brand

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re: Sounds like Pentium?

ummm... yeah... because AMD *really* wants customers to confuse their newest line of processors with chips from 1991. wtf.

Dell Linux is go

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imagine being able to buy a dell pc without quickbooks lite and a million other bits of bloatware pre-installed

Serbian vampire hunters prevent Milosevic come-back

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1. Login details

mark my words. within hours, deposed-leader-organs will be for sale on ebay for the staking.

When Mercury went down

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the gnu fortunes utility has inherited pegasus' .sig annotator's proclivity for rapier wit measure by measure. i had been at my current employer for about 2 weeks when i was asked, very politely, to stop including the fortunes in my work correspondence. *sigh* the internet should have never been given to the mainstream. business has done for the internet what the Handicapper General did to <a href="http://www.stanford.edu/~guptaak/articles/harrison.html"> Harrison Bergeron</a>