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LocationDumb: Phone tracker foul-up exposes world+dog to tracking


Re: carriers sell the data to services

For legal purposes here in the US corporations have been judged to be considered "individuals" with "rights" parity.

So priorities can now be sorted as to an 'individual's' pocket largess.

Crazy Indeed......

One solution to wreck privacy-hating websites: Flood them with bogus info using browser tools


Re: X-T&C header

"even handed (consumer/business) lawyers - that people could thus trust."

That was a joke, right?

Former ICE top lawyer raided US govt database to steal aliens' identities


Re: @Doctor Syntax

The Bureaucracy itself has become the all-encompassing, self-serving monstrosity, and the unconstitutional fourth branch of the United States Federal Government. Of all Peoples, I would have expected the Brits to have seen this peril!

Slower US F-35A purchases piles $27bn onto total fighter jet bill


Re: Where did all the money go?

Absolutely no problem! We here on the other side of the Atlantic have the 'World's Reserve Currency". We can print-up Billions at the touch of a button...An illusion of prosperity for all of the world. Happy Days!! Just hope you don't live too long to suffer the inevitable....

Ex-MI5 boss: People ask, why didn't you follow all these people ... on your radar?


Deposit 2.65 Bitcoin into Acct.# KGBNS@&556 and I'll email you a map....

President Trump tweets from insecure Android, security boffins roll eyes


What's up, El Reg?

Is it just me or is this publication devolving into a political opinion 'rag'?

SCADA malware caught infecting European energy company


"But don't worry because the system is air-gapped so it can't be infected." Then when you ask how it will be maintained they say an engineer will download patches and code via the internet onto his laptop (which he also uses for home banking, p0rN, childrens' games and submitting his timesheets) and connect his laptop to the controller to upload the patches. Simples!


FBI's PRISM slurping is 'unconstitutional' – and America's secret spy court is OK with that


Re: Damn...

Bingo! Such a shame that mammals with "advanced" neo cortexes must keep relearning the same lessons, century after century:

The first casualty of tyranny is privacy. The loss of liberty inevitably ensues...


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