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Microsoft guns down 13 unlucky products


Who are you and what have you done with the real El Reg?

What happened? How did El Reg manage to publish an article which mentioned Wikipedia without going off on a rant against it? I suggest you fix that - how about this replacement:

"MS confirmed in March that it was pulling the plug on the product following Wikipedia's obliteration of the online reference market despite an often questionable veracity and widely criticized editorial policies."

That'll do.

Duke Nukem developer answers Take-Two suit


Nothing new

Seems they're been vigorously defending themselves against publishing for a long time already...

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond


You know what will happen...

What, my code doesn't complie? Hmm....

#define memcpy(dst, src, sz) memcpy_s(dst, sz, src, sz)

Problem solved.


Security Theatre

This seems fairly pointless. The reason strcpy is dangerous is that the number of bytes which it attempts to copy, is not specified by the calling function at all - rather it is determined by the contents of the copied memory. Whereas memcpy always copies exactly the number of bytes that the calling function anticipates. I'm not sure there are many cases in which this will crash where memcpy_s would have helped?

Wags barricade Jezza Clarkson in portable loo


And I quote:

I went on the internet, and I found this...

Kids' sites 'must register moderators'


CRB check

If you want to run one of these sites, is it so hard to apply for a (extended) CRB check? For voluntary positions it's even free of charge.

And before you ask, yes I have one myself for my work with S.U. children's holidays.

Mattel bemuses gamers with 'brainwave' toy


sounds familiar...

Isn't this the game from Star Trek TNG episode "The Game"? Mind the Ktarians...

Apple shares mobile display plugs with outside world



HDMI doesn't support a high enough resolution to drive Apple's 30" LCD panels. It's a non-starter.

Apple quietly releases Safari 3.2.1

Dead Vulture

What did you expect?

The tone of this article is just idiotic, trying to talk down Apple for making a "quiet" release. When it goes on Software Update it will be deployed automatically on millions of desktops - exactly what other kind of fanfare do you want? TV adverts? A special keynote event at Cupertino town hall?

And for what it's worth, every single one of the crashes I've seen discussed in blogs and whatever, was caused by people using InputManager haxies to modify Safari's behaviour. Of course these are going to fail when a major patch is released. Just wait for a corresponding update from the haxie developer, and stop being such an impatient moron.

Gamers cash in on LittleBigPlanet delay


@ Ryan

> "If anything is going to get censored it should be the intolerant views of a minority, not the perfectly harmless things that they get their knickers in a twist over."

Just be careful ranting about the intolerance of others.

Apple revamps MacBook as 13in MacBook Pro


Rip-off Britain

The low-end white plastic MacBooks went down in price by $100, but up in price by £20. When did the exchange rate reach -5?

Apple surrenders the Pink (to Microsoft)

Dead Vulture

Wikipedia's Taligent entry

> "Though we suggest you avoid Wikipedia's Taligent entry, which is unsourced, riddled with mistakes, and could have been written by almost anyone."

Well why don't you go and fix it then, with your oh so superior knowledge, instead of repeating this tired old whinge yet again?

Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa


@Alex Re: Too stupid

Alex - Apparently *you're* the one who is too stupid. Nobody's saying they couldn't be bothered to remember another password - we're complaining that this scheme doesn't actually add any extra security, just the illusion of it, and in fact as it currently is implemented it may be making online fraud *easier* for the perpetrators. Worse still, it shifts the burden of proof away from the banks and merchants onto the consumer, who has been opted in against his better judgement into this so-called voluntary scheme. The whole thing stinks.



Compulsory with Smile - they didn't just offer me the chance to sign up, they actually signed up for me and used my answer to one of their existing security questions as the password. So now to every little site I buy anything from, I have to type in an important detail they could later use to impersonate me at my bank.

Yeah, great way to increase security.

CE giants pitch yet another wireless HD standard

Thumb Down

I love the "uncompressed HD" spin

"takes the uncompressed HD video stream and breaks it into elements of importance. The various elements are then mapped onto the wireless channel in a way that give elements with more visual importance a greater share of the channel resources"

So that would be compression, then.

eBay UK pimps users' privacy for targeted ads


re: missing Bootnote

Whoa! If ever there was a backhanded compliment, that one has got to be it!

"credit to you and all the other people who also sent the email - see, you're not that special after all"

Apple posts iPhone 1.1.4 update

Jobs Halo


"Please add a pair of Steve Jobs icons"

<----- Are you blind?

Quake rocks Britain


web site was down

The BGS web site was down within minutes - at 1am it was "taking too long to respond" so maybe that's why the BBC didn't consult them.

In other words, you don't need a fancy-pants seismograph to find out when earthquakes occur - just set up an web page about earthquakes, and correlate to peaks in the traffic logs.

Apple cuts UK iTunes prices



While I agree that it would be nice to have EU prices the same as USA prices, it's just not in Brussels' power to ask for that. The point is that Apple are breaking EU trading regulations by different prices across EU member states - there is no such law to guarantee pricing equality with other countries.

Fox News: Filthier than the internet


oblig. Simpsons quote

You know, Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice.

Line rental cost a barrier to broadband


So your coverage is 100% then?

"while 25 per cent said they were unaware broadband could be accessed without a landline."

Maybe 25 per cent knew perfectly well that the non-landline options weren't available in their area? I live a mere six miles out of Cambridge, but the cable companies don't venture into the fenland wilds. Here ADSL is the only option and BT have us over a line-rental shaped barrel.