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Feds warn of skyrocketing CEO fraud scams


Data Collection

I have seen tons of these scams through the years. Even today I get those filtered right to my spam box. At times some of the fake job offers claiming they have a job opportunity for you are only trying to collect information to add you to their database and usually puts you on some other list of spam possibilities.

Honestly I can not stand those message claiming to be a job offer when they are just a hoax or scam wanting your personally identifiable information. They have been trying to figure out why there are so many database breaches and compromises, that is one of the primary reasons. The information is collected and then eventually utilized for purposes of such.

Halfbreed trojan targets US banks



I have been using the same tactic for years. Taking snippets of code and combining those snippets of code. This is a common method when trying to learn specific code and or if someone is in a hurry wanting to complete what they are working on. Eventually it lead's to writing code from scratch assuming the brain remembers the syntax.


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