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IT pay jumps as skills gap widens



Sadly true. I was speaking to a mates son the other day. He's studying computer science or some such. Long story short, he wants to become a tech.

Fair enough.

The bit which made me weep insidewas the fact he was looking to buy a new PC outright, as he was to scared to take the lid of his and try updating the components.

What ever happned to that sense of adventure and fun ? Figuring out how it all worked and the satisfcation when it all came together.

PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed


@Cannot Copy to PSP

'On the green thing - if you really care that much, stop heating your house, cooking your food and taking hot baths/showers. That's where the real energy demand is coming from, not your PS3.'

Bah, if you really want to be green, get a 360. That way you can do all the above with one device ( well, at least heat the water for the bath..I do adore my 360 but its a hot little bugger )

Third plutoid christened 'Makemake'



Rapu Nui == Easter Island.

The plutoid was discovered on easter sunday, 283 years (precisely) after the day the Europeans first landed on Rapu Nui.

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up


For those of you claiming that Linux doesnt need CPU drivers...

...stop using Ubuntu and give Gentoo a shot.

Free download empowers black hat hackers



While it's true that this tool wont help with the actual writing of a patch, it will help test what vulnerabilities are there quicker. If its used during the development stage, for example, it will speed up the finding of some holes prerelease, and give a longer time for these to be fixed. Then by the time it hits the market, in theory, more exploits will have been plugged. The reality is most companies will use the extra time given to them by discovering exploits faster to push the product earlier


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