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Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution


Technically, a short press is software, a long press is hardware.

A short press simply sends a signal to the O.S.: "You shut down now, please". O.S. may obey you or not, because Windows is temperamental. Any Windows user must know that Windows has his own mood.

A long press, after 5 seconds, pulls the plug from the wall and don't care about the Windows mood. Like a kick in the balls. And a kick in the balls sometimes has consequences, like not booting up again, needing a doctor to bring it back to life.

Easy-to-hack combat systems, years-old flaws and a massive bill – yup, that's America's F-35


People dig their own grave

In IT, we say that the simpler option is the best.

Why to increase complexity? F-15s, F-16s and F-18s are still doing a wonderful job today without the complex and troublesome systems F-35 has.

Are those problematic systems really critical? How we ended up here today without them? Why the russian PAK-FA have none of these problems? Why the problems of years ago are still not fixed?

Taxpayers would like to have a decent answer to these questions.

As it turns out, no, you can't just run an unlicensed Bitcoin money exchange


I think the question gets down to this - no dealing with money without paying taxes. This is to be free, right? #irony

US tech companies sucked into Russian sanctions row


Oh really?

The way I see it, russian IT businesses will help FSB the same way american IT businesses will help CIA. Something new to this point?

AMD virty encryption not quite there, claim boffins


What's the problem?

Obvious thing is, if SEV is not yet available to the market, doesn't matter how much security fails they find, considering that the final product to be launched doesn't have them.

In fact, is a good sign they're finding vulnerabilities: because this way AMD have the opportunity to fix them before launching SEV as a final product. Am I wrong?

CEO of shady ad site Backpage and owners arrested on human trafficking suspicions


Re: So why now?

They have found someone to crucify and to blame, that's why now.

Not because is a better solution that will solve the problem, law enforcement just found a way to say before the press they're doing their work.

The problem is too complex to have a simple solution like arresting Backpage owner, the demand for prostitution will remain exatcly where it is, on the heart of people willing to pay for sex. While the demand remains, people (pimps) will find a way to supply for this demand and profit from it.

Not even talking about the girls that are willing to sell their body for a very welcome extra income.

It's time for humanity to embrace SEX ROBOTS. For, uh, science, of course


Re: Is that so?

On the mentioned "indecent exposure" crime:

The "indecent" term for me may not have the same meaning to you, but the law is made upon the definition of "indecent" a certain group of people have, and in the end it becomes the imposing of the moral values of a group upon general people in the form of a law.

Doesn't seem like a crime to me, looks like social manipulation, what makes my assumption "there's no crime without a victim" even more true.

If there's no victim, should not be a crime - this would be the limit of the law, do not trepass personal lives and beliefs.


Re: Is that so?

I was not thinking about lolicon-like artwork, I was thinking about some japanese company I've knew about that made sex dolls representing girls of various ages, and have many doll models depiciting teenagers and children. Yes, someone can buy one today and do the "escape valve" approach.

But on the aspects of being art and being not real: as I see it, the basis of a crime is always having a victim involved. Without a victim, there is no crime, so an artwork can't be something criminal for this reason. And we could apply that reasoning into a sex robot.

If an artwork inspire a person to do something, we must remember that no artwork can force a person to do something they wouldn't do. Unless, of course, this person have some kind of psychological problem, and in this case the issue is to solve this problem, not to blame the artwork for the results of such a problem.


Is that so?

Why sex with underage people is prohibited?

As I see, one of the reasons is because traumatize them. They aren't psychologically fit to understand what they're doing and to deal with the consequences of it. I think this is common sense.

Another point is, the development of human body: below certain age, the body isn't ready for sex yet and the chances are high that things gonna end on the hospital plus the trauma. I think this is common sense too.

Technically speaking, I see none of the above cases being applied to the robots, so technically there's absolutely no problem in sexualized underage-looking robots.

The problem as I see is moral, or the eternal debate between "escape valve" / "incentive". The japanese obviously choose the "escape valve" approach, and the moralty of the western world have a great deal of difficulty accepting this idea, even with Japan showing much lower numbers in cases of sex abuse than the west.

And moral varies A LOT between culture and countries. Such idea of sex robots would be welcome in some cultures, but will be not welcome on others. On creating these kind of robots, I think one must consider the entire world, not one specific country - and wait to see if it sells or not.

We already have a production of life-size realistic quality sex dolls in many places around the world, the only thing this robots would change would be autonomous movement and calling you "oh my love".

Moron is late for flight, calls in bomb threat


Oh yes, there are big MORONS in the world.

A moron because of what he did, a moron because how he did, and a moron because of doing all of this while carrying heroin and meth.

I almost can't believe in such stupidity.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


A question of belief

"to believe" is a concept that isn't verifiable.

One can't say for sure if someone truly believe in something or not. Do someone truly believes there *IS* a FSM in some place of the Cosmos? On the same basis, someone really believe that there's a man on the sky using a white beard and seeing above all, literally?

So, if we can't tell what's in the heads of people, how we deal with such a question? My answer is, let's treat all beliefs as what they are, beliefs, a product of one's mind. With no distinction.

I think the implicit argument this judge used is, in fact, the true impossibility to one really believe in the FSM, that's why he called a "satire".

[fanatical religious mode ON]

Now is time to FSM believers to show their real faith and show to this judge that he is, in fact, wrong! Thay need to cover this judge in pasta until he sees the holy meatballs and acknowledge the holy truth of FSM!

[fanatical religious mode OFF]

Seriously, many people killed and died in name of some religion through history. This show the power of the belief of the people. Some martyrs really believed that there's virgins awaiting for them in heavens, otherwise they wouldn't have took their own lives. Many people in the world are ready to get a knife and kill "infidels" at sight. How strong one's faith in the FSM truly is?