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Sysadmin misses out on paycheck after student test runs amok


Re: "Snoopy characters"

"Or... consider Sgt Bilko. Sorry - The Phil Silvers Show."


Trump’s new ZTE tweets trump old ZTE tweets


Yes, the shrewdest. So shrewd he went bankrupt.

At this scale, he must be what, 4Genius level? Is that a thing? Incredible! This guy should be the US president or something..! Just think of what a job he would do...wait..!

US engineer in the clink for wrecking ex-bosses' smart meter radio masts with Pink Floyd lyrics


His sentence is a year and a day, 3 years probation, and $40,000.00 fine. Not entirely unreasonable. His proposed sentence was ludicrous, I agree. Didn't I just read N. Korea threatened to "sharpen the blade" of its punishment re: protest over the recent death of the released American prisoner in a coma? I sometimes wonder when and where the punishment ever truly fits the crime.

Boffins with frickin' laser beams chase universe's mysterious trihydrogen


Re: Science or Mythbusters?

Oooh..I was going to say "a lot of charged roamers", but then I saw what you did there. O.o

Don't panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have to give phone passcodes to the cops


Re: RE: I'll leave the final ruling to...

{This law was brought in post 911,) - This law was in existence well before 9/11. Probably enhanced and broadened, though.



@Gene Cash-Yes there are hard cash ways to "justice", although escaping punishment is not necessarily justice, and the more you spend the less justice is served, in my experience.

'Exploding e-cig cost me 7 teeth, burned my face – and broke my sink!'


Re: Damaged his sink?

@Hey Nony-I own 3 mas produced models, (finding a perfect smoke). They are all vented, I also have a recommended charger for multiple batteries that charge and balance them. I think there is more to this story, like a gleam of lawsuit in his eye. (Have quit a 50 year pack a day + habit, my lungs no longer squeak and wheeze, nor produce constant phlegm). Even if I were to take a hit in the face, well it may improve the face, I will still be ahead of the game without burning tobacco.

Nope, we can't find dark matter either, says LUX team


Re: "Scientists named it dark matter as it did not seem to emit any light"

Maybe could it be dark matter because it is matter that has been sucked into a black hole? And maybe there are universes of WIMPs that are still quantumly entangled with matter in our side of the black holes, since gravity is still so unexplainable? I dunno, just wondering....

ZTE Axon 7: A surprise flagship contender


Re: "... which I'll expect they'll get in an update."

I forget where, but a rollout function with ZTE and various reviewers or writers said comes with M only lightly skinned, with N in the works already. At least that was what was said by ZTE side of the table. I already registered an account with ZTE, plan to grab one when US version comes out. Same story said sometime in July, after UK and EU roll-out.

McDonald's says bigger fonts cooked up improved profits


Re: Really? Fonts?

Really? Giving the customer what they actually ordered would increase sales? Really? Wow! Who would have thought?

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians


Re: A report based on evidence instead of prejudice ?

As a boy living in Maryland (my father was in the Navy, we lived in a lot of different places), we resided on a still partially working farm where the main house was converted to a duplex for rent. The caretaker of the property still ran small, mostly subsistence crops for his family. One of these was tobacco for him self. He simply cured (aged) hanging it in a small barn, and simply tore some raw tobacco leaf off these for chewing, and possibly smoking, as he also smoked a pipe. Years later when in the Army I tried commercial chewing tobacco, as I recall it was simply tobacco leaf and sweet flavorings, mainly licorice and sugar. As a smoker for over 50 years who is partially bed-ridden (not because of smoking related), I am trying desperately to quit and have tried all the current replacement and drug cessation adjuncts to no avail. I am planning to this week try ecigs hoping that they will work, as I and my doc think that boredom of sitting around is mt biggest enemy and ecigs give me hope for a form of success, anyhow.

RIP Prince: You were the soundtrack of my youth


Re: Seems to be a mass die-off of celebrities at the moment

I dunno, I think I took drudgs too...

Aluminum-wrapped robbers fail to foil bank


...admire their mettle. I think the punned (?) word is meant to be spelled correctly. I don't know, just seems like it should be.


Re: Not so stupid

Yay Mythbusters! Sad the show is ending.