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Capita's head of tech solutions resigns


It's like the ISIS head of cocktail parties and cultural sensitivity? :D

Microsoft: We're hiking UK cloud prices 22%. Stop whining – it's the Brexit


Re: @Len: £

Given that the German economy has huge positive trade balanced and positive fiscal balance each year unlike US and UK then absolutely yes, apart fro Deutsche Bank which is like Lehmans :)

Stingy sapphire lens in Apple's iPhone 7 is as scratchy as glass


Re: You're abrading it wrong.

They need to improve their ablation technique ;)

High rear end winds cause F-35A ground engine fire


No, but here are our Swedish friends at Svarthålet Racing (Blackhole Racing) doing it properly with a pulsejet snowmobile ;)



False Northern Lights alert issued to entire UK because of a lawnmower


Honestly I thought it was going to be an H.G. Wells - type intro (or possibly Jules Verne) into a really off-the-wall experience. Superb. :)

F-35 targeting system laser will be 'almost impossible' to use in UK


Re: Does this mean they have to shout "Behind you!"

Surely a quick shout of "squirrel" would do the job.

White House to bung electric car industry $4.5bn in loans


Re: Overlooked Problem?

It's also gonna need one heck of a fat snorkel if multiple times faster at recharging ... big-ass Stealth Snorkel maybe? And won't the whooshing or other intake resonating noises be a bit distracting or detectable - for some reason I'm thinking of Suzuki RF900R for an example at this point .... ;) Presumable it will also blow out more diesel smoke, it could be arranged like a Cummins-diesel engined pickup "rolling coal" with 2 sideways-pointing exhausts? :P

New phones rumoured as BlackBerry cans BB10 production


Re: Hmmm.....

Never mind, at least Matrox still exist :)


Re: A sad end

You ought to be collared, or cuffed, after a joke like that ;)

Germany: If Brits vote to Remain, we'll admit Hurst's 1966 goal was a goal


Re: exporting bloody awful sausages

OMG I need to go food shopping now, got hungry reading all that! The mostert had me puzzled until I read it phonetically ......


Re: exporting bloody awful sausages

Gimme a German Krakauer and I'll know what to do with it, nom nom nom ;) Yes I know it is really a Polish type. They are not the Wurst I have eaten ;)

Utah sheriffs blow $10,000 on smut-sniffing Labrador


Re: Bag of chips?

Before you know it, he will be licking your Raspberry Pi


Re: That's a lot of different storage devices....

Probably being used instead of stone tablets ;)

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast


Re: Tool use at Lockheed-Martin

It's ok as long as they don't intend to turn it really tight more than once and retain the outer shape of the nut ;) Were you hoping they would bang it with the handle end not the open end? :P

Scots denied Saltire emoji


Re: The real question should be...

馬鹿外人 :P

You deleted the customer. What now? Human error - deal with it


Re: A cautionary pair of tales (pt1)

How about the following - bank submits many network user account delete requests daily. Requests submitted in a common format where the requester name is formatted in the exact same way as the deletee name in the request.....

UK eyes frikkin' Laser Directed Energy Weapon


Re: You read my mind

A tall ship, and a star to steer her by, or possibly Uranus

Vinyl LPs to top 3 million sales in Blighty this year


Re: Nice to see....

"fay ce que vouldras"

Good Lord, Occitan making a comeback? That'll learn 'em ;)

Canny Canadian PM schools snarky hack on quantum computing


Re: He's technically wrong on everything but...

He's like a hot version of Saakashvili?

'Bring back xHamster', North Carolina smut watchers grumble


Re: Detail?

That was when the Fluffer event occurred.


Re: Detail?

Who the hell is Bruce Springsteen?

An Australian-Swedish clockmaker who invented the imbruglia, the more rigid predecessor to the tourbillon, now widely used in the Vatican's ICBMs.

US bus passenger cracks one off for three hours


Re: okay then

"long haul coaches" -> long tug coaches

Euro watchdogs give America's data-sharing Privacy Shield an 'F'


Re: So it's dead.

It's because the Irish couldn't find enough buggy whips to pay the Pennsylvania Dutch to host, so it had to be a crate of Pledge Rings for the Young-Earthers in Kansas :P

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK


What if he looks at it mournfully and bangs his head off the table a few times?


Re: Bah!

Particularly when it is found they were using no, or default passwords in their systems. So any Joey could get in anyway.

Astroboffin discovers exoplanet by accident ... in 1917


Re: Exoplanet? Endoplanet??

Some of them probably aren' t there either, Alan.

Sweden 'secretly blames' hackers – not solar flares – for taking out air traffic control


Re: Hacked

Seems so. A "storm" of protest needed.


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