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Side-splitting bulging batts, borked Wi-Fi... So, how's that Surface slab working out for you?

Carl Williams

Re: 1 year warranty? I don't think so...

Nope, EU is a flat 2 year warranty, no questions of device useful life. SOGA is dead now and has been replaced by the consumer rights act, this does rely on the assumed useful life of the device like SOGA before it, without reading the text I can't remember if it covers up to 7 years like SOGA did.

My SP4 was replaced at just under 3 years old, the actual warranty is 2 years with 3 years on SP4 for the 'screen scramble' issue. Even MS can get their warranty terms correct, the rep on the phone had no issues arranging my warranty replacement though.

Official: Microsoft will take an axe to Skype for Business Online. Teams is your new normal

Carl Williams

Re: Teams

We are just about to go through this too, but after finding out Onedrive for business used the same model we found MS have released new clients for both that install in the machine context (well this may only be visible to certain customers on the advanced track) so it gets around this little nightmare. We'll be deploying this into our pre-prod with the HDX Realtime pack and also trialling FSlogix (now MS) Office cache too.

Having access to both teams and SfB on my desktop personally I'll mourn the death of Skype when we kill it here. It's not been perfect but its better than the Cisco software we used to have.

Found yet another plastic nostalgia knock-off under the tree? You, sir, need an emulator

Carl Williams

or so they want to spend more on the DLC or online play to continue the experience.

Imagine a ChromeOS-style Windows 10 ... oh wait, there it is and it's called Windows Cloud

Carl Williams

Win10 IOT

Or just a subtle re-brand of something that's already there to align with direction and partnerships that were cemented last year? Win10 IOT was there for thin clients and re-branding it to Win10 Cloud could just align with the direction being taken with Azure and Citrix partnership. Win10 IOT Core could just become Win10 IOT.

Surface Pro 4: Will you go the F**K to SLEEP?

Carl Williams

Re: Expensive aren't they?

Add the ~£339 cost of an iPad to that to cover the dual use of the Surface pro and suddenly it's £139 cheaper.........

After Death Star II blew: Dissecting the tech of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Carl Williams

War and Conflict tend to drive innovation faster

So if the conflict is pretty much over technological progress would slow down as there is little demand. The jump between tech in III to IV was quite large, mostly driven by an expanding Empire and the Rebels need to fight back. If there has been 30 years of peace the tech progress would have slowed. If they are moving into a time of greater conflict with a resurgent Empire you could expect the tech to jump on over the next couple of films as weapons are developed to combat each other advances.

There's a BIG problem with Microsoft's VDI rules

Carl Williams

Re: I've never been convinced

Common mistake on the dumb terminals. Most just assume that everything is taken care of at the backend with Citrix VDI (like it is with View/Horizon) but the relationship between front and backend with Citrix is symbiotic and terminals need to be chosen with care and a view on users requirements for their job role. Zero's and basic Terminals are fine for task workers who have a couple of apps and no need for voice/video or rich media, however all too often they are chosen on a blanket basis on the misguided advice that they are all that is needed.

Sadly to have more capability you generally need Windows Embedded and all the support requirements and additional costs to go with them.

The above case is exactly what I spoke about earlier, blanket cover and perpetuating the 'cheaper' myth.

VDI makes sense if it is targeted at certain worker profiles that it suits and those that it doesn't are left with a traditional PC and also if your requirement is a highly controlled automated environment with a high degree of data security and not for cost considerations.

Carl Williams

Re: I've never been convinced

Have a look at the latest version of PVS and Ram Cache with Disk Overflow or Atlantis Computings ILIO product. These two products have removed the need for top tier storage as by adding some (between 40 and 80GB) cheap commodity memory to each host you use for VDI you can achieve the write IOP's that VDI requires. Flash storage vendors are desperately trying to sell products before the knowledge of these technologies spreads and designers realise there is a better way.

ILIO is a more flexible product as it can be used independently of XenDesktop and PVS, being suitable for MCS and full clones too. So much so that if PVD is too restrictive needn't be used and full clones be used instead.

Personally I agree that PVS adds an unwanted layer of complexity to an already complex design scenario but with Ram cache with disk overflow being free to PVS users it makes an attractive proposition from a cost perspective while giving the IOPS performance required.

There are a lot of scenarios where VDI is not suitable and the main problem has been blanket sales into organisations where some users are suited and others (road warriors) are blatantly not, also the fact is is quite often sold with the promise it is cheaper than a traditional PC estate, which is not true. This has created that apathy you speak of towards the product as voices of complaint are inevitably louder than the ones of satisfaction.

Nexus 9: Google and HTC deliver Android 5.0 'Lollipop' at iPad prices

Carl Williams

My Nexus 7 will soldier on for another year

7" in the perfect sofa surfing and commuting format and dropping the 7 seems like a massive miss to me (although you can still buy them from other retailers how long will it be before stock dries up?). This format is kind of nowhere, too big for sofa surfing and too small from any sort of proper work. I'll pass this year I think.

Enormo-display Apple iPhone prototype surfaces

Carl Williams
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Re: RS232 is still relevant

Last time I checked the GPS NMEA stream was fed into a phone in RS232 format, so could well have been a port to connect an external GPS device to for testing. Might be gone now haven't had to check or even had the ability to check for a while now.

Lenovo said to release Intel and ARM Android convertibles

Carl Williams

Media Consumption and Media Generation

Have a Razr i and Nexus 7, great for media consumption but when I want to get serious and type more than a line or two it's back to good old Windows it will be that way for a while I think. VDI and BYOD will keep Windows dominant in the corporate space for sometime even if Android (access mine on my Nexus from time to time) is on some access devices users will still need Windows to take advantage of the full capabilities of their virtual desktop.

Review: Vodafone Smart Tab II 7 budget 3G tablet

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Re: Google Play and SD card!

Try storage options for that, they have a dual core with decent GPU, sdcard and Jellybean for about £130. Only thing you won't get is software updates.

Up your wormhole: Star Trek Deep Space 9 turns 20

Carl Williams
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Nothing worth watching now

Seems to me that TNG started about 20 years of classic Sci-Fi with some good shows (DS9, Voyager, SG1, Atlantis) coming along in that period, others were canned just as they seemed to get going (Enterprise, SG:Universe, Terra Nova). It seems we don't have anything now worth watching, how I wish for a new weekly scf-fi fix of DS9 quality.

Thanks for the memories and hopefully it will get the HD makeover that TNG is currently getting.

BT ordered to pay £95m to rivals it overcharged for FIVE years

Carl Williams

Re: Great news

Yes and I'll have some money back from Sky for 4.5 years of their Broadband Max service too.

Nokia primes Lumias for Windows Phone 8 push

Carl Williams

Still feel it's an epic failure

if manufacturers don't put removable storage capability in their top end device, Samsung do, Motorola do, Sony do, so why oh why do Nokia think people don't want it? For me it was essential and why only phones from the above 3 made my shortlist.

Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G

Carl Williams

Unlimited Browsing and email too

Having just upgraded and checked T's and C's with the agent on the phone I was confidently told my T-Mob contract included unlimited web browsing and email syncing. the 750mb data allowance figure I was given was for downloads and streaming etc. Having burnt through 2 boosters (50mb and 10mb) in 4 days on holiday I wanted confirmation. Should be the same on a 4g deal too.

Asus doubles up phone-slate combo's specs with Padfone 2

Carl Williams

Re: Er yeah...

If the original is anything to go by this will have a keyboard too.

The original was very good (we had a couple at work) but not being available on a contract and costing nearly £600 lessens it's appeal.

Operators needed to pickup the (actually very nice handset) and offer it on a contract leaving the user free to purchase the tablet dock and/or keyboard if they wanted or needed them.

Old PCs: When it's time to die

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Just about spot on.

I installed Windows 7 on my 2 Year old Dell Core2 laptop yesterday and by the time I'd finished the basic build I had to stop at least 7 programs starting at boot by tweaking MSCONFIG. At least four of those apps were from said PDF document reader supplier.

Still getting decent XP performance out of a 1.1ghz Pentium m once tweaked.

My folks even have an old Dell Inspiron laptop that have a P2 400mhz CPU that can be used with XP if you keep it basic.

Keep and reuse until they die.

Glasses-less 3D TV by Xmas? Not likely, says 3D TV exec

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It's not as if they can pull support for it after 3 or 4 years is it.

I don't know what it is with 3D anyway but it makes my eyes water, the odd cinema visit I can tolerate but am I going to subject myself to that discomfort every night of the week? Hell no.


Boffins authenticate Apple 'Antennagate'

Carl Williams

Incomplete testing

Orange is on the GSM1800 band and O2 on the 900 band, differing frequencies may be subject to different levels of detuning and attenuation.

Not read the report but PA should have also tested on the 1800 band as well for completeness, without these results or even tests being done as much as I dislike the iphone and jobs' spin these results are not conclusive at all.

Policing personal calls on business mobiles

Carl Williams

My company has an online tool

That once a month we have to mark down any personal calls as I have my own handset and contract I always mark it as none and my phone get turned off or not answered out of hours.

That and the facts that even GPRS data is disabled and it is a basic as you like Nokia mean that it only ever gets taken anywhere during the week.

When I start my new job I'll be getting a Blackberry with 3G and although you are asked to keep personal calls to a mimimum they don't act like Nazis over them. Very much of the happy employee is a hard working employee ethos.

T-Orange merger approved

Carl Williams

Can't say I have experienced any of this

Second year on T-mob and quite happy all around. Voice coverage everywhere I have been. Only time I had trouble was new years eve but Vodafone was swamped first.

Maybe the 'lack of coverage' was down to handset issues?

Not looking forward to Orange coming in, they used to be good but are now exepensive with dire customer service.

Sony backs away from OLED TV future

Carl Williams

3d and watery eyes

Apparently I want to sit in my living room with watering and burning eyes watching 3d TV, I could only just stand the 3 hours at the Cinema watching Avatar (great film BTW and stunning in 3d) which is OK on the odd occasion, so why would I want to subject myself to the discomfort every night in my living room?

It wasn't just me as my wife also had the same issue, I wonder what the long term issues maybe?

Just give us a decent picture at a good price, which OLED will eventually do.

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly

Carl Williams

Remember the old saying

About a fool and his money. Never has it been anymore appropriate than to anyone who buys this.

French top MOT failure league

Carl Williams

How much experience do you have with german Taxi's?

They engines may last a long time but the build quality of recent Mercedes is terrible and in fact worse than so called 'Jap Crap'. I have a friend who is an MOT tester, used to do recovery work and worked for Mazda at one point. When asked what he would recommend if you want something reliable he would say Japanese, he recovered less Japanese but nearly as many BMWs, VW's, Audis and Mercs as he did French cars. That's 15 years experience talking.

From personal experience my Merc had terrible reliability with a list of known faults that was frightening, including ECU's that failed, Steering Racks that wore prematurely, Gearboxes that failed, failing suspension springs and failing suspension bushes all failing at under 60k, it experienced all these faults apart from the gearbox. My current Honda does have anything that I am aware of and at 70k and 11 years old it has only needed tyres, brakes and a battery in the 50k I have driven it for.

LG GM750

Carl Williams
Dead Vulture

Come on

Get a review of the Omnia2, it is by far the best Windows mobile I have had, it does not look like an iphone, lasts 3 days (with a 30 minute email sync and bluetooth turned on, plus moderate use) and blows attempts like this into the weeds.

2016 bug hits Windows phones

Carl Williams

Omnia 2

Stock Samsung 6.5 ROM with no carrier branding and my messages seem fine.

2009's Top High-End Touchscreen Phones

Carl Williams

Find myself agreeing with some one here about the 5800

Wife has one, it works really well and there are some good apps available for it (Garmin XT for one). It has a good screen and the battery last really well for a smartphone. She is not a tech either and has got to grip with it really quickly. Would suggest it is more high end than the Jet in everything but price.

As for iphone it does what it does and probably very well, but I will not be told what I can and can't do with my phone, I will not install itunes on my PC's and I will not pay nearly £900 for one over the course of the contract when I can get something else that does what I want for less than half that.

2009's Top Win Mo Smartphones

Carl Williams


Seems to be getting good reviews elsewhere (and rated as highly as the Diamond2) but there has been no reg review at all. Still I have ordered one tonight (on the strength of the other reviews) to replace the original Omnia that has been a good companion for over a year. Gripes with the original, well 6.1 is fiddly but I have never had to resort to the stylus and SPB mobile shell makes it easier, 6.5 is better from what I read. My main gripe was the lack of memory for mails and sms which the II fixes. I will be upgrading to 6.5.1 as soon as I can as it fixes most of the issues with 6.5. Still life in the old dog yet I reckon.

Freeview HD - your questions answered

Carl Williams

Surely if...

You have purchased a TV with a built in Freeview tuner and it carries the HD ready logo you have been mis-sold?? It certainly implies that it is ready to receive and display HD TV.

HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone

Carl Williams
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Sounds good but....

Any ideas when we will see reviews for the Omnia2 and a release date for the Droid? I'm out of contract and will be getting one of the 3 but I want to see a decent reivew on the other 2 first.

BBC publishes Freeview HD timetable

Carl Williams

Does this mean

That TV's with built in freeview tuners and advertised as HD ready are in fact a blatant case of false advertising? It certainly looks that way.

Motorola fesses up to Droid

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The phone to get me away from WinMo?

Reviews look good and a phone with a proper keyboard that is only as thick as my Omnia will be great. As long as I can get turn by turn nav, A2DP streaming and tethering it will be perfect. I have not look at andriod yet as all the phones have been a bit average in the features dept up till now, will start doing some more reasearch on it now for sure though. When will T-mobile be releasing it?

LaCie d2 Network

Carl Williams

@Both previous AC's

Swapping the drive in this NAS is not for the faint hearted and with the lack of a Lacie community and specialist recovery tools it is not a 5 minute job. Linkstations with their following and backup make this easy but not for Lacie, well not when I tried anyway.

The Icy-box mentioned is only 10/100 and will have a deathly slow CPU in it, the Lacie will out perform this markedly even on a 100meg swtich, the icy-box is cheap for a reason.

How do I know this? Well I have have several generics NAS' (much like the icybox), 2 Lacie Etherdisk Minis and 4 different linkstations, The generics were sold on after I realised they were slow and not stable, the Lacie sold on when I realised I was stuck with the disk size, all linkstation were upgraded with bigger disks and I still run two upgraded ones now.

Sorry guys appliance NAS' are a minefield.

The only things I can see this failing on is the lack of expandability (can't attach a USB disk directly to back it up) and the lack of a built in print server. The price will drop rapidly in this competitive market.

Coyote Systems Mini Coyote

Carl Williams


God help anyone around you then as you spend all your time looking at the speedo and not the road, you may not be speeding but driving without due care and attention is a far worse crime.

Bear in mind that lots of cameras are located in areas where there are frequent pedestrians (including children) you need to be looking at the road and not your speedo.

The best thing about these devices is the way it takes this constant checking of the speedo out of the equation, mine little £30 device goes nuts when I'm in a 30 limit and I stray 2 or 3 mph over the limit until I bring my speed under the posted limit safe, easy and I keep my eyes on the road all the time. This one is too expensive considering the alternatives though.

Acer K10 DLP pico projector

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I had the same problem until I switched to ATi/AMD Catalyst CC will allow you to adjust the output res to fit your TV. Mine is something bizarre like 1258 x 704.

Small biz still struggling for funding as RBS flounders

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The best Idea is

To pass an amendment to the corporate responsibility laws that make the idiot execs accountable for their actions in jail time and stripping of the ill gotten gains. First ones to go to prison and have their assets ceased should be the ones in charge of RBS.

Wrong kind of winter brings England to a halt

Carl Williams

Global Warming

First proper snow in the south in nearly 20 years and apparently we have global warming? I'm off to drive around in my big gas guzzling 4x4. BTW. It is a proper one with shiftable 4x4 and low range that does get used off road.and it got me in nice and safely to work today.

Doner kebabs: Death wrapped in pitta bread

Carl Williams

Meat Species?

'40 per cent of sampled kebabs that provided labelling information did not have an exact declaration for the meat species present'

I wonder if they tested for Fox, Badger or Squirrel?

National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban

Carl Williams

What to ban next?

Maybe even guns, after all these are far more dangerous than a car an mobile surely?

PS2 the most played console of 2008

Carl Williams

My old PS2 get hammered

Mainly because i gave it to my 6 year old son who now spends an hour a day playing Sonic games, where as my PS3 is lucky if it gets an hour a week as I don't have enough time to play it.

It could be that like my house the PS2 has now been relegated to childrens bedrooms where it will see far more use than in a living room.

Sony teases netbook fans with 'new mobile' Vaio promo

Carl Williams

First netbook was Tosiba Libretto

Started with the CT20 but first I encountered was the CT50. IIRC spec was something like a P75 and 16mb or RAM running Win95, Went right to the heady heights of the CT110 with it P233MMX and 64mb a ram running NT4 (all unofficially).

PSION's are nowhere near the functionality of todays netbooks but the Libretto (with PCMCIA wifi) could do everything that one can today.

Zavvi goes titsup

Carl Williams
Dead Vulture

Not due only due to credit crunch

But partly down to the shift to online retailers, take Zavvi. Why go into town and buy from them when you can get the samething cheaper from Play or CDWOW? Woolies well most things they sold could be purchased cheaper online.

So you drive to a town centre have the hassle of traffic and parking the car or god forbid public transport or you can go online and buy the same thing cheaper and someone will deliver it to your door? It's been coming for a few years but with the credit crunch people are being more astute and the high street dinosaurs are dying because of it.

RIP The high street.

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

Carl Williams

No ijesus competitor

It's just an 8mp cameraphone (probably with a tiny sensor to it will be horribly compressed and worse than a decent 5mp sensor), not a smartphone.

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth stereo headphones

Carl Williams
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Still Prefer My Motorola S9's

They have controls on them (for the limited range of player that support Bluetooth controls), have no annoying wires, have equivalent battery life, charge from a standard USB cable and cost about 1/2 the price of these.

French mini M.Go is go for Q1 2009 launch

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Re: 16a Sockets

Easy to fit one at home though standard 3 pin weather proof connector some cable and an extra breaker in you fuse box and voila 16amp socket, £30 worth of bits and a couple of hours work.

Not good for me or my mrs though, not enough seats, the range is too limited and they are too slow.

Nokia 6650 clamshell phone

Carl Williams

£15 a month free

Here you go:


Even comes with a couple of freebies too

The supplier seems OK too, I have just order a second new handset from them and all in all it has been pretty painless

Sky drops download limit and tops satisfaction poll

Carl Williams

2 Years on that package

and no real problems, I can only get 2.7meg but I do live quite far from the exchange and the most a BT bundled service could offer was 1meg so I;m happy enough. There was a 40gig cap on it but I reckon with my speeds I could never have got anywhere near it until sopcast and TVU, so it's good to see I shouldn't get any problems now.



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