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FTTP NBN gone from draft Australian Labor Party policy platform


50/20 is fast becoming the default connection now. 20Mb up isn't bad at all - unless you're on FTTN and did not win node lotto I guess (there's potentially a million premises in that situation)

nbn™ needs copper to build FTTN: another 15,000 km of it


Re: @ vid

The NBN under ALP/Quigly was meant to have a positive rate of return, with the intention to:

1) pay back government investment

2) push fibre further into the wireless connection areas

That is no longer possible as the copper based MTM costs more to operate & maintain.

We were sold a solid fibre based workhorse which was changed to a refurbed EH ute with the promise of cheaper to build, cheaper plans, faster rollout, fast enough, and sub $5k FoD technology upgrade to fibre.

It is blatantly obvious that every one of those promises was a lie.

I'd rather have spent the little bit extra over another year or so to at least have something worthwhile in the end.

Australia's broadband policy is a flimsy, cynical House of Cards


There was analysis performed on the costs for the ALP vs LNP solution.

LNP MTM is cheaper CAPEX and more expensive OPEX in comparison.

The crossover point was in the 6-7 year mark, where the TCO for full FTTP to 93% plan by the ALP matches the TCO of the hodgepodge of upgraded technologies by the LNP.

From then on the ALP NBN is cheaper.

> there is not a telco in the world that builds for >10 year capacity, because they simply don't know what it will be.

Building for >10 year capacity is as simple as laying fibre to every household.

To uprade FTTP bandwidth requires replacement of end point infrastructure - there is no trench digging or other civil works. This is occurring in other countries that have deployed FTTP - they are moving to 10GPON or higher (40? I think in Portugal). I understand even a couple of municipal provided FTTP in the US is upgrading to 10Gb links 'because it can', which implies it's now quite inexpensive.

To upgrade the LNP MTM requires..well I'm not too sure. The FTTN design will definitely need civil works to reduce the length of the copper to each residence, as physics dictates how much bandwidth can be delivered. That will quite expensive. HFC, I understand is theorised to be capable of 30Gb synchronous, according to the latest blurb from the CEO of NBN. Not sure why he'd be talking about it as they only need to deliver 50Mb by the end of the project.

Wireless and Satellite, well if you oversubscribe these then the only solution is to extend landlines or add more satellites.