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Palantir: Never made a profit, we do something with family-separating ICE, we just lost $580m – please join our IPO


Didn't you know....

....the money has been going to the estate of J. R. R. Tolkien to licence the company name.

Networking wonks say lousy planning, not DDOS, caused #Censusfail


I prefer my own timeline...

It's a simple case of SoftLayer not being able to keep up with user load...

(Timeline comes from www.smh.com.au/national/census-website-attacked-by-hackers-abs-claims-20160809-gqouum.html )

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<b>Tuesday 10.08am:</b> Australian Bureau of Statistics online monitoring systems detected a significant increase in traffic. It lasted 11 minutes causing a system outage of five minutes. The traffic increase was suspected to be a denial of service and investigations were commenced by ABS and IBM.

<mark>Better start it before I go to lunch…</mark>

<b>11.46am:</b> Another increase in traffic was observed consistent with a second denial of service. A mitigation response plan to block all international traffic was activated at 11.50am, which immediately stopped the event. The ABS kept the block on all international traffic until midnight.

<b>11.55am:</b> The incident was reported to the Australian Signals Directorate to seek advice on prevention of further incidents or any intelligence-related threat to the ABS.

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<b>4.58pm:</b> An increase in traffic was defended by network firewalls. Additional measures were taken to prevent further attempts of this type.

<mark>After dinner…</mark>

<b>6.15pm:</b> A small-scale denial of service was attempted on the ABS website and stopped by the standard denial of service protections.

<b>7.30pm:</b> The online census form monitoring systems detected a significant denial of service. This event took a different form from those before, as there was a large increase in traffic with thousands of Australians logging on to complete their census.

<b>7.45pm:</b> The ABS shut down the online form to protect the system from further incidents.

Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful



RIMMER to WALEED: You know, sometimes, Waleed, you can be quite perceptive and thought-provoking. And other times, like this, you can rant and drivel on like a complete loonie.


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