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Google loses Android friends with Pixel exclusivity


Friends in High Places

Well for the last eight years Google has had the close ear of the president and most Dems in congress. Hell they pledged thousands of workers in a quid pro quo to get him elected twice. They also visited the Whitehouse more than any other person or company during that time. I suspect that after throwing their weight behind Hillary they might have reason to be concerned. Their tactics are questionable at best and have been for some time.

Larry Page snuffs out ‘too expensive’ Google Fiber project


That's Why It Failed

Perhaps Google's problem was that they vastly underestimated costs and their pricing was likewise totally flawed. I assume at the Google fiber board meeting some years back, the discussion went like...

We are Google, everyone loves us. We can walk in, cut deals, and people will line up for us.

Meanwhile in reality, Google ran into the same red tape that every single other provider runs into. That red tape is the reason that Comcast isn't $15/mo.

In short, Google failed at the most basic part of starting a business. Know you costs and know why you can't always enter a market by just being the cheap guy.

Kaspersky cracks CryptXXX, throws lifeline to ransomware victims


Re: Hmmm... a little ironic!

That's all really funny.

Come get your free Opera VPN (and bring along something to read)


Re: Raising more red flags than a Soviet military parade

Don't forget that Opera is data collection and advertising company first.

Intel literally decimates workforce: 12,000 will be axed, CFO shifts to sales


This just after they were part of a major lobbying effort to greatly increase H1B's. I suspect we will see a bunch of new faces brought on board soon...

Google's 'fair use' mass slurping of books can continue – US Supremes snub writers' pleas


Re: I simply do not understand copyright anymore.

Simple, Google is friends with someone called Obama and invested a lot of time, money, and people getting him hired. It has really worked to their advantage and was a great investment. One just has to look at how their original FCC discussions were quickly and silently swept under the rug.


Re: Now Google has won

And once complete, Google will shut it down...

Web backup biz Monster Cloud monstered after monster price hike


The cloud. Collect your data and then hold it hostage. For years IT worked to get away from vendor lock in and now we jump right back into the fire, voluntarily...


Re: Another dot com manager is going to bite the bullet

Just wait until the big three (AWS, Azure, and Google) lock most of the market up... I can't wait to see what cloud service prices end up at, that is after they have your data and make it almost impossible to move it.


Re: Another dot com manager @ Pascal M

If the service is free, you (or in this case your data) is the product.

Flaw-finding Ruby on Rails bot steams past humans


There is something oddly interesting about people working so hard to put themselves and everyone else out of work. Coders are easily the most short sighted collective group out there.

Nest's bricking of Revolv serves as wake-up call to industry


This is why I don't ever buy into or get too involved with anything in the Google universe. They are too willing to just end of life services and products.

Just how close are Obama and Google? You won’t believe the answer


That was after wasting billions on a contract with a friend of his wife. Not even an American company.


Re: Downvotes?

This is the Google that loaned Obama thousands of highly qualified tech employees during both of his elections. By loaned, I mean strongly suggested that employes take time off to help with the election, while still getting paid for said time off. So it is safe to say, he owed them a lot.