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Bank of Ireland outage sees customers queue for 'free' cash – or maybe any cash

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Not strictly true. Banks issue mortgages based on savings (and other assets) they hold BUT they can issue more than that. They do actually ‘create’ money whenever doing this.

It’s a bit of a mind bender that this is both possible and also not entirely crazy.

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 Gen 8: No boundaries were pushed in the making of this laptop – and that's OK

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Gen 7 cooling issues

Was surprised to see cooling reported as really good for the gen 8. We’ve had a bunch of cooling issues with the gen 7, caused enough throttling to make dev work quite frustrating. First bit of load is fine, anything even slightly sustained and it seems to have trouble dissipating the heat

Not a huge surprise for an ultra portable, just not something that I’ve seen reported by others much.

And in current affairs... Apple recalls three-prong AC adapters after some shocking behavior

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I wouldn’t fixate on the 6. That’s the incredibly low number from the press release. May have minimal bearing on the number of issues seen in reality but not confirmed by apple staff and reported as this problem

Not hating apple, just saying don’t trust phrases like “very small number of customers affected” from corps with large pr machines.

Machine vs. machine battle has begun to de-fraud the internet of lies

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Other way around?

Trump still getting lots of negative press about being a Russian puppet, let's have an arguement with Russia to show he's not.

Hey, look over here!

Given the topic, do i need to say this is opinion, not news? :)

Alcatel wants to be Android, but different – and another crack at the Windows market

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"...has removable batter..."

A feature every phone should have, especially near to pancake day. Apple and Google take note, I refuse to buy another phone with soldered on batter.

Please don't correct the typo, made me chuckle more than it should :)

Big Tech files anti-Trump brief: Immigration ban illegal and damaging to business

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Re: ...

Liked your comment, just a clarification on this one:

"When we went to Iraq we were fighting terrorists, when we went to Afghanistan it was the same"

Iraq was to depose a dictator that was thought to have weapons of mass destruction rather than fight terrorists. After the invasion it was spun to be about terrorism and that spinning has succeeded. In reality it created many more terrorist by inspiring people against the 'west'.

The invasion of Afghanistan was about terriorism.

Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband

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Re: What are customers moaning about?

'Don't be fooled by the ISPs like Vodafone, who now don't have specific line rental charges'

I think that's the point, add the cost to the broadband package so that you see what you're paying for. No more misleading adverts with headline figures of £5 a month when you cannot get it without the £20 a month line rental

Childcare app bods wipe users' data – then discover backups had been borked for a year

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Re: So much for Due Dilligence...

"nobody does this"

We do. restore production backup, anonymise it appropriately and then use it for integration testing. Handy for performance tests and data dependent tests when you don't have sufficient unit test coverage. The testing of the backups is an added bonus

Does require sufficient hardware so is not free.

We also do proper bcp tests but those are months apart.

You've got a patch, you've got a patch ... almost every Android device has a patch

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Patching through exploits

So these flaws allow an app to elevate to kernel space? I'm sure it would be tricky but Google could push OS level patches out using this exploit

Wonder if they've looked at that and what the hurdles would be beyond the technical challenge

Bloaty banking app? There's a good chance it was written in Britain

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Lines of code is a useful metric for understanding how much info devs need to understand when working on the code. I.e. it's one input into how complex the codebase is.

As others have mentioned, it's of no value for assessing whether an individual dev is any good or not. It's no good as a target but can tell you something about system complexity assuming your devs aren't over optimising for conciseness.