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Brian Eno's latest composition: A giant Christmas card with Julian Assange on it



If people were locked up for being a***holes the prisons would be a lot bigger.

Seriously though, this is what passes for an argument online: he’s not nice, so he should rot in jail. This is the opposite of respect for due process, rule of law, and freedom of speech.

It encourages the worst kind of sloppy, freedom-killing practices: “it is widely known” he is bad, so f**k him. Thanks for making a lot of three-letter government agencies very very happy.

Love our open API? Talk to our lawyers, says If This Then That


IFTTT makes amends

Just FYI the CEO of IFTTT has backtracked somewhat and apologized:

We’ve made mistakes over the past few days both in communication and judgment. I’d like to apologize for those mistakes and attempt to explain our intentions. I also pledge to do everything we can to keep Pinboard on IFTTT. ...


Maciej has posted this additional info:

IFTTT will maintain Pinboard support through at least the end of 2016. While this date is not specified in their full statement, I have confirmed it with the CEO and am pleased to announce it here. ...

I'm grateful to IFTTT for listening to our shared users, and finding a way to extend the life of a service many people have come to rely on.



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