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BOFH: You. Wouldn't. Put. A. Test. Machine. Into. Production. Without. Telling. Us.


It is almost as if the company does not test things properly before unleashing them on the world.

I had that problem several years back with a certain company in Redmond. The website insisted on a minimum length pw and I used 20 characters. It apparently accepted this but subsequent login attempts failed.

I finally sussed the problem when, for a change, I had headphones plugged in to the PC and heard a beep when I typed the 17th character! No indication other than that beep that there was an upper limit. I complained and was not surprised to get no response, however the restriction was removed some time later.

In a large office who has speakers attached to their PC?

Redpilled Microsoft does away with flashing icons on taskbar as Windows 11 hits Beta


Re: This is complete crap

Does anybody work with sounds on?


If you can I still won't use it!

Click/Double-click an icon - much quicker and no need for the keyboard.

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far


Not happy at the position of the taskbar being fixed. Vertical on the RHS is my preference.. Only on one monitor too.

Microsoft fixes the thing it broke via another dose of out-of-band patching to deal with BSOD printing problems


"It is almost as if the company does not test things properly before unleashing them on the world."

Surely not! :)

With a million unwanted .uk domains expiring this week, Nominet again sends punters pushy emails to pay up


Five Nominet emails yesterday - all ignored.

Looking at them it is easy to see how busy people could make the mistake of paying up after misreading the content.

Happy birthday to the Nokia 3310: 20 years ago, it seemed like almost everyone owned this legendary mobile


Slapped wrist to whoever wrote the caption for the photograph!

We've come to wish you an unhappy birthday: Microsoft to yank services from Internet Explorer, kill off Legacy Edge by 2021


The annoying thing about the MS Browser situation at the moment is that if you rename msedge.exe the next update puts it back!

Logitech G915 TKL: Numpad-free mechanical keyboard clicks all the right boxes


Just checked my local PC parts supplier.

Logitech K120 - £9.98 - That'll do me!

Railway cables overpowered errant drone's compass and flung it back to terra firma


"Electromagnetic interference has been blamed for a number of unforeseen problems in electronic devices over the years"

Who knew! Unforeseen only by designers who know nothing about EMI!

The Rise of The (Coffee) Machines: I need assistance. I think I'm running Windows. Send help


Re: Not quite Windows

Back in the 80s I spent many hours trying to find the cause of the error message 'Shouldn't get here' in a piece of the company's in-house software.

Easy enough to find the error message which a colleague had inserted in the source code, not easy to figure out which error path had not been trapped.

Gmail and Outlook sitting in a tree, not t-a-l-k-i-n-g to me or thee


I can never understand why people read email in a browser, rather than 'modern' it seems totally antiquated to me. Outlook started demanding my gmail password this morning - ironically it is only my backup for if my main email goes down.

COBOL-coding volunteers sought as slammed mainframes slow New Jersey's coronavirus response


Technical debt bites – but beancounters never get it in time.

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month


Re: And all that Android phone data

Roughly half on Android and the rest are on?

Oooh another American OS!

Customers in 'standoff' with SAP over 2025 end of support for Business Suite: Who'll blink first?


One of my former managers had the SAP icon on his PC screen labelled as "Stop All Progress". Most people agreed with him as the company was transitioning to SAP.

Right-click opens up terrifying vistas of reality and Windows 95 user's frightful position therein


I still come across people who use the recycle bin as regular storage. In the past I've known people who assumed it was a different disc, network, or even cloud storage.

Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker


The real irritant to me

Cotton Traders sell cheap cotton clothes which are of varying quality. They also sell Guinness branded clothing which is dearer! If they want me to advertise Guinness then it should be a lot cheaper than the non-branded version.


Samsung Galaxy S8: Slimmer bezels, a desktop mode – and yet another me-too AI pal


Simpler/cheaper/better anyone?

How much was that new 3310?

Commentard April Fool decries Blighty's dodecaquid


A tad harsh Lester insofar as the comments were posted a day apart. The first on Saturday, and when it hadn't appeared by Sunday I repeated it.

I still think the coin looks more like an April Fool than most of the 'jokes' around last Friday.

Blighty starts pumping out 12-sided quids



Why is this article still on the site - April 1st is long gone.


It is no longer April 1st - shouldn't this article have been removed by now?


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