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Samsung's Galaxy S7 line has had a good run with four years of security updates – but you'll want to trade yours in now



My S6 is still fine on original battery. Now I've switched off location except when I really need it the battery can last a couple of days. But with Samsung behaving the way they do and the amount of crap on the thing I am very tempted to go Apple next.

MWC now stands for Mighty Wallet Crusher? Smaller firms counting the cost after mobile industry event scrapped



Take it from Erlang, "let it fail" and stop all this locking people up and cancelling things.

Maker of Linux patch batch grsecurity can't duck $260,000 legal bills, says Cali appeals court in anti-SLAPP case


No actual damage

So that’s half a million to pay lawyers when there was no actual damage to anyone or anything in the first place.

The GPL is madness.

Please remember Linux is just a mediocre UNIX family kernel and there are several perfectly good alternatives. Hell even Windows 10 is a good base these days.

It's a no to ZFS in the Linux kernel from me, says Torvalds, points finger of blame at Oracle licensing


Re: why is this a big issue ?

Because ZFS is stable and BTRFS (originally from Oracle but not Sun) isn't. Simple as that.

(In case you say "look at Synology" they use Linux MD underneath as they daren't use BTRFS for that layer.)



Linux, quite happy to thieve anything from anybody when it's convenient then try to place a viral license on it.

I need absolutely robust non-rotting fileservers for my customers so it's simply FreeBSD (or FreeNAS) and ZFS. I dare say Solaris would cut it too.

EA boots Linux gamers out of multiplayer Battlefield V, Penguinistas respond by demanding crippling boycott


> Even my dishwasher comes with a copy of the GNU license!

Doesn't mean it runs Linux.

This is the problem with

a) GPL

b) Linux

People don't understand them properly and as soon as you enter the neighbourhood they get associated or applied often without good reason.

Apple sues iPhone CPU design ace after he quits to run data-center chip upstart Nuvia


Re: Apple wouldn't do similar?

Apple owned part of ARM back in the day. Without Apple perhaps ARM wouldn't be where it is now.

YesI I once worked for a company in a village in South Cambridgeshire but postally Royston. Motorola bought and gutted it.

Register Lecture: Can portable atomic clocks end UK dependence on GNSS?


Decca chains

We had Decca chains how long ago ?

Come to think of it planes do pretty well with radio beacons and with a bit of software attached produce useful coordinates and speed.

Accurate clock not needed.

One of Blighty's most-loved charities hands £46m to one of Blighty's least-loved outsourcers


Chugger response

Now I know exactly what to say next time I'm approached by one of their chuggers.

More on that monster Cerebras AI chip, Xilinx touts 'world's largest' FPGA, and more



ok Intel I'll pay $upto for your Upto device.

Dropbox would rather write code twice than try to make C++ work on both iOS and Android


Why not go all the way and switch to a language invented last week

I don't doubt Dropbox know what they're doing and that decision may be right for _them_.

But Kotlin is eight years old. Swift is five.

Does anybody _really_ want to invest their time in getting to grips with such young languages ? Are they really going to be around in another ten years ?

Now imagine you're a bank and you'd like to have a bit of continuity. It's a bit wordy yes but what's really wrong with COBOL ?

What do Windows 10 and Uber or Lyft have in common? One bad driver can really ruin your day. And 40 can totally ruin your month


More layers as VAX/VMS

Drivers generally aren't quite as privileged as the main kernel in (Open)VMS yet somehow we've gone backwards in the last few decades.

Googlers hate it! This one weird trick lets websites dodge Chrome 76's defenses, detect you're in Incognito mode


Why is this API available without permission ?

Maybe I'm just a bit old and out of touch but unless the user specifically allows Filesystem access why is this API available never mind timing ?

LAPD loses job applicant details, Project Zero pokes holes in iOS, AWS S3 whack-a-mole continues, and more


Cardiff Electric

If Bank of Cardiff had simply used the services of Cardiff Electric this would never have happened.

Boeing's 737 Max woes trigger BEEELLIONS in losses – and that's just for the latest quarter


Re: Ryanair

Does than mean with a "Priority" ticket I not only avoid being punched in the face at the gate but get a seat that's less likely to kill me when it crashes ?

Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink


Have you failed to notice that bottles of wine do not produce heat ? At least until you drink them.

Also Peltier coolers are really really inefficient compared to anything.

Hayabusa2 stirs up rubble on surface of Ryugu, pokes asteroid with sampling horn



Only read the article hoping it would contain bike porn.

Mozilla boots alleged snoop troupe from its root cert coop: UAE-based DarkMatter thrown onto CA blocklist


Re: And it all goes to show...

but self-signed does does stop sniffing and reading data. Mitm is a step up from just sniffing.

UK privacy watchdog threatens British Airways with 747-sized fine for massive personal data blurt


Re: Wait and see.

> BA also provided a 12 month subscription to one of the credit reference agencies for free as well

and paid you for the privilege I hope since they now get to grab even more of your data. What happens if somebody you want to borrow from happens to use only the _other_ credit reference shits instead ?

Delphi RAD tool (remember that?) gets support for Linux desktop apps – again


Kylix in use here

Still maintain, or rather a colleague maintains an application for astronomy. The machine is a PIII and runs Redhat Shrike.

I'll just clear down the database before break. What's the worst that could happen? It's a trial



Use the halt or reboot commands according to needs and not shutdown which invites errors.

Why do people do otherwise ?

Sophos tells users to roll back Microsoft's Patch Tuesday run if they want PC to boot


Re: Problem confirmed, yet, works

I have seen Ubuntu screw up grub (which it seems to update every few days) and also entirely remove the kernel before so don't think you're safe for a minute. There is also no concept of last known good kernel as initrd gets rebuilt at the drop of a hat too. In fact things are so screwed up the initrd even gets rebuilt during removal of the associated kernel image.

RIP Hyper-Threading? ChromeOS axes key Intel CPU feature over data-leak flaws – Microsoft, Apple suggest snub



HT has never performed well though somehow defended by so many people when benchmarks come out.

At absolute best a hyper core is worth 15% of a proper one before security mitigations came in. I remember Intel themselves saying HT used a few% more silicon such that it didn't sound worth it then.

Wasn't Intel HT permanently disabled on some devices anyway because of a nasty lockup bug ?

If you compare otherwise similar i5 and i7 with HT you'l find the latter typically has a larger cache and is clocked faster to make HT look good. So remove the HT crap and let's have the larger cache.

It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware


Re: Latest version on iOS AppStore still isn't fixed

I updated to 2.19.134 on Android this morning which is good according to https://www.facebook.com/security/advisories/cve-2019-3568 .

I'd like to understand what is meant by buffer overflow given that it's surely under a JVM (or Google's equivalent) at least for Android.

The curious case of Spamhaus, a port scanning scandal, and an apparent U-turn


Self-appointed but

They may be self-appointed but many people like myself that run mail servers use them for the absolutely stonking amount of spam they prevent.

If I had a flood of complaints about legitimate email being blocked I would re-consider but I don't.

Looking for super speed from Optane? It's doable but quite difficult



When NVDIMM really goes mainstream Optane will simply be a proprietary incompatible and ultimately more expensive system. So yes they'd like you to invest in Optane before that happens.

Strangely enough as things stand one good way to make use of Optane is with Ryzen and the storage product StoreMI motherboards come with.

Apple: Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people! Skype: Hold my beer


like xChat

just like xChat, iChat or some previous version I have almost forgotten did.

Oh Snapd! Gimme-root-now security bug lets miscreants sock it to your Ubuntu boxes


Who the hell uses Linux

My advice is

For desktops and laptops use Windows unless you're a Mac fan in which case go ahead. Because you want proper device drivers, power management with working suspend and hibernate etc.

For servers use FreeBSD or a Solaris or similar as you need an operating system rather than a gaffer tape bundle of kernel and userland from different developers. Also a robust filesystem for your data and there is ZFS. You don't need things like snapd . For some applications maybe even go IBM.

The problem with Linux is that it does neither job well though does a reasonable job pretending.

Intel SGX 'safe' room easily trashed by white-hat hacking marauders: Enclave malware demo'd


> tsx is disabled through microcode and sgx support is being dropped entirely.

No TSX was disabled on Haswell as the newly-implemented feature screwed up occasionally creating lock inconsistencies. (Disabled in this case meaning fall back to older slower but safe behaviour.) But in principle it's a good idea. Other architectures have had something similar for a while but Intel is playing catch-up again. But Intel isn't as far behind as with NX. You'll find writable non-executable sections in other architectures decades ago.

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide



Regardless of your definition of core the statement that it can't execute n FLOPS in parallel is false simply because of MMX/SSE that can execute 2^n of them.

Even when you can execute 2^n it's very easy for that to be throttled by cache/memory bandwidth because that is of course shared (beyond L1).

And all this stuff has been documented for years and one should always test performance before investing etc etc.

You were told to clean up our systems, not delete 8,000 crucial files


ZFS and rotating snapshots

No substitute for backups but rotating snapshots are great for this sort of thing and various kinds of finger trouble.

I should know better but once wrote some production programming code that continued to use something in /tmp even when it went into use.

Apple blew my mind – literally, says woman: MagSafe plug sparked face-torching blaze, lawsuit claims


+5v next to ground

Putting +5v next to ground is a perfectly normal thing to do. If they'e apart it'll be worse for EMC.



At a guess she's a heavy makeup/hairspray user. Maybe she was applying the stuff whilst breathing through her mask and pulled or connected the MagSafe.

I have to say I am a MagSafe fan (2010 Macbook Pro on original far from dead battery) and have _never_ seen the tiniest spark from it.

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones



Thousands of people at the airport with cameras. Has anybody seen them ?

How come one has never landed to swap or recharge and been followed ?

Will we find out that the real problem was an embarrassing baggage handling bug or nasty substance leak ? Of course they can support their story by actually flying drones.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits



> community support pages seem to be populated entirely by copy and paste bunnies

I agree entirely.

By the way have you tried fiddling with your APN like you don't have to do on any other network ?

Or restarting your phone like you don't have to do on any other network ?

Incoming! Microsoft unleashes more fixes for Windows 10 October 2018 Update


W7 drive mapping

Now that drive mapping has come up I wonder if the problem my W7 virtual machine has gained this autumn is related. It comes up asking something about restoring drive letters in the background and no matter what I do it shuts down or reboots again.

No network drives or anything like that in use on the VM.

I have reverted to a good September snapshot several times but can not successfully apply newer updates.

Adobe Flash zero-day exploit... leveraging ActiveX… embedded in Office Doc... BINGO!


Fly on wall

Not that I want to use it but I'd be really interested to

a) see the source code and

b) know what goes on inside Adobe

for Flash.

Montezuma's Revenge can finally be laid to rest as Uber AI researchers crack the classic game


Go-Explore great

Go-Explore sounds great for teaching a bot to drive. Just keep going with eventual feedback based on the number of people mown down.

Uber fined £385k by ICO for THAT hack of 57m customers' deets



So how many pence is that per breach ?

Black(out) Friday for HSBC: iOS and Android banking apps on the fritz


Closed today

Today's the day my HSBC business account closes having moved it elsewhere.

Actually it was them that decided to close it (their date was December 28th) because I don't fit their money launderer profile.

Peers to HMRC: Digital tax reforms 3 days after Brexit? Hold your horses, how 'bout 3 years...



> spreadsheet is most definitely not in Excel

Visicalc it is.

Western Digital: And when I pull the covers off, behold as NAND becomes virtual DRAM


All obsolete

when the non-volatile DDR5 variants appear. Then memory volatility really will become fuzzy.

SATA common though it has become is a terrible interface. A parallel bus protocol moved to serial forgetting that it should have become full-duplex at the same time. In contrast with SAS, PCIe and friends.

(Yes SATA is electrically full-duplex but the protocol forgets this.)

Abu Dhabi drops sack of cash into UK broadband challenger Hyperoptic


Cambridge Fibre

I have told a local company https://www.cambridgefibre.uk to proceed and claim my business £3k government voucher. The service uses G.PON and they claim weeks not months. But the point is it's a small local no-nonsense company (Netservers) and my house is in just about the right position on their main trunk and I have a BT pole in my front garden they can apparently piggyback.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


Secure boot that can be disabled

is just an oxymoron.


Damned if they do

We've had the same argument with PCs for years.

Criticise them for the ease of having bootloader malware then when they do secure boot stuff to guard against it criticise them again.

Consistency anybody ?

You simply can't have both the ability to boot any OS that changes from week to week and security against bootloader malware.

HSBC now stands for Hapless Security, Became Compromised: Thousands of customer files snatched by crims


Closing my account

In common with many small businesses they have decided to close my business account soon. They're trying to be seen to distance themselves from laundering of except

* If I really wanted to launder money I'd possibly use HSBC as they're pretty good at it

* I get some of my income from HSBC (specialist network equipment)

* Depending on what you measure my track record with the Midland back goes back more than thirty years and the businesses's twenty something

Good riddance to them.

Samsung's graphene batteries promise to charge five times faster – without exploding


> If I had a phone that took a day to charge

Overnight rather than a day.

Well if I can charge my car while I sleep and it can do enough miles the next day before I need to sleep again and can do this every day for a few years without significant degradation that is sufficient. Also doesn't cost as much as a Tesla. (Ignoring drive-sharing case.) We're just about there (60kWh Leaf and a few other models) which is great.



Development done and dusted and close the lid on it forever. No process or other optimisation ? No field testing ?

Or could simply some new agile thing I simply can't be arsed to understand.

Morrisons supermarket: We're taking payroll leak liability fight to UK Supreme Court


Military levels of security

Give me a few minutes with a screwdriver and a tube of glue and I'll show you how far you can get at least with USB and optical drives.

There are also ways to disable USB and USB storage in operating systems which assuming you prevent booting from other stuff goes a long way.


Access is not the same as bulk export

> He was an auditor. He needed access to the full payroll data to do his job.

and should have been able to view what he needed in summary and record by record sitting at a terminal on the company's premises. He never needed the ability to insert a USB device and bulk export to it.

For that reason I think Morrison's are at least partially to blame.