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AWS is bursting with pride for its Arm CPU cores – so much it’s put them behind a burstable instance type


This bodes well for the ARM ecosystem.

For each enterprise system that tunes their apps for more cores - and moves to more cost effective (burstable) systems - Amazon will continue to polish the stack and fill in missing holes in their offering.

(speculation) In 20 months - a Graviton 3 on TSMC 3nm - perhaps with some Nvidia ML IP blocks could provide Intel with more than just a headache.


Player three has entered Cray's supercomputing game: First AMD Epyc, now Fujitsu's Arm chips


RIKEN and Co have pulled out all the stops to enable the ARM software ecosystem to scale to proffer high efficacy exaflop capability.

Their extensible Vector processing (128-2048 bit SVE) extension that to the ARM ISA has already proven is viability for existing frameworks.

If the A64FX is able to reduce the electrical power by 3 times compared with the incumber x86 Supercomputer offerings - this will offer Fujitsu a long outlet for their existing and future chip designs.

ARMv8's latest matrix multiplications, and 3d party extensions pave the way for Fujitsu to push the envelope with lower electrical power, more functionally rich cores at 5nm. 3D CPUs and local memory on proximal SoC layers will benefit from a core that is uses less power than Intel and AMDs current offerings.

With Microsoft tapping less capable 'ARM server' designs, and Amazon pouring money into their home grown 'singularity - I wonder if the general availability of Fujitsu's A64FX will dent Caviums or Ampere's dreams?

It will be fascinating to see how Apples (2020) A14 cores compare - especially if MacOS gets its first taste of ARM.


Hack the Army: US military begs white hats to sweep it for bugs


This is such a turn around for the US Army .... its only been a couple of years since they were Jailing people in the Army 'waving a flag' that many of their servers were unpatched and still using default passwords...

NASA discovers black hole here on Earth – in its software budget


Home Help?

Why can't they just take Apple to court and Comel them write it?