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Coming soon: Pills to 'turn down' your ears at clubs

Dave Machin
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.. now you can legitimately come out of a club and announce that you've Fuched your hearing?

Mozilla hastily shoves Firefox updates out door

Dave Machin

Built on sand

My feeling is that there must be a reason that every single browser on a Windows platform suffers from security holes. As long as the underlying operating system allows the application complete access to the system, rather than running it in a sandbox, we will see a never ending sequence of patches as yet more exploits are discovered in an ever expanding code base.

Now, if it was built on top of an inherently secure, compartmentalised operating system, it wouldn't matter how buggy the browser was, the users data would be protected.

I am sure that Linux and Mac are not perfect in this respect either.

Orange dismantles Bristol Tower of Doom

Dave Machin


"why are high powered Airport Microwave Radar Transmitters are deliberately angled above the surrounding horizon on high towers with the absolute minimum power lobes sweeping ground level, and all terminal buildings and near by tall buildings where possible)."

That would be because they want to track things IN THE AIR, rather than things on the ground.


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