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BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer

Mike Hebel
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Got my best printer still!

I have, though I have to do some circuit diagnosis for it since the last move, a Decwriter III.

Almost indestructible. And I even have fresh ribbons for it. (Though they could likely use a spray of WD40 by now even after being sealed in the plastic.)

I'm planning on repairing it this fall and use up some greenbar doing ascii graphics. :-)

Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth

Mike Hebel

Calling Captain Harlock! Calling Captain Harlock!

The Mazone have sent another pennant to Earth!

Quick! Everyone cut down all the trees and kill all the ladies with green hair as they might be Mazone soldiers!

US jobless rate climbs again in August

Mike Hebel

And myself now among those...

I just got let go literally yesterday - "Your position has been eliminated."

The only saving grace of all this is that cashing my 401k should get rid of all of our personal debt and allow us to have just the house as a monetary responsibility. So I don't have to find a high paying job just ANY job.

Usually though the biggest thing those figures don't cover is people who no longer are looking for work. Once you cease to be on unemployment you fall off of a lot of lists.

It's almost like being an unperson in some ways.

Shuttle offers Linux-loaded all-in-one Atom desktop

Mike Hebel
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Not wild about SUSE...

...but it appears to be a nifty little box. I wonder if you could put Ubuntu or something on it.

(On the heels of the Snow Leopard article I also have to wonder if it's got hardware that would support an EFI dongle and OSX.)

This looks like the perfect wall-mounted media center PC. Nice and thin, touch screen, and with added ram would have more than enough oomph to display at least standard definition video out the VGA port.

BMW unveils futuristic Vision

Mike Hebel
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Mailed to Top Gear...

So Mr. Clarkson, Captain Slow, and The Hampster can take one of these for a spin and let us know what may or may not suck about it.

Or at least so we get a chance to see one in action! ;-)

Illinois bright spark sparks car inferno

Mike Hebel

@Dave 145

Not all of us are stupid. The majority of us spend the rest of the time apologizing for the minority who are.

Mine's the one with the upside-down American flag on the back...

MS phishing filter blacklists everything

Mike Hebel

Apologies to Pink Floyd...

So ya

Thought ya

Might like to

Go to the site.

To feel that warm thrill of animation,

That flash filled delight.

I've got some bad news for you sunshine,

This site isn't well, it's a virus laden hell

And I refuse to allow you a pass to animeland

We need to find out where these sites really stand!

Are there any Brits in the browser bar tonight?

Block them in the firewall!

There's one about Spotlight, it doesn't look right to me,

Block it in the firewall!

That one's Druidish!

And that one slams Zune!

Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?

There's one hacking PowerPoint,

And another XBox!

If I had my way,

I'd have all of you blocked!

*grabs coat before he's thrown out*

Pirate Bay site down as anchor set adrift

Mike Hebel

It's not dead....

...it's just resting.

Mine's the one with the coconut hooves in the pocket...

Apple blogger legally unlocks iPhone

Mike Hebel


While it may be available to you wonderful people in Europe us people stuck in the Republic of Amerika are still unable to legally unlock our phones after the two and a half year contract is up. At least to my knowledge that is. And that isn't just for the iPhone it's for _most_ phones.

So when will this "freedom" be coming to the US? A good portion of us iPhone users would dearly love to get away from the money-sucking tractor beams of the Death Star.

Don't knock what you have...

Scottish hospitals laid low by malware infection

Mike Hebel

This is why...

...you don't use Windows in a mission critical environment. I'm sorry but if there's ANY chance of bringing any part of the systems of a hospital down then _ALL_ systems should be secured.

And in my mind that means not using Windows.

Obama releases Dubya's secret anti-terror memos

Mike Hebel

*sprays Bushite Be-Gone*

As one of the possibly saner Americans, but no less fat ;-) , I can wholeheartedly say that I'm glad those yutz' are out of office.

We make our country look bad enough as it is without loons like those in office!

Microsoft U-turns on overpaid redundo packages

Mike Hebel
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Let me be the first to say...


In all seriousness this is just yet another example of how Mickeysoft has gotten far too large for it's own good. Left-hand vs right-hand so to speak.

I'm not surprised they backed down on this though as they have enough bad publicity as it is.

Microsoft says it again - no second beta for Windows 7

Mike Hebel
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Not gonna do it...

It's just Vista re-hashed so I see no reason to load it on any system. (Both my wife and my daughter use XP at home. I don't use Windows at all.)

Microsoft will try EOLing XP again and their customers will force them to extend the deadline again. I can only hope that all this spurs the business I/T guys to look at other platforms for desktops and servers.

I'm going to keep recommending XP as long as people are physically able to buy a copy.

25 years of Mac - the good, the bad, and the cheese grater

Mike Hebel

What? No Pismo?

I can't believe this Powerbook was not included in the lineup. I used one for years without fail and even rebuilt the batteries myself. I still have the thing and fully intend to keep using it for my workshop system for the foreseeable future.

A wonderful system and I still prefer the keyboard on it to the chicklet keyboard of my Macbook.

RIAA won't sue, but will throttle

Mike Hebel

@Chris C

"I completely understand your feelings, but I have to ask -- how do you know which artists or labels to avoid? How do you know who is represented by the RIAA?"

The RIAA Radar is the answer to that:


Or at least that's a good start.

The True Confessions of an Election Official

Mike Hebel
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Kudos to Pete!

As someone who urges people to vote I can't thank you enough for making so many things happen smoothly behind the scenes.

I voted with a paper ballot today smoothly and quickly and it's likely thanks to people like you.

Thank you!

London cabs to go 'lectric in 2009

Mike Hebel

@Arnold Lieberman

Thing is - when an electric car is sitting still it is using no energy. Well not unless the radio or lights are turned on. Lights, wipers, and radio would likely be the biggest draw on a stationary electric car.

And if they ever figure out how to do proper LED based headlights you'll only have two current draws left to deal with when stopped in traffic.

PayPal top-up card is titsup

Mike Hebel
Paris Hilton

@As someone ...

I have always used PayPal since close to it's founding date and the one thing that people forget about PayPal is that it is NOT a bank. It never has been and I don't give a tw@t hair about where it's being incorporated as a bank.

It's. Still. Not. A. Bank.

What it DOES do passably well is work as a money transfer service. I think of them as the exchange broker that takes a cut any way they can but still gets the money to the other person. Of course recently their track record of doing just that is rather poor.

My PayPal account almost always has a zero balance in it. As soon as money comes in I take it out using the debit card and put it in my proper bank account. On the reverse I have it set to pull money from a separate checking account not my main one. This prevents freezing my main checking and prevents lost money in the PayPal account because there's nothing in there.

Paris because she knows all about proper servicing.

Eye-o-Sauron™ poked out by Great Wall of America

Mike Hebel


Some of us that would be stuck inside said walls would argue that it was also intended to keep people in.

Shocking news on lunar surface

Mike Hebel

An odd idea...

Couldn't this energy be harnessed in some way?

It may only be a lowly 4,500V but I'm betting there's a way to make a collector to at least charge batteries over time.

Just a thought...


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