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French telco tycoon Patrick Drahi ups Altice UK's stake in BT to 18%, says he is not planning a takeover... at least not yet


Re: Copper

So many people have no idea that their phones work when their electricity goes out. Suspect many will claim they have a mobile so why does it matter.

Amazon to cover 100%* of college* tuition* for hourly employees* in the US


Re: What is wrong with people?

Having worked with several large NGO I can tell you that they are significantly worse than any for profit organisation when it comes to managing money. On the flip side they did pay for me to travel all around the world for two years.

So what if I pay peanuts for my home broadband? I demand you fix it NOW!


When did telephone lines work via Fiber?

Citibank accidentally wired $500m back to lenders in user-interface super-gaffe – and judge says it can't be undone


Re: "six-eyes" policy

You'd think large values like this should ring a bell but it doesn't.

The whole reason why there was sign off was to avoid the whole bell going off. This is because there are transfers of millions happening on a single transaction.

What should have happened is the system should have been set up in advance where only specific accounts are allowed to get certain payments. But that requires more operational, system development and training costs. Why would you spend millions to create a system that does the job when the current one is cheaper and does the job. The human user should pick up on mistakes... right?

Slack serves up out-of-order messages, shaky comms as world goes back to work


Slack is doing a good job pushing people over to MS Teams

Slack services have been rather poor lately. At work we've been primarily using slack but more and more people are shifting over to Teams now. Today we had everyone working on Teams because slack just died on everyone.

If slack keeps this up there will be little reason to stick with slack in the future and soon someone at accounting will decide to save money and drop slack.

'Best tech employer of the year' threatened trainee with £15k penalty fee for quitting to look after his sick mum


Re: My masters degree

Computer Science and Software development was never a branch of Mathematics. This has always been a myth and an assumption those that had no idea.

I was always pushed down the Computer Science and Software development route when I was in college simply because I was singularly gifted in Mathematics. (later came to realise I was gifted at mathematics because I was a logical thinker and was able not only follow but understand maths examples).

Computer Science is totally different. Yes it incorporates mathematics just like physics or geotechnics but it is not just mathematics. It all comes down to if someone is able to solve problems. Once you start looking at it from that perspective you realise that a lot of people in every field possible are all problem solvers.

Apple wants privacy 'nutrition labels' on all new and updated apps in its software store from next month


Don't be silly, this is for Apple to demand all information that users give up to use app's must be shared with Apple for free.

Pakistan calls on Facebook to extend holocaust denial ban into Islamophobia crackdown


Re: Education, education, education.

What existed before the existence of the of the universe?

Atlassian pulls the plug on server licences, drags customers to the cloud


Re: All aboard the Gitlab train

I agree, the place I work at places a lot of importance in data protection. We are not allowed to store any information on any form of external devices or use any cloud services.

JIRA and confluence are critical tools for our day to day work.

Oh god even thinking of trying to migrate everything to a different platform will be a complete nightmare.

When the IT department speaks, users listen. Or face the consequences


Re: Beautiful

Oh my god this sounds beautiful.

Ever own a Galaxy S4? Congrats, you're $10 richer as Samsung agrees payout over dodgy speed tests


Re: I bought one at that time!

Just get the $10 dollar and buy yourself a very very large coffee.

Apple disables iPad for 48 years after toddler runs amok


It's fun to do this

I'll admit I have typed in wrong pin codes on my sisters iPhone just to see how long I can block it.

At last! Apple admits its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards utterly suck, offers free replacements


Re: Nicely done.

"Besides, most of my posts develop errors when I hit submit :)."

I am going to use this for work now. Thank you :)

Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam


Re: Set-up...

Curry's offered a service which a lot of people never went for. It was meant to involve a member of staff spending a hour setting up the laptop, installing all relevant software's and showing the customers how to use the laptop (I know of one elderly couple who bought it).

But Curry's staff started lying and claiming stuff like "laptop won't turn on", "you have to buy the Operating System", "only experts will be able to set up the laptop" etc... in order to force people who didn't know better to buy this service.


Saw staff at Curry's do this deliberately

I remember once visiting Curry's In Mile End London couple of years back.

I was waiting at the counter to pay for an Xbox 360 controller and listening to the guy behind the till lying to the customer "The computer needs to be set up with all of the software, if you take the laptop home as is you won't be able to use it as it will not turn on. We can do this for you if you pay £40."

The customer was confused and didn't understand (mainly because they had no idea what any computer jargon meant).

I paid for my controller 10 minutes later and decided to butt in. Will try and translate what i said "This guys is lying, you don't need to pay anything. Everything you need comes inside the laptop. If you want I'll show you how easy it is".

The clerk got annoyed and started telling me to leave the store and not to call him a liar. We argued until another guy in the queue got involved backing me up. The security guards came up to me and attempted to usher me out of the store.

The customer decided to leave the store without buying anything, I could hear the customer say "we'll just ask your brother to buy one tomorrow".

Thought i'd share my story,

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage


Lots of hate for a small loud group group

After reading a fair number of the comments one simple trend started showing up.

This OS was better, I don't use this feature, that was fine, it shouldn't have changed. Blah blah blah

Let me give you an example of the people I've seen using windows 10.

Ooh windows 10 what's knew? Oh that's nice, can I do this or that like I did before?

After telling friends and family nothing really changed and if they need anything just give me a shout. I noticed they DON'T CARE about all of these customisation and what not people are banging on about.

In simple terms does it work? yes. Can I do what i want on it? Yes.

Seriously people if windows 10 was able to shit diamonds for everyone that used it you all will still find something to whine about.


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