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Tesla Autopilot accounts for 70% of driver assist crashes, says US traffic safety body

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Re: "a recall of 830,000 Autopilot-equipped Teslas"

The 'recall' simply involves an over-the-air update. Do you really think that NHTSA will force Tesla to disable Autopilot on all its cars? Besides, GM's system is no better. They just have fewer crashes because they have sold fewer cars. Their engineers are interchangeable with Tesla's.

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'First-of-its-kind research on advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) involved in accidents found that one company dominated with nearly 70 percent of reported incidents: Tesla.' Read that statement carefully. Since Tesla 'dominates' in sales of cars equipped with ADAS technology, why would it be surprising that it would also make up a large percentage of cars involved in such accidents?

Assange psychiatrist misled judge over parentage of his kids, US tells High Court

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'having one's own children to protect and raise can reduce the risk of suicide' Oh, absolutely. As does owning a $300k Lamborghini. First thing they teach you in Psychiatry school.

Considering the colonisation of Mars? Werner Herzog would like a word

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Why not make the Antarctic habitable? It's closer, there's plenty of oxygen and water. Or is that too boring? Mars makes a lot more sense.

Worn-out NAND flash blamed for Tesla vehicle gremlins, such as rearview cam failures and silenced audio alerts

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Re: Flash wear

Most affected vehicles are pre-AP2 and are no longer being actively monitored.

California backs Proposition 22: Great news for Uber, Lyft as their drivers can work as indie contractors

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Re: Tech douche bros rule!

Don't be so naive. The issues that really mattered to voters was the danger of losing rideshare service altogether or facing exorbinant fare increases.

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Many workers drive on both Uber and Lyft platforms. Who would pay their health insurance? It is a logistical nightmare.

Revealed: How Nvidia's 'backseat driver' AI learned to read lips

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It better learn to recognize the phrase, 'Oh my God'.

Massive news, literally: Three super-boffins awarded Nobel Prize in physics for their black-hole breakthroughs

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Re: Math as proof

I stood on a bridge and watched the river and, lo, it stopped and the bridge flowed.


You Musk be joking: A mind-reading Neuralink chip in a pig's brain? Downloadable memories? Telepathy? Watch and judge for yourself

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Where were the usual questions regarding the danger of someone hacking into your head and making you murder someone?

Google employs people to invent colours – and they think their work improves your wellbeing

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Re: You can tell how much money Google has

Very expensive. At least $500.

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How about 'Safety Grey'?

Tesla driver killed after smashing into truck had just enabled Autopilot – US crash watchdog

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Tesla steering-wheels do not have a capacitive ability similar to smartphone screens. The only way the vehicle detects hands on the wheel is by requiring the driver to exert a slight force when requested. If autosteer had been on for only 10 secs., there is no way to know where the driver's hands were.

Try our new driverless car software says Nvidia, as it suspends driverless car trials

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Re: Won't someone please think of the children?

All of them except me.

BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles

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So this is what all you MBAs are doing in those tall buildings.


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