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Court erred in Neo4j source license ruling, says Software Freedom Conservancy


Why bother ?

If the license is so shaky why not choose a different graph database and stay on the safe side ?

Microsoft engineer fixes enterprise-level Chromium bug students could exploit to cheat in online tests


But can they open the developer tools ? You can get the source using that, too.

2FA? More like 2F-in-the-way: It seems no one wants me to pay for their services after all


We have a newish standard for secure authentication passwordless called Webauthn but for some reasons it's not taking up.

So secure and comfy passwordless authentication is always 3 years away.

Containers have security problems and flexibility issues. VMs will make them viable


container insecurity

Container insecurity is very theoretical imho, could you share any real life incident where hackers could utilize it ?

After staff revolt, Freenode management takes over hundreds of IRC channels for 'policy violations'


Just wondering

I haven't used IRC for over a decade.

Just wondering, is USENET news still a thing ?

You only need pen and paper to fool this OpenAI computer vision code. Just write down what you want it to see


Another attach could be to train the AI with false information deliberately.

Like teaching the model that everything is an apple or a pizza

Hyperledger 3 years later: That's the sound of the devs... working on the chain ga-a-ang


no real use case ?

Without real use case it's just masturbation

Global IPv4 address drought: Seriously, we're done now. We're done


class D address space

Why don't we use class D addresses ? It's not really used for multicast

The Register's Top 20 Most-Commented Stories in 2016



year of linux desktop ?

Conviction by computer: Ministry of Justice wants defendants to plead guilty online


I wish to plead incompetence

The developer died 14 years ago, here's a print out of his source code


linux, samba

My accountant had a very similar system, netware3 and dos clients.

I replaced the netware with linux+samba, ipx/spx with netbios over ip for dos and it still runs

Websites take control of USB devices: Googlers propose WebUSB API


Re: Where to begin?

A company I work for occasionally has literally tens of thousands POS like terminals with usb scanner and printer, so they could finally have a web only software which could drive the scanner and printer and without having to buy new pheriperals.

True believers mind-meld FreeBSD with Ubuntu to burn systemd


why don't they use the hurd kernel ? That'd make is much more fun.