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Ransomware gang did steal residents' confidential data, UK city council admits

Stuart Elliott

I really hope he didn't spell it APOLOGIZE

Could you just pop into the network room and check- hello? The Away Team. They're... gone

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Re: Watch this!

Long live the Tissot Rock Watch!

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Yeah, the English teacher went to Art College.

Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP

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Damn, they're my go-to domain name when I want to test someones Internet connection is working, because no way in hell is it going to be in their cache.. The end of an era etc. etc.

Elon Musk invents bus stop, waits for applause, internet LOLs

Stuart Elliott

All this negativity

People should be happy there's someone out there TRYING to do stuff like this, yeah, some of his ideas may come off as goofy and he loses money on it, so what, it's better that than people hoarding their money for their name on a plaque in an obscure park somewhere.

Aww: Apple won't be HomePod for Christmas

Stuart Elliott

"The Cupertino idiot-tax racket"

... and I stopped reading.

If you need to replace anything other than your iPhone 8's battery or display, good luck

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Re: I must be luckly then...

> At one point I went through effectively 5 phones in a year

Surely that's indicative of the phone user, not an issue with the phone, if you can afford the £1k for the phone, you can afford the 2 year Apple Care for it to be fixed/replaced.

Boffin wins (Ig) Nobel prize asking if cats can be liquid

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Re: Cats are neither a solid nor a liquid.


Apple’s facial recognition: Well, it is more secure for the, er, sleeping user

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Re: Wasps

Dave 126 - you're wasting your breath, if you're not denigrating Apple and the iPhone, you're a delusional fanboi and need to be down-voted into oblivion apparently.

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor

Stuart Elliott

Re: "by the size of his Micro Channel Adapter"

Dune... the building of a dy...nasty

Jodie Who-ttaker? The Doctor is in

Stuart Elliott

Gordon's DEAD ?


"Gordon's aliiiiiiiiiiiiive".

Stuart Elliott

.. or woman

Cue "what have the Romans ever done for us" sketch.

WikiLeaks emits CIA's Wi-Fi pwnage tool docs

Stuart Elliott


Yay. More routers getting hacked and malware site injecting DNS changes incoming.

Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?

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Re: "But I don't care!"

Not a fan boi, have an iPhone, don't care.. Let the downvotes commence.

ZX Spectrum reboot firm slapped with £52k court costs repayment order

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RE: Matthew Smith

6031769 - thank you!

Ransomware scum: 'I believe I'm a good fit. See attachments'

Stuart Elliott

Enquiring minds want to know...

Did they get the job though?

Amazon files patent for 'Death Star' flying warehouse

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Re: I know I'm a sucker, but...

No, that'd be the ACME Parachute Kit.

Stuart Elliott

Shouldn't the click bait be....

Amazon files for Hindenburg flying warehouse?

Folders return to Windows 10's Start Thing

Stuart Elliott

Re: What I am going to push, 2017 edition:

The problem with that, is if everyone used Classic Shell, there'd be no-one left to whine how bad it is, and how you should be switching to *insert preferred flavour of *nix here*, and Microsoft would think everyone is happy with their efforts.

How Rogue One's Imperial stormtroopers SAVED Star Wars and restored order

Stuart Elliott

Two things bothered me

Watched it last night at the local IMAX, thoroughly enjoyed it, but two things bothered me, firstly, was the the lack of theme tune at the start, I saw the "A long time ago" and closed my eyes in preparation for the spine-tingling crescendo , but was denied, bummed me out for a minute or two that!

Secondly was at the other end of the film, and the poor CGI of Leia, it was completely unnecessary and bad to be honest, they did well with Tarkin though, even if the voice was off.

Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking

Stuart Elliott

Re: ,So there's an online fix for not being able to get online?

Yet 99% of the posters on here would suggest you use Linux instead, which is SO much more user friendly in that regards...

Samsung, the Angel of Death: Exploding Note 7 phones will be bricked

Stuart Elliott

Re: Is this even legal in the EU?

@Ledswinger - Got my Indisit dryer fixed this week, 14 months after reporting :)

Sysadmin told to spend 20+ hours changing user names, for no reason

Stuart Elliott

Re: Two questions...

Company name. First Initial.Second Initial 2 digit Month 2 digit Year.

EG. TESCO.SE1216 - shows ownership, both company and user and issue date.

Hyperloop One settles hangman lawsuit

Stuart Elliott

RE: Bambi

To be fair, Bambi in the young ones, was a shortened version of Bamber, as in Bamber Gascoigne.

No spin zone: Samsung recalls 3M EXPLODING washing machines

Stuart Elliott

Re: Precautionary principle

Unless your name is Jasper Carrott.


Lad cuffed after iOS call exploit knocks out Arizona 911 center

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Re: Dumb mistake / If he was white ...

What has his skin colour got to do with it, you racist f**k?

If you want to build your own Nvidia-powered self-driving car – or hack one – here's a blueprint

Stuart Elliott

Here's a blueprint

So, all the adverts in the cinemas from F.A.S.T. were wrong - YOU WOULD DOWNLOAD A CAR!!!

DVLA misses out on £400m in tax after scrapping paper discs

Stuart Elliott

No Tax disc

Well, I hope they still send out SORN/Renewal letters, because I have no idea when my tax is due any more.

WikiLeaks uploads 300+ pieces of malware among email dumps

Stuart Elliott


I before E except after C..

(well unless it's on this list of course: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_words_not_following_the_I_before_E_except_after_C_rule )

Windows 10 needs proper privacy portal, says EFF

Stuart Elliott

Re: Even Enterprise spies on users

Careful Jason 7, the folks round here carry pitchforks, and don't like you arguing in favour of Microsoft, you're risking downvote hell.

Stuart Elliott

Re: Windows 2

I remember Windows 1 or 1.1 with Microsoft Executive, and I remember 3.0 with the chess.bmp background, but I can't picture Windows 2 for some reason.

Post-Silk Road, Feds bust chaps for 'dealing heroin, coke' on world's largest dark web souk

Stuart Elliott


UK- Oree gar no

US- Ore rag en no.

Hacker sells Pornhub shell

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Re: Penetration

"3 thumbs up" - says it all really...

Stuart Elliott


Probably went in the back door..

Apple man found dead at Cupertino HQ, gun discovered nearby

Stuart Elliott

Why is the ethnicity relevant

It isn't, in much the same way most news articles when discussing someone will also mention their age in brackets, for whatever reason they think we need to know how old a perp is.

Censorship FTW! China bans Paris Hilton, minor Kardashians et al

Stuart Elliott
Thumb Up

Time to move to China it seems.


Adblock wins in court again – this time against German newspaper

Stuart Elliott

The only advert I need..

.. is a clean usable website that show up on Google's front page when I go searching for something, other than that, not interested.

Adblock (without acceptable ads) ftw.

IEEE delivers Ethernet-for-cars standard

Stuart Elliott

IEEE 802 for cars

Shouldn't that be 802.3bmw ?

Airbus, Boeing aero parts maker loses $54m in cyber-stick-up

Stuart Elliott

Re: Hmmmm

He is, and don't call him Shirley.

Late night server rebuild led to 'nightmares about mutilated corpses'

Stuart Elliott

Obligatory H2G2 reference.

Is that how you get "tea and no tea" ?

Kiwi hackers crack crap algo, showcase 40c-a-litre DIY fuel discounts

Stuart Elliott

Refreshing Change

Well, it makes a change the petrol company being shafted by the consumer.

Oil at 2004 price/barrel - is petrol at the pump anything close to the same parity?

Swiss try to wind up Apple with $25k dumb-watch

Stuart Elliott

Dumb Watch?

It's not a dumb watch, it's just a watch, they tell the time, it's kind of their raison d'être...

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies

Stuart Elliott

Re: In dispute?


Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock dead at 42

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Re: Lemmy

For reference Bleu, my own father was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, after a week of stomach ache, 5 days later he died, so yeah, it could easily have the cancer, or the instant detox.

I have you now! Star Wars stocking fillers from another age

Stuart Elliott

Jedi Knight Stormtroopers

Does anyone else think the Stormtrooper in that screenshot look like a recruitment ad for Anonymous ?

Merry Christmas.

An on-demand video subscription isn't just for Christmas... Oh. It is

Stuart Elliott

Re: OTT = Negative Connotations

I presumed it was Over the t'Interweb

Drunk? Need a slash? Avoid walls in Hackney

Stuart Elliott

Re: Hmmm.

but.. but.. the company selling the product said they wouldn't, so it won't...

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit

Stuart Elliott

"shared the affected bank details with the major UK banks so they can take their usual actions to protect customers' accounts in the highly unlikely event that a criminal attempts to defraud them"

Well, the people who rang Dido up *said* they were calling from the bank, with a thick indian accent.