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I got 99 problems, and all of them are your fault


Re: It sometimes works the other way

Recently tried to contact my preferred supermarket chain about a problem with an order. I could use Facebook, Twitter, one other similar now forgotten, and sign language. Not email. Not even text. Not phone. So as I don't use those social media channels, I gave up my attempt to fix the problem and signed up with another supermarket chain for my next order.

Doctor, doctor, got some sad news, there's been a bad case of hacking you: UK govt investigates email fail


Re: If the Tories General Election pledge was to NOT sell of the NHS

And yet, they have power over you. They can warp your life, or make it better, or destroy the country, or try to improve it. We know that MPs are aware of the opinions in their constituencies and actively try to help people there, if only to get voted in again.

Voters have a lot of ways of supporting good, decent MPs who actually listen to their constituents and who take up their causes. Many a back-benchers have persistently, over time, stubbornly advocated for something that has finally come to pass. My previous was a tremendously good bloke, savvy on IT because that was his background, and I know he righted many wrongs and helped people and causes.

To call all MPs liars is simply the lazy way not to take responsibility or to hold them to theirs. Its refuse to be an active, ethical participant in the only system we have, however flawed it is, and however dubious so many people in it. Our whole UK society is flawed, with many liars and crooks and deep holes of corruption. Shall we opt out of it too? Not participate? Live like hermits? We are all accountable.

'We stopped ransomware' boasts Blackbaud CEO. And by 'stopped' he means 'got insurance to pay off crooks'


Re: Capitalism at its best

I work for an insurance company in the UK. We offer all sorts of cyber insurance, but none of it, to my knowledge, actually pays ransom. Just as our kidnap insurance does not pay ransom. We pay for a lot if remedial action (for the former) and lots of negotiation/travel etc (for the latter), but ransom-paying: nope, big time. And yet we have to keep telling our clients "read your contract: we don't pay ransom."

It might be that some do, or some do and put it under the heading of "Expenditure: Misc", but we have no interest in being seen as a cash cow for sloppy Chief Security Officers. Wall Street also does not want insurance companies to be seen as big barrels of money any crook can dip into.

'First ever' snap emerges of something vaguely resembling our solar system 300 ly away. We'll take 10 tickets


OK, call me a softie

But when I see the time-lapse of the heavens wheeling above and around the observatory, and think of how small we hominins are, and yet we can look into that starry vastness and both measure and understand, from the most attenuated information the forms, distances and masses of systems, I stand amazed. The wonder of intelligence, curiosity, and science is breathtaking. What a privilege to live in this time.

MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs



Or are you taking it as a synedoche?

PC printer problems and enraged execs: When the answer to 'Hand over that floppy disk' is 'No'


Re: Ah IT 'managers'

This, a thousand times. My sister did many years as a teacher, got promoted to deputy head, and then decided to take the top job upon the Head's retirement. Recently she has mentored a new Head at another school and remarked that the young woman had all the ambition, too little experience of being a teacher, and no sense at all. There was little she could do except say 'listen to your oldest teachers; there is wisdom there."

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021


Oh how quickly we clutch our pearls

Offended, outraged, appalled, sickened by the EU's behaviour over this hallowed tradition that goes back to Richard the Lion-Hearted, the Brexiters surely have right on their side. Funny how something that nobody has much emotional energy about, TLDs, becomes a synecdoche for all the evils of the EU and can be fomented over as YET ANOTHER example for European perfidy and proof that we are well out.


That should be the case

UK was sloppy in setting up its TLD rules. Can't blame anyone else for that.


Re: Shock

Can't up-vote you enough.


Re: @Olius

If we're going to be confirmed in our exit because people are not behaving nicely, then it's going to be tricky negotiating with the Americans, who are famously not nice even to long-standing trading partners, such as Canada and Mexico. They throw a strop and act as if they are victims and then tighten the screws. We won't exactly be in a position to say that we need to get away from these tantrums pronto.


Re: @Olius

They are legally fine on this, and if we think they are being stroppy and childish, well, that is their right. UK pundits and politicians have lied about them so often and so regularly that we really can't stand on higher moral ground.


Visitors' passes are for one-offs

My experience with visitor's passes is that I have come in with a friend but needed to be a member, so got a one-day pass,or I could buy passes but was limited to about four a year. And I had restrictions. One is that I had to pay full-price at the bar. So 'sensible clubs' don't offer membership benefits to non-members. That would make them not a members-club but something else.

And I was not the owner of another club, so could not offer reciprocal goodies. That argument suggests that the EU and the UK could set up an agreement for mutual benefit, which would be a trade agreement. Which is what May was trying to do. But the no-deal Brexiters seem not even to want that.


Re: It's what a sad, angry minority wanted

Given that those smaller nations (or at least two of them, don't know about Wales) were very pro-EU in the Brexit vote, it takes no crystal ball to have seen that a vote for Brexit would undermine the Union, and therefore possibly leading to NI joining Eire and Scotland going independent. So the idea that a United Kingdom was going to forge ahead as a world power (since when?!? 1895? 1942?) was already a fantasy based on ignoring the evidence that Brexit was sure to undermine the Union.

BTW, according to Wikipedia, California is #4 in economic power, UK is #6, Texas is #9, and New York is #12. China, Japan and Germany are above the UK on this table. 6th position is very good, but is the argument that we can do great trade deals with Canada (#12) and Australia (#16) and say goodbye to Germany (#3), France (#7), Italy (#8) and Spain (#15). Oh, and there's India (#5, one up from us). We don't talk about them much.


Re: victim mentality

Indeed, and then they say 'and it's a failing club anyway and we will play better out of it.'

Twitter ticks off Trump with new 'Get the facts' alert on pair of fact-challenged tweets


Re: Ooh, fun!

Rein it in, Andry!

Photostopped: Adobe Cloud evaporates in mass outage. Hope none of you are on a deadline, eh?


Yep, that was me stuffed

Luckily, I could turn to my own trusty PC with an ancient version of Photoshop, and was able to pull some images off pages from our own website to crop and colour-change, so I muddled through. But I kicked myself once again for not getting Photoshop CS 5.5 in a box when I had the chance.

'Come 75,000 workers, join us!' says Amazon. Just don't dare complain about the boss or you're out on your ear


Re: 4/75000 = 0.00005 = 0.005%

In 1770, there were 2.5 million people in the American Colonies. 5 died in the Boston Massacre. Not exactly a significant number of deaths. Not exactly a massacre. Ok patriots, down vote me

Google gets woke on gender in Vision API, Amazon happy to sell its facial recognition code to foreigners, and more


Re: What on earth does 'WOKE' mean?

It originally meant something along the lines of 'awakened to the realisation that there are oppressions, vantage-points and lived experiences that are outside your own personal ken that you would be aware of and sensitive to, so that you can respond courteously and helpful and not like an entitled little shit'.

Now it can be a way of trolling people for their deficient caring or sensitivity.

In the same way 'politically correct' originated when 'the personal was the political' and it was realised that calling someone by a word they hated was rude, offensive, and in the end oppressive - because calling someone, say, 'coloured' when they prefer 'African American' says that you don't give a flying fuck about how they feel, and that they'd like control over the terms used to them and about them.

Again, over time, this became a term misused and then mocked, and sometimes mocked for the very reason it came into being: people want to lord it over others or not to think about them by assuming that their own experience is the standard and that all others' is deviant and therefore deficient.

Alan Turing’s OBE medal, PhD cert, other missing items found in super-fan’s Colorado home by agents, says US govt


Yes, but no

She clearly is a little west of sane, but she was sane enough to hide her purloinments and to know that she was doing wrong, although I am sure she believes that she was serving a higher purpose, that is, the flame on the altar of Turing. I know that there is cunning and there is 'mad cunning' -- which side does she fall on?

South American nations open fire on ICANN for 'illegal and unjust' sale of .amazon to zillionaire Jeff Bezos


Re: Why does a river need its own TLD?

I am tempted to start a clothing or rafting company called Mississippi and then go for the .mississippi TLD. rafting.mississippi, jackets.mississippi etc. I wonder if anyone in the USA would object.

I think it would be lovely if all rivers had their own. Volga, Yellow, Don, Danube...


Re: Who's going to bet..m

We are fighting mad, actually. And we have the bows and spears to do something about it.

We live so fast I can't even finish this sent...


Re: On a related topic

'Gift' and 'curate' as verbs are my two most despised terms for 2018-2020 and into the future.

Stack Overflow makes peace with ousted moderator, wants to start New Year with 2020 vision on codes of conduct


Re: pro-what?

There are semi-professional shit-disturbers in every community. I have a couple of trans friends who get that living in the real world means some issues and having to be patient and kind and not be thin-skinned. And I know of one other who waits like a cat by a mouse-hole for a remark to take offence at, and pounces on every single one with glee.

Target the behaviour, not the person.


Re: This is no peace at all

Oh, cool it.


It's their site

If I had issues with modern use of pronouns, then I would not work for a website that required me to use them. If I didn't want to participate in a forum where I was expected to adopt the modern usage against my preference, I wouldn't participate.

Nice and simple.

Greetings from the future where it's all pole-dancing robots and Pokemon passports


Re: Crypto currency?

Not forgetting his sister in Christ, who seeks help of her fellow believers.


Re: Hmmmm...

But a theremin IS a real thing.

Tracking President Trump with cellphone location data, Greta-Thunberg-themed malware, SharePoint patch, and more


Re: "Greta" malware

Rather keen to spank a teenage girl, aintcha, Bob?

Man-made climate change is a foregone conclusion when we look at the feeble efforts of those countries who say they are going to act,and the negative actions of countries who scoff at the reality.

ACLU sues America's border cops: Tell us everything about these secret search teams targeting travelers


Re: I wonder if this is why

Any time the missus and I are traveling to some far-flung destination that would normally have been done via a stop in the USA, we do everything possible to go via another country. Luckily, you can go via Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Madrid to South America.


Re: I wonder who has bought the film rights?

A laugh-a-minute comedy! You'll be splitting your sides!!

Uber forks out $4.4m to settle claims of rampant sexual harassment and retaliation in the Travis Kalanick era


Um, no

So the punishment of a male groper is to have a sex change operation? Because the worst possible punishment is to have the outer appearance of a woman?

I am trying to think if there is any level or circumstance where this comment would be OK.

Nope, can't think of one.

British bloke accused of extorting victims for 'Dark Overlord' hacker crew finally gets his free trip* to America


Re: The Dark Overlord Face

You think bribery is the standard case in the UK? Really?

FYI: FBI raiding NSA's global wiretap database to probe US peeps is probably illegal, unconstitutional, court says


Re: Amusing to read the comments

Um...the Ukrainians are the good guys? Had a revolution to throw out corrupt Russian-led leaders and to try to see if they could clean up their country and maybe join the EU? The country that Russian invaded and is doing its best to subvert? I am not sure how donated to the Clinton Foundation does anything -- it's not like either Clinton is actually in power. A bribe sot hat they will ask their friends in high places to help the Ukrainians? Which the US is and should be doing in any case, because of that JFK speech long ago setting out that America was the friend of democracy anywhere?

London's Westminster Council wins appeal against phonebooth-cum-massive-digital-advert


Re: Bloody Adverts!

I nearly drove off the London stretch of the M40 when the first one distracted me from the road. Then they are on both sides, it is indeed a Bladerunner moment. Talk about "...time to die."


Re: Edgware Road

That's because this stretch is known as 'Little Beirut'. Go to other bits of London and signs are in Chinese or Turkish etc. Cosmopolitan city. There's a big Arabic-reading community all around Edgware Road, so it makes sense, just as Benidorn has all those 'Full English Breakfast' signs all over the place in English. Fab restaurants along Edgware Road, open to the wee hours.

Icahn and I will force a Xerox and HP wedding: Corporate raider urges HP shareholders to tell board to act 'NOW'


Yep, good for him

But good for the shareholders? In the long run? What is the track-record of companies Icahn has forced to bend to his will? Have there flourished after he passed their way? Di the shareholders continue to reap value?

Of course the employees and customers do not count, so I am not asking how they fared.


Yes it can

It's called 'leverage' -- they can get funding based on their future worth.

Take Sajid Javid's comments on IR35 UK contractor rules with a bucket of salt, warns tax guru


are these mutually exclusive groups?

"you approve of fracking" and "you oppose it because you hate poor people getting rich"

Do you mean "you approve of fracking because you love poor people getting rich"? as a term of equal meaning and weight?

Could it be "you approve of fracking because you don't care about destabilising the land and the people's houses and businesses on it" and "you oppose it because you do care about destablising etc etc" could also be a possibility?

Or you might think that fracking will not make poor people rich, but oil companies rich?

The way you set it up is a classic example of begging the question, that is, loading the terms so that you force the answer.

Christmas in tatters for Nottinghamshire tots after mayor tells them Santa's too busy


Re: So much for commentard being enlightened here...

And vice versa.


Another solution

I remember being read an article from some magazine or book when I was old enough to understand about Santa about the history of St Nicholas, the 'creation' of the actual Santa in the hearts and minds of parents and children everywhere, that stays real when you are under six years old, but which then flows out and becomes you: that you have a bit of Santa Claus in you when you understand that the real joy of Christmas is giving. And that parents are filled with this love of giving when they make Christmas as special as they can for their kids, even if they can't afford gifts.

Well, I'm a sucker. I believed it and I still do. The greatest gift my parents gave me was the lesson of the joy of selfless giving. Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad. I miss you both.


what's with -ess

It seems really old-fashioned to use the ending '-ess' unless referring to empress. Perhaps only still used in the animal kingdom (lioness, tigress, etc)?


Re: I have it on good authority ..

I think you will find that Ashkenazi Jews and all other Jews are of Semitic origin, because they came from the Middle East. 'Diaspora' is a word you might want to delve into.

Not a death spiral, I'm trapped in a closed loop of customer experience


Re: This requirement for paper bills/statements...

Because, as free-born Englishmen, we don't have to prove our identity to anyone.


Re: This requirement for paper bills/statements...

Absolutely true, so i don't understand the down-votes. I worked for EDF and we did not check or care who was on the bill, as long as the bills got paid. It is not proof that the person named on the bill is at that address.

Tetraplegic patient can now move his four limbs with the help of a badass neuroprosthetic suit


Well done, the patient

Two years of testing must have been gruelling for him. I am impressed by his grit.

Boris Brexit bluff binds .eu domains to time-bending itinerary


Re: @A.P. Veening

You keep saying 'won 3-0 so far' - I do not think it means what you think it means. Because 3-0 is not true. Saying it over an over does not make it true.

£99,999, what's your emergency? Paramedics rush to OAP's aid after shock meter reading


Re: Interpreting joke comments

Yes. I worked for one of the Big Six energy companies and the call centres (in the north of England) had rules about what to do if they thought they were dealing with a Situation on the other end. And some of the staff were truly lovely people and would call the Police or emergency services if they felt something was seriously strange. I thought it quite nice.

TalkTalk says WalkWalk if you've got a mouldy Tiscali email address, or pay £50 a year to keep it


That ticks one job off the list

Last year I spent about five months going back and forth with Talk Talk to get them to close an old Tiscali email account of mine. They finally said that they could not find such old email accounts on their servers, even though I was able to supply them with info fromt he time I had an all-singing, all dancing Tiscali account.

So they will be doing me a favour without any more back-and-forth by shutting off these accounts (I guess they'll find mine).

Who knew I'd ever say 'Yay Talk Talk!"

Overstock's share price has plummeted. Is it Trump's trade war? Bad results? Nope, its CEO has gone bonkers...


Re: M.I.B.

The Deep State is surely the Military-Industrial Complex, named by Eisenhower, and since WWII shaping the world for its own advantage. It involves the billionaires, the banks, the Senate, etc. And it's not deep. It's right out there in the open. I can't think of a worse conspiracy than the one we see every day.


Re: Russian Spy?

My understanding is that about 50% of all deads by gunshot int he USA are suicides. Abotu 30+% (working from memory) are domestic violence taken to murderous levels, then you ahve a largish perdentage of accidents (little kids killing their siblings, dads accidentally shooting their kids, fun-shooting gun owners not realisign a neighbour was sunbathing beyond the fence) and then gang-related murders.

So the idea in (c) that citizens need to defend themselves against baddies because all the police can do is draw a chalk-line around you doesn't quite fit the facts. Being killed by an evil bad guy is about the least likely thing to happen to you.

We have also seen recently that the 'good guys with guns' in El Paso and dayton could not have done anythign any faster than the police (trained shooters) could, as when assault weapons are used, it takes less time for the bad guy to kill 12+ or 20+ people than it takes to draw a gun out of a holster.

The first line of defence is gun control. To deal with the nutters who want to shoot assault weapons into those they hate, to try and stop sales of guns to those who otherwise could be helped to get over whatever it is that wants them to commit suicide, to stop violent people from owning guns they are liable to grab and use in an argument, and to reduce the chance that little Johnny will play SWAT with a real gun against his little brother. That is to say, the actual real main peasons where guns are used to kill.



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