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HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'


The girl is autistic. Gifted and handicapped in the same package. (Lots of sympathy. Most of us programmers share the same traits in a more diluted form).

Can't HBO be attacked under some sort of disability discrimination law for throwing a clear abuse of the DMCA at a disabled minor? In fact I suspect that might be possible even without any input from this young artist.

What's ordered in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas? $6.7m of printer ink 'stolen by office worker'


Re: accounting 101 anyone

<i>What more is an auditor going to do?</i>

To exceed expectations: find out how much paper thye organisation ordered, how much ink the organisation ordered, how many pages per cartridge is plausible (the manufacturers quote capacity at industry standard 5% coverage). If the discrepancy is one or more orders of magnitude, find the rat.

To meet expectations (i.e. cover his ass): nothing.

Linux command line mistake 'nukes web boss'S biz'


Re: I did this once (very nearly)

Seriously. Never type rm -rf. Always type rm /what/ever then think hard then add -rf at the end then think very hard again before pressing enter.

One thing to think is where is the backup.

Another is to consider mv /what/ever /junk/stuff and wait a good while to see if the sky falls in before rm /junk/stuff -rf. This will render at least 9/10 career-limiting mistakes quickly reversible. Not 10/10 though.

Web ads are reading my keystrokes and I can’t even spel propperlie


Google retarded

Google ads are retarded.

When I start researching something like a fridge, A few relevant ads might even be welcome. I don't get those ads. Then I buy a fridge and stop searching for fridge info. Then and only then do I get those fridge ads.

Retarded. That's the right word isn't it?


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