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Testing confirms Samsung keylogger rumour just a false alarm


A few more questions

- why does everybody take for granted that the Samsung supervisor did really tell him tthey had done this on purpose to monitor use of their computers... it's that guy who says it, and his credibility isn't exactly at the top at the moment.

- what's the use of those certifications the guy has (MSIA, CISA, CISSP) - do they teach you that "The findings are false-positive proof since I have used the tool that discovered it for six years now and I am yet to see it misidentify an item throughout the years" (quote from his article @ http://www.networkworld.com/newsletters/sec/2011/032811sec2.html). Should I add "The fact that on both models the same files were found in the same location supported the suspicion that the hardware manufacturer, Samsung, must know about this software on its brand-new laptops." which indicates that the guy, apart from beeing a^H_THE_ security guru, is also incdredibly tech-savvy. Now I realize, compared to this obvious genius, how I am only a dwarf.

I know its just pure rant but this non-story is a big fail in the whole security information industry.

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

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Popcorn Icon !

Yeah I really like the popcorn idea. It would be applicable to Apple trademark stories too :)

Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS

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CommCenter running as root

"The bug resides in CommCenter, [...]. By default, it runs as root"

Brilliant engineering.

Mass SQL injection hits English language websites


Re: Just block APNIC on the firewall

This list is not accurate, eg I'm posting from a 153.x.x.x address and I can assure you I'm not in China. Well, perhaps my job is beeing moved there and I'm the only one not to know ? :)

For those interested, take a look at the IP ranges on apnic's website : http://www.apnic.net/db/ranges.html

XenSource calls VMware a cash-hogging automobile


Real World

When it comes to actually doing something, I don't really care who builds what part of the thing, and who wins which slice of the pie. VMWare is proven, quite robust, it works. I can find VMware specialists, there are a lot of resources on the web. I cannot modify VMware to suit my needs ? I don't want to, I already have what I need.

Google to rescue Linux from Microsoft lawyers


Re: Put up or shut up, Microsoft!

> But that aside, Microsoft is lying. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it.

Unfortunately I'm not so sure, software patents are such a mess I wouldn't be surprised if they owned a patent on the "a+=2" statement :) I remember a guy trying to patent URLs ("a block of data refering to other data", aka "pointer"), and even a woman trying to patent 0 and 1... I can immagine that a small percentage of such ridiculous patent applications get accepted ?

Of course if Linux violates some of MS patents, probably other OSes also do. But because Linux is Open Source, they can pretend to be able to prove it, whereas they cannot pretend they read the source code to, say, AIX. OpenSolaris is an intersting case, though ; will MS (and others) start to look into the code and sue Sun ?


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