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Watchdog bares teeth at mobile premium rate scams



I got a call from a Lesley Barnes She said I had to call them urgently and quote a reference number that they had left. 01236 575196 was the call back number. As the message was so polite and seemed so urgent, I called them back. After waiting for 30 minutes or so, I got an answer from a pleasant young lady. She told me that they are called Lesley Barnes associates and they were only calling to ask for donation pledges to the Labour party in England. People in Scotland are not approached. It's a new strategy that they have imported from America. You pay extra to call them, (75p per minute, even though it's a normal number), and they get a share of the revenue they make from all the calls; you also get a chance to join the Labour party and make a donation pledge, but it has to be over £20, or they cannot proceed, (but they do thank you for the revenue donated by calling them back). In the recording, they should tell you who they are. Depending on the reference Number you are given, they can also send you posters to display and a direct debit form to make the subscription easier, so you don't need to remember every year. If you pledge, you can also enter a free draw to meet the prime Minister in the Houses of Parliament. I believe that it's a scam - she stressed that they never ask for your card details, they are just involved in sending out the forms and then a local party member comes to your house at a later date. (They carry identification which they must show.) I checked with Labour party HQ and it is legitimate. They told me that it's been quite successful in raising funds for the local elections.

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay


It is theft

No matter which way you look at it most Bit Torrent use is stealing. If you are happy with then carry on if not stop.

It's a lot easier than walking into 'Game' or 'ASDA' and nicking a DVD but its still theft.

Plus they don't let me in Game any more.

Orange dismantles Bristol Tower of Doom


Frequency of Idiots

Wavelength and power has a lot to do with how something radiated affects the body. Most of the comments posted here are just as ignorant of the facts about this and that as the locals in Bristol.

At Citizens Band Radio Frequencies if you touch the antenna with your finger you can get a slight burning feeling.

At Microwave Cooker frequencies it will cook your finger.

Early mobile Phones would warm your ear if you talked for long enough.

I’m not saying the antenna has caused cancer but you people that mock those that are; need to read up on your chosen subjects before spouting off.