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Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio


Come on Register

I loved the sentence "..latest and greatest from Intel site". They are so fast to the rescue, it is beyond imagination. I wonder why dont you publish article on that, and btw AMD is never to be found in those type of a tripping.

AMD is a rounding error on Intel's spreadsheet and that sucks for us all


AMD needs to DIE.

I am guaranteeing that once AMD dies, all the light will come thru and progress in CPU will flourish. The competition mantra is not working for the leading edge, it is only a plague.

Intel XPoint over-selling criticism surges as Chipzilla hits back


So true

I cant believe they are 5 monkeys putting negative vote on your claim. I also cant believe people are whining now. Are you all clowns insane? You still get 4x and 10x. Who has that? They were measurements made on Optane few months ago at the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability lab. Quote from the article. "However, SSDs based on 3D Xpoint will be too fast for traditional SATA or SAS SSD connections, which would easily limit the drive’s performance. It is being speculated that Intel helped to design the NVMe interface because the company is working on a new memory type." Plus, Intel is facing limitations from some of the controllers.

US state sues Comcast for $100m in row over 'worthless' repair plans

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They are great 2 ME

I have been using their XFinity Internet service in Chicago for close to an year and they are great so far. I had only 1 outage and I saw the guy rolling with his truck 1h later thru the polls in the alley. Internet came back in 2 hours. I can ever restart my modem thru their mobile phone app, and I have estimate quote on a repair time. I pay like $14.88/m promo for 1year for 12Mb download and 2mb Upload speed. Can you beat that?

Intel's non-volatile memory is firmly in non-growth territory


SAMS is only counting on price for the moment. MU, Sandisk and Toshiba revenues are down as well. Asians always have been good on improving the existing technology, but so far I have not seen anything innovative. They will fall down once 3DXp comes alive, give or take 1y.

Google licks its lips at sight of Qualcomm's 64-bit server ARM chips


To the Anonymous Coward

ARM servers have been coming for the past hmm...15 years. Also GOOG never showed up at the QCom server event recently



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