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Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service


Is it to kill PC gaming - to drive people to xbox?

Feels like MS is at war with PC gamers. Over bloat an OS so bad with what you would expect are add in apps that you might turn off during gaming, but if you can't turn it off - is it really our PC or MS's and we are allowed to use what they want us to, not what we want to?

I've been waiting 20 for linux to be top for gaming, and it still isn't. Clearly MS has zero interest and wants to push people to xbox. Maybe someone can carve out a stripped version of 11, like the PE installs, I don't need to print, join a domain, my firewall is at the edge, don't even want default AV or any browser.

I know, I'm asking for a low profit, highly desired unicorn, but a guy can dream.

India orders takedowns of social media posts it claims harm fight against raging COVID-19 outbreak


Re: Miracle Mineral Supplement

Reading that is perplexing legally, as they apparently sold millions worth, and it is supposedly dangerous, so much it reads like it would kill someone instantly. But they aren't being charged with causing anyone harm, just disobeying a request to stop selling it. Also this, https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/public/water_disinfection.html

Microsoft president asks Congress to force private-sector orgs to admit when they've been hacked


Re: MS has no room to talk

I did eventually end up with a way to report it and they took the malware down. It was though a different address. But thank you for posting a way also.

Searching on their site for "report abuse" (among others) should get more than xbox results though.


MS has no room to talk

Just this morning I went to report to MS that we received a phishing Email with a link to "malware hosted on their dynamics.com domain."

There is literally no way to report it. Even called them, unless I would give them an account number, they didn't care.

MS needs to get their cranium out of their donkey before they tell anyone else to be responsible.

In wake of Apple privacy controls, Facebook mulls just begging its iOS app users to let it track them over the web


Alternative - no app needed for FB

Run your mobile browser in Desktop mode for the FB website, then there is no need for the app.

You can even use the IM just like on a desktop.

fyi - Location tracking, if you disable it "you" don't see the reports anymore, they are still generated for the customers that pay for them.

United States Congress stormed by violent followers of defeated president, Biden win confirmation halted


Re: ...and where exactly do you live in the US?

"What about the Americans that can't afford good insurance?" Didn't obomba fixed that years ago - Oboma Care

Recent figures say something like 30% of Americans are in medical debt - Insurance is a scam in the US, and always has been. Making them mandatory (oboma) drove their profits up higher, and hurt people more. You might have to live it to understand it.

But yeah, our insurance scam called healthcare sucks.

Ad-scamming, login-stealing Windows malware is hitting Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Yandex browsers, says Microsoft


UN-bundled goodness

"Microsoft says~~~ And it advises those who find the malware on their system to reinstall their browser."

Well it's a pretty darn good thing that MS was required by governments to UN-bundled IE to the OS, or everyone effected would have to reinstall windows and not just their browser.

Privacy campaigner flags concerns about Microsoft's creepy Productivity Score


"Your daily briefing" Unauthorized data access

Like most offices we use MS Office products. This "productivity tool" raised a lot of red flags at our business when it started self generating Email to the people with the "Your daily briefing" crap. Since all our external Email is Tagged, and this didn't have that tag, and came from nobody - you caused concern by implimenting these apps without permission. If one of our sys admin had done this without a Change Control there would be trouble. I wish I could punish you MS, at least charge you for wasting my, and our users time.

Microsoft - we, the administrators like to make decisions about the tools on our network. We do not approve of you simply enabling such invasive tools without our explicit permission, and understanding. This harvesting of data in what should be a 0 trust environment is very concerning.

This isn't some free service like google where all data is expected to be harvested for marketing purposes, this is supposed to be a secure environment.

We are offended, and it will reflect in our product choices, since paying you for a product isn't enough, you need to steal data we have not authorized you to, regardless of PII being stripped - it came from our company without our permission.

Ticketmaster: We're not liable for credit card badness because the hack straddled GDPR day


Re: CC cancelled

to bad they cancelled it right off and didn't just block the charge, but at least they took some action and didn't let charges build up, and have to deal with that.

Still would have been nice if they notified you when they cancelled it - before you had to deal with being declined and having to call them.


CC cancelled

Couldn't he call his CC company and have them re-activate it and just left the clearly fraudulent Ticketmaster charge blocked? Sounds like "his" particular issue is with the CC company. (I'm reading this story as 2 parts, the problem he had, and the overall Ticketmaster response)

Apple's global security boss accused of bribing cops with 200 free iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits


Re: Concealed?

Explanation; Some states (where I live) allow anyone qualified (FFA background, no legal restrictions on you for crimes, crazy or non-resident) to Open Carry, meaning it cannot be hidden from plain view, even in your car, it cannot be in the glove box. Concealed carry (where I live) is now legal for everyone (resident/not a felon, bla bla), but used to require a $10 permit fee, 3 references and approval from the Chief on the local PD.

I have been with people that get nervous if they see a gun on anyone (including police). Very conditioned response. So some people who carry prefer to carry concealed to not scare people that are uncomfortable. They only time I worry about a gun, is if it's in someone's hands and not under peaceful condition (like at home, the range). But I have been around them my entire life. The average driver worries me much more, well, there are lots of videos every day on that..


Re: Why do Apple employees need to carry guns ?

who are you to decide some people's lives have less value and don't deserve protecting while others do.

Election security fears doused with reality: Top officials say Nov 3 'was the most secure in American history.' The end


Re: "Most secure in History"

What do you mean "no fraud"? There is plenty, and it is being rooted out and well documented. Will it be enough to effect the election, I doubt it. But calling a system "secure" before proving it is, does not pass this techs sniff test.

Might as well say "Windows 10 is the most secure OS ever - there is no need for running an AV scan...."

now it's sounds pretty stupid like that doesn't it?

NSA: We've learned our lesson after foreign spies used one of our crypto backdoors – but we can't say how exactly



This is one of the reasons we like to have "overlap" in our security products. Due to constant proof (like this news story) we have to presume that at least one of our antivirus, firewalls, web filter, VPN, ransomware detectors, components is compromised, by private or nation state criminals - all the time. It's not a happy thing to know your own government is destroying security for the sake of stealing data for insider trading, er I mean keeping us safe from ghost.

Trump's official campaign website vandalized by hackers who 'had enough of the President's fake news'


Re: ... another 4 or 8 or ... 12 years

You are correct. But every 4 years someone starts a panic about how the outgoing prez might resist. Which is really comical because there is nothing they can do. They literally have no power. Do idiots think, that they will hold a gun to someone's head and say please let me live in this house lol.

It's a job in this country, not like a king, or queen, or emperor. It's literally a job that last at most 8 years and that's all.

Ed Snowden doesn’t need to worry about being turfed out of Russia any more


Re: Achy Breaky Hearts

I though they were only the new regulating body for TV and movies. Must be expanding their role.


They are, they will never stop.

But now since it's a fact no longer a conspiracy theory, "conspiracy theorist" have been turned into normal people.


Re: Life in Russia

I want to agree with you because I detest politicians, but he has donated his salary and made less money than he would have. So the only way you can get robbed by turnip head is to gamble at his casino, if that counts.

Palo Alto Networks threatens to sue security startup for comparison review, says it breaks software EULA


Re: Off to look at Orca

I'm thinking well played by Orca. Poke the giant to get in the news to get all the minions to look your way and grab some of that market. I doubt Orca will end up paying any fine, but even if they do, it was worth the expense- it was a great marketing play, because until now I had never heard of them. Good job.

How much does Oracle love you? Thiiiis much: Latest patch bundle has 402 fixes


Re: Is it a competition..

nahhh, since they started charging for basic java use, we have almost no Oracle products left on the network.

Iran sent threatening pro-Trump emails to American Democrats, Russia close behind, says US intelligence


Re: It's not tricky.

You're presenting facts, expect to be down voted and vilified.

Even if I don't like Turnip head for the way he talks, you are correct.

Just to make sure I get downvotes to, when I watched one of Biden's meetings and he told the guy that asked a question (politely even, to give Biden a chance to clear up an accusation, as he was a Biden support) and Biden told him he was fat, stupid and "to old to vote".

Be independent, hate both gangs - it's only fair.

Former antivirus baron John McAfee collared, faces extradition to America on tax evasion, securities allegations


Re: Parallels

Obamacare,,, my insurance doubled and coverage was reduced, same for most "employed" US citizens. Thanks to that health insurance law, as a single healthy person I pay over $600 a month now. It used to be under $300. I don't understand why anyone liked him besides his skin color, since he didn't do anything besides raise taxes at home and drop bombs on more countries than any president in history.

But your comment about the parallels, well might want to check the news today of where all that Russian money came from and went to, since it was just declassified.

China proposes ‘Global Initiative on Data Security’ forbidding stuff it and Huawei are accused of doing already


Re: 1962 rebooted

"China is now countering"

Dude, you do not know history. China has never made a secret of their plans for taking over the world. They will do it by Economics as far as they can, then,,, well, they are almost ready to take on every country with their military now, production has been ramping up for 20+ years. They do have some cool new military subs, ships and islands in the last 5 years. That were in the planning stages 15+ years ago.

The Viking Snowden: Denmark spy chief 'relieved of duty' after whistleblower reveals illegal snooping on citizens


Respect Denmark

I have nothing but respect for those that show Denmark doesn't tolerate corruption.

Unfortunately much of the rest of the world's governments thrive on corruption.

So you've decided you want to write a Windows rootkit. Good thing this chap's just demystified it in a talk



This is why I like to scan my home system from a different PC, to ensure it looks at every file. Nothing is perfect but it catches a few things local scans may miss.

This is how we scan all our VMs at work, so it makes sense. Every VM is treated as a file, not a live system.

I expect home firewalls (done as SaS) will become much more popular. With security companies managing them, constant updates (subscriptions) to block malicious IP/URLs, Ad services (I block all of Adchoices at the FW).

This is the way.

I miss being at DefCon this year, but it's great they are doing SafeMode with Networking, Enjoying the youtube presentations and hoping more people get exposure to the great work people put into making IT safer for all.

- How I found what IPs to block basics. Open CNN in a browser, open command prompt, run netstat -an. Log all IPs. Open Foxnews, do the same. Compare the IP addresses. Take the common ones and block them. It's best to look them up first so you don't block app updaters (windows, adobe, ect) or something else you want connecting.

Android user chucks potential $10bn+ sueball at Google over 'spying', 'harvesting data'... this time to build supposed rival to TikTok called 'Shorts'


Check not in the mail

I got an Email from the goog yesterday, that I can apply for settlement for a class action suit they lost for leaking data from Google+ accounts 2 years ago.

The sum of $12 per user can be mine IF - You got the email, will give them your real name and address, and your bank routing and account number.

AS IF I would trust goog with that data if they can't even keep,,, well anything from their system of greed. No doubt the account data will be leaked and cost way more than a crappy $12. Hell, if they planned this it couldn't be better for them, leak a million peoples data, then offer to pay them $12 each to get even more data from them. Blah.

National Crime Agency says Brit teen accused of Twitter hack has not been arrested


Re: Walk in to a zoom meeting just like that?

They didn't require logging in, they made it public. People had control over their own Mic's and screen sharing.

It was a management caused issue, not IT.

In the market for a second-hand phone? Check it's still supported by the vendor – almost a third sold are not


Re: for manufacturers to open-source old code

"this is not going to happen, unless they're forced by law."

no, you are just giving dictators more control.

Consumers drive the market, stop buying junk and they won't make it.

So long as people will buy junk, companies will make it.

This is your choice, and yes stuff that isn't cheep does cost more.

We're suing Google for harvesting our personal info even though we opted out of Chrome sync – netizens


I hope they win

Because the goog did lie, and they know it.

Raytheon techie who took home radar secrets gets 18 months in the clink in surprise time fraud probe twist


Training and infosec

So they say he had been bringing items from for at least a year 2017-2018.

Pretty sloppy infosec to not notice 31,000 files downloaded to non company devices.

Since they say he wasn't malicious with the data he had, does that mean he got shit for training on procedure too?

There are a lot more issue here than one guy brining home sensitive data that should be addressed.

But hey, if your a manager at Raytheon, at least the sacrificial goat took all the heat right,,,,,

Bad: US govt says Chinese duo hacked, stole blueprints from just about everyone. Also bad: They extorted cash


Re: So let's get this straight

Just these two were local so they could arrest them. Chinese state run ATP groups are reported on the Reg and many other IT news sites regularly. Hacking the world for fun, profit, and the power of the PRC.




We really doing this again? Rumour has it that Apple is nearly finished developing augmented-reality glasses


games and some biz

it has great potential for video games ( Final Fantasy seeing spirits)

maybe for military/police/criminals (seeing through drones cameras)

but for the average user on the street, it's just one more excuse to walk into parking meters and fountains.

I would love to play a FPS game with them, but not for $1000, or even half of that. Real life is still much cooler.

NASA launches guide to Lunar etiquette now that private operators will share the Moon with governments


Re: Has anyone told Donnie?

But there is a lot of Helium 3 (Movie Iron Sky)

Much more valuable.

Multi-part Android spyware lurked on Google Play Store for 4 years, posing as a bunch of legit-looking apps


whats safe

are there any truly safe apps on googleplay? seeing how apps auto update, apps get sold to companies that use that update to change the apps purpose from a game/diet/what ever into spy/malware. Can any app like that be trusted?

Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. Just Elon Musk things


Re: Same as the Nebraska meat packing plants

do you sniff the packaging? lol


Re: Same as the Nebraska meat packing plants

I'm thinking some people here inhale meet. Because even idiots should know by now that someone must inhale the virus to get sick from it.


Herd mentalty

Just noticing how everyone is happy join the media hype and throw rocks.

However, he isn't wrong that other places are allowed to operate and his isn't.

I've read so many Hit articles on Tesla over the years, it's amazing he made any cars.

Yet, he does make cars, has a space ship, and works "with" this workers.

I'm not going to bash him. He is angry for good reason.

Don't be fooled, experts warn, America's anti-child-abuse EARN IT Act could burn encryption to the ground


Profit time

Cattle do not have rights and their opinions are not of consequence.

'the Five Eyes Human Farmers alliance – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom – have agreed to a set of principles to guide internet companies in their efforts to Harvest Consumers Data. Representatives for six online companies – Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Roblox, Snap and Twitter – were there to endorse the initiative.'

Good news, everyone: The US military says it will be ethically minded about how it develops AI


Re: Ethics?

The country appalls torture, the criminals in government don't care what the country wants. It's the same the world over.

There are little to no Ethics in government, only getting and maintaining power over others.

Samsung will be Putin dreaded Kremlin-approved shovelware on its phones, claims Russia


Re: "Fines for non-compliance range between 50,000 and 20,000 roubles"

So people can get out of having the software if they pay the fine/privacy tax of $780

I bet $780 it won't be installed on Putin's phone.

In a touching tribute to its $800m-ish antitrust fine, Qualcomm tears wraps off Snapdragon 865 chip for 5G phones


Re: "It's very easy to share and collaborate with the cloud"


Interpol: Strong encryption helps online predators. Build backdoors


Re: Here we go again...

The ugly truth is, unemployment is high, so more depressed people, more drug use, more crime overall. Illinois problems are very deep, and mostly due to corrupt politicians driving out jobs with over taxation. Please ask anyone that lives there. I used to live there and still have very many friends that do. State fuel taxes jumped again last year, hitting people really hard.

Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property


Re: New App

it'd be more profitable to hunt pokemon lawyers

What do you get when you allegedly mix Wireshark, a gumshoe child molester, and a court PC? A judge facing hacking charges


She hired a security company, wouldn't have been a legal issue if their IT team was part of the investigation to at least know what is going on with their systems. I doubt most "support only" IT depts. can even use Wireshark effectively. There is clearly much more going on here though I don't doubt her concerns are real, but this was all her opponents needed to get rid of her.

We're almost into the third decade of the 21st century and we're still grading security bugs out of 10 like kids. Why?



It will be made as complicated as possible, completely unusable, and have governments highest approval and be made mandatory. Half the InfoSec peeps will say F this, and take jobs that don't stress them out so much.

Great plan. Just like making a helicopter, a million parts flying in formation, when one goes bad - they all do.

Microsoft crams Office 365 docs into Edge-style sandboxes to thwart malware infections


30 days

I give it 30 days before their sandbox is made into a joke, publicly.

NSA to Congress: Our spy programs don’t work, aren’t used, or have gone wrong – now can you permanently reauthorize them?


so depressing

there is no hope, there is no freedom, there is no privacy. we are slaves, I don't want to die but it seams the only escape is suicide. Please kill me.

That was some of the best flying I've seen to date, right up to the part where you got hacked


Snort to keep your pigs flying?

Disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy made me do it, says bloke in Russian court on hacking charges


Re: Kaspersky blackmailed hacker?

Maybe you missed the part that says Ruslan Stoyanov was a "former" employee. So Kaspersky got rid of him prior. If anything, it suggest K did the right thing.

Massachusetts city tells ransomware scumbags to RYUK off, our IT staff will handle this easily


They do not. These new bios infections do not overwrite the files, they create their own little pocket, the malware runs independent of the OS and cannot be seen by the OS, but it can see the files. This is from a Defcon presentation this year. Several of us asked bout flashing the BIOS, but that only overwrites the existing parts and won't touch the infection. I'm sure every AV company is working on detection methods. I have to say I have an older ROG2 MB and it has and independent Linux install in the bios that you don't need a HD for some basic things. Also heard of infections 5 years ago, but not as scary as todays.



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