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Patch now before you get your NAS kicked: Iomega storage boxes leave millions of files open to the internet


I have had my Lenovo hacked and ransom is being asked for. Do I have any come back with Lenovo ?

The Pirate Party finds a friend: A-G backs member against Sony


Double standard Sony. They go after a guy like this yet they promote the use of kodi on their Android TVs and this doesn't contain any illegal copyrighted content. Sony you stink.

Knackered Euro server turns Panasonic smart TVs into dumb TVs


Re: Are there any stats....

I do know that more Sony TV's are bricked than any other company as their TV's do so many updates and if people interrupt them, the TV is knackered.

This is the joys of having an over complicated smart system in a TV.

Firefox is much simpler and doesn't require a degree to operate it nor does it take hours to install and several usernames and passwords.



Real world problems ?

Maybe I have a life and my issues are a little more real life than an issue with smart features on a TV, but I find the complaints on here so small that everyone is getting miffed about a server being down.

If this is all you people have to complain about then can I swap my concerns for yours ?

I have one question - Did you really buy a TV just because of the smart system in it ?

If like me, the answer is no, and you bought a TV for the quality of the picture, then this all seems so futile and not worth complaining about. Yes, you do expect to have the services that you have paid for, yes you do expect a company like Panasonic to provide a service, but likewise, how much are you paying for broadband that is under performing or how much are you paying for a mobile phone bill than keeps dropping calls or has poor internet speeds ? Are you as quick to complain about these services ?

BTW I own a 50CX802 and absolutely love the picture and the features and haven't had use of the use of smart for the last day or two, but am I really that concerned that I'll come on a public forum and give off about it ?

As far as I can see everything is back up and running and I agree with a previous poster that the IOT is very heavily reliant on servers / hardware / internet etc. There are so any things that can cause an issue or failure.

To be honest, I would rather have no smart system than one that bombards me with ads.


Rant over.


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