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Game over, machines: Humans defeat OpenAI bots once again at video games Olympics


For whatever reason associative memory has not been integrated with deep learning yet. The result is current AI only has the shortest of short term memory. Which is fine for Go because the current pattern on the board is all that matters. It is not fine when the game requires temporal strategy.

Anyway I don't think the situation for humans is so rosy. Dawkins says the watchmaker is blind. There are suggestions that evolution need not be so impaired:



Well, that is only a hobby fun viewpoint. Up to you if you buy into it or not.

Happy as Larry: Why Oracle won the Google Java Android case


It's time to move on from Java anyway. Also there is no easy numeric scripting language that has things like integer and/or/not and access to the raw bit format of floats etc.

Due to Oracle being Oracle, Eclipse holds poll to rename Java EE (No, it won't be Java McJava Face)


md 20/20.

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica harvested profile data


Computational propaganda is certainly not a thing that a species programmed for antiquity could be expected to cope with.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Try some version of (look, no passwords) Puppy Linux.


Reinforcement learning woes, robot doggos, Amazon's homegrown AI chips, and more


Associative memory (AM) including error correcting AM and fast, vast AM.


Black Swan Neural Networks.

Each layer is an "extreme learning machine." This in some sense allows greater than fully connected behavior at the layer level. I used a "square of" activation function because it works well with the evolution based training method I used. Perhaps because that induces sparsity.

The network always contains weight connections back to the input for technical reasons I describe:


I think evolution algorithms can solve reinforcement learning problems in the least biased way. It makes fewer assumptions and I think is likely (eventually) to pick apart cause and effect regardless of separation in time.

Farts away! Plane makes unscheduled stop after man won't stop guffing


If you have IBS/SIBO take an osmotic laxative 36 hours before the flight. Or if time is short magnesium citrate or hydroxide 10 hours before. Then don't eat for 6 hours before the flight and not until you disembark. If it is 2 flights taking say 24 hours you are going to be pretty frigging hungry at the end of it. I don't think you would be allowed to take glucose solution on board with you these days to provide some harmless calories.

The joys of being old.

The Register Lecture: AI turning on us? Let's talk existential risk


If you look at the latest videos of pose estimation the results are exceptional. That gives AI direct access to a key human skill, imitation learning. Skills can build on each other.

Anyway when you can import that information directly into MMD the world will be a better place.


Dodgy parking firms to be denied access to Brit driver database


Re: dodgy parking companies

Who would want to live in your country? You'll be charged for walking on the pavement next. And if you don't have a helmet on you'll be taken to court. The English speaking countries ought to take a step back and look at themselves. What are you doing, what life situation are you making for yourselves?

I thought there'd be more Instagram: ICT apprenticeships down 20% in five years


IT is cheap and easy science/technology. You can get a second hand PC for $100 and compared to other applied science areas there is no art to the matter. Ie. You don't even need to know how to solder or heat a test tube. It's not surprising the international hordes have descended on it as a means of earning an income.

Skynet it ain't: Deep learning will not evolve into true AI, says boffin


Uber have started to use evolutionary algorithms to train neural networks which allows them to go beyond the restrictions imposed by backpropagation. Basically unsupervised and reinforcement learning become much more possible and all you ever need is Boolean good/bad signal to the system.

Gary Marcus doesn't know what's going on. Repeat 3 times.

Google boffins tease custom AI math-chip TPU2 stats: 45 TFLOPS, 16GB HBM, benchmarks


It is interesting they have gone back up to using 32 bit floats. Most chip makers are pushing in the opposite direction, with 8 or 16 bit calculations. I think the reason is that layer after layer the nonlinear behavior of neural networks compounds (as in compound interest.) This results in chaos theory type behavior (the weighted sum operation in the networks being only partially cancel out the nonlinear aspects.) Then you have a butterfly effect where very small changes in the input or weights in early layers can have a very large effect at the output. Basically bifurcations define the decision boundaries between attractor states. That would also explain why deep neural networks are susceptible to adversarial attacks, where minor changes in the input result in gross misclassification.

You can correct that problem by putting multiple lean neural networks in a parallel ensemble, which results in a chaos canceling effect.

FCC douses America's net neutrality in gas, tosses over a lit match


They are chasing Pink Elephants down the street in that country.

5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing


Destructuring society is another name for anarchy. Putting structure back and solving problems would be a better idea.

ASUS smoking hashes with 19-GPU, 24,000-core motherboard


The associative memory class here would have been a perfect fit for the Z80 CPU in the 1980's:


On the other hand the deep neural network would benefit from that nice GPU motherboard.

DeepMind takes a shot at teaching AI to reason with relational networks


If this type of associative memory had be figured out in the 1980s then very likely there wouldn't have been an AI winter (of discontent in the UK?)


Demis could have programmed it up on his ZX Spectrum.

The question is can you make a deep network out of such memory? The answer is no, because the information loss is too much compared to computational gain per layer. I would say you can solve that by combining in some aspects of reservoir computing. Actually I think conventional deep networks also have that information loss problem too and it is sometimes resolved by hacks like ResNet.

First-day-on-the-job dev: I accidentally nuked production database, was instantly fired


The database must have been written in Basic using file records. Or 100 times worse yet, dataflex.

Hard-pressed Juicero boss defends $400 IoT juicer after squeezing $120m from investors


A sucrose laden glass of MiWadi is just what the doctor ordered.


Silicon Valley tech CEO admits beating software engineer wife, offered just 13 days in the clink


Re: @Symon

I'm a liberal. And actually a couple of months ago a Trump supporter wanted to clip me with a 9.

The unfortunate global reality though is very few people want to move everyone forward these days.

Why do you want lead in the water and lead in the air? What good will it do you?

NASA agent faces heat for 'degrading' moon rock sting during which grandmother wet herself


That was a clanger.

Irish! data! police! are! preparing! to! whack! Yahoo! over! that! hack!


I see that country is already following the UK's lead in sanctions for welfare recipients and zero hour work contracts.

Hundreds of millions 'wasted' on UK court digitisation scheme


I once encountered a company trying to deliver internet services with no research and development department to test the hardware they were buying and check that they could integrate the hardware into a working system. The management obviously had no clue about engineering and of course it didn't work out. Dark fiber that will never be lit, millions of euros down the drain etc.

I don't know how you could deliver a large software project without a R&D center to design (in outline), specify and verify software components written by external contractors. Smooth talking middle class shysters can get away with anything though, while a 50 year old with arthritis who is unable to make it to the job center on a particular day is sanctioned, left without food for the week and faces eviction.

Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly


Re: $ 391,000,000,000

2% or less of the economy is not a big deal. That is surprising little given how grave the threats actually are. Also we were nearly wiped out by Ebola, one adaptive mutation and most of us would have cashed in our chips early. Really though, very feckless attitudes from humans these days, like nothing can touch them.


Re: Egghead Gilmore, typical of a boffin to miss the point...

Food stamps for 1/6 of the population, free or minimal cost school meals, pensions for all, health care for most. Left wing on the inside, right wing on the outside.

UK military buys third £4m Zephyr drone for 'persistent surveillance' trials


Re: Well at least you know


AT&T CEO clambers up Trump's tower, explains why he should shower gold for Time Warner



That's the automated response you would get from a T supporter. I would postulate low connectivity between different regions in T's brain giving rise to an Orange Herring effect, where he even fools himself into believing nonsense.

That 'Trump lawyers threaten teen over kitten website' yarn is Fakey Fakey McFake Fakeface


Oh, the orange herring doesn't like cats.

THE SCHMIDT HITS THE BAN: Keep your gloves off AI, military top brass


Re: I love the Irony

It is not stoppable. It has been proven to work. The hardware required is in place in mass. At the moment training a neural network is a slow business. Engineering improvements over the next few years will likely make the training algorithms much more efficient and smarter.


That guy has the largest carbon footprint of any human ever. He spends all his free time making a nuisance of himself in a helicopter.


The old deterministic spell checkers did a great job. The new neural net spell checkers are crazy.

UK Home Office warns tech staff not to tweet negative Donald Trump posts


Trumpty Dumpty and Cruella De Vil. I guess the situation is partially defined by impetuous childish behavior.

Republicans send anti-Signal signal to US EPA


Yeh, I agree. It is fun to watch. And also hard to avoid if you surf any of the media. People on US right keep altering with their guy until they are rotated 180 degrees opposite of their original viewpoints. You ain't never seen anything like it.

Hard numbers: The mathematical architectures of Artificial Intelligence


Is this AI driven? https://youtu.be/8R0MrxzM11U

Hope not.

Devonians try to drive Dartmoor whisky plan onto rocks



'Maker' couple asphyxiated, probably by laser cutter fumes


Anyway the cost of industrial automation is falling all the time. You could see a renaissance of cottage industry manufacturing churning out specialized parts for drones, robots etc.


The alternative vision (like alternative facts) in the US is more like this:


Doomsday Clock moves to 150 seconds before midnight. Thanks, Trump


Oh, let's all go live in South America. Argentina? Saint Kitts and Nevis if you have some dough.

Plump Trump dumps TPP trade pump


One way or another there is going to be a lot of fallout. The economic issues hardly even matter if the draft is reintroduced.

A lot of the business owners I've met have nuts ideas about the economy, lower income groups, the national interest etc. They become utterly convinced they are always right and they have special insight into the workings of the world. So let's sit back and find out if that is true...

Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce


Re: Major Flaw

Have you seen the level of industrial automation these days? That rules out a lot of employment options. There is no time machine back to the economy of the 1960's.

I have no answer to everyone piling into zero skills, low paid service sectors jobs. My only answer is to lower the cost of living by deliberately distorting the lower end of the property market with public housing projects. Providing food stamps and allowing people to engage in informal self employment.


The right wing view of the world is that you do something and it is done. There is no counter reaction from those you have affected. That guy has already set a 1000 dynamics in motion that he and those who go with him have little or no ability to contain. Already you can see the geopolitical fault lines appear.

Why Theresa May’s hard Brexit might be softer than you think


I guess she is a a latter day Harold Wilson who is going to rebuild the UK with transputers, the avengers and things.

IDC shock prediction: Someone might build Skynet in next few years


This paper suggests that highly dimensional neural nets do not (effectively) contain local minimum traps:


One implication is that extremely naive training algorithms, simpler than even those tried in the early 1980's are likely to be effective with current deep neural nets.

That is, simplified simulated annealing with no need of occasional energy increasing steps, or equivalently random hill climbing with a cooling rate is sufficient onto the day for online or batch training of neural nets.

UK, you Cray. Boffins flex ARM in 'first-of-its-kind' bonkers HPC rig


Ah, but they tend to use an 8 bit data bus to reduce costs. Z80 style. I wouldn't be surprised if the RPi 3 had a 8 bit data bus.


I think this chip is interesting:


The thing I kinda worry about is that it might be as difficult to program as one of those old cell processors. A super computer was actually built of cell processors but abandoned after 3 year. Reading between the lines it seems no one could or was interested in programming the thing.

Crumbs. Exceedingly good cakes, meat dressing price hike in wake of the Brexit


Emotional blinding admixed with elements of callous disregard.

I think the situation in the English speaking countries is interesting. I wonder how it will turn out for them? Hopefully some form of self correction will occur and there won't be a geopolitical tsunami. Unfortunately I live on the coastline and would certainly end up swimming with the fishes.


The cakes don't cost anything to make. You are paying for executives and middle class managers to scratch each others backs. The international commodity price of these things is within a rounding error of zero. But that is how it is in a neoliberal /neoconservative society.

60% of the population have a better quality of life than a millionaire in the 1960's or 1970's would have had. The other 40% don't exist. They've been swept under the carpet, for none to see.

A vintage year for snoopers and big state-ists


Yeh, it seems like 2017 is going to be eventful and dangerous.

Blue sky basic income thinking is b****cks


Even with just the internet people are already worshiping at the hooves of the golden calf.

Just exactly how nuts are things going to get??? It is all sounding like very bad news for the future. But then I'm somewhat old and perhaps unduly pessimistic.

Trump's FCC will soak net neutrality in gas and toss in a lit match


Reason has been thrown to the dogs in favor of homophily: