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Lukewarm reception for Microsoft's Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles


I already pay $20/m for chatgpt, and I have an annual license for office ($100?). I use Google mail as my primary, and mac as my primary device.

Why would I spend another $20/m on 365 copilot? What am I not noticing here?

Zuckerberg hunkers down in Hawaii to wait out apocalypse


This is the one we know about. It’s a decoy.

Google pencils in limited third-party cookie purge for January


I don’t think we’ll see it in our lifetime, but a marketing-free internet would be amazingly faster. I disabled my blocker recently for an hour or two. Ugh.

When you’re shown 4 ads around one small paragraph, and all the ads are for the same thing, something’s gotta change.

Roblox investor plays hardball over 'weak' parental controls


Something absurd about “rich people” legally crying about not stealing enough money from little kids and luddites

Google dragged to UK watchdog over Chrome's upcoming IP address cloaking


Oh the marketers dont like it?

Good. As an industry, marketers can rot. They’re about as useful as a glass of water while standing on the sun. And if any marketer is here, you can go to the sun at night when it’s cooler…

But as people yeah you’re ok. It’s just the industry.

Brainwaves rock! Scientists decode Pink Floyd tune straight from the noggin


So, could they discern whether the song was being listened to or whether the participants were just singing along in their heads?

How many of the participants knew the song prior to the study, how many were not aware of it?

Voyager 2 found! Deep Space Network hears it chattering in space


Re: October 16th

A documentary has already been made showing VGERs dismay at finding so many carbon units on the creator’s home.

Netflix offers up to $900,000 for AI product manager while actors strike for protection


35 people?

In what location would $900k pay for 35 humans and give health care to their families? Certainly not San Jose, where Netflix is homed, nor Hollywood or New York where many of the filming giants are located.

Meta CEO doesn't Zuck at Brazilian jiu-jitsu, apparently


Up-coming John Wick sequel? Do you mean The Continental, which is a prequel series?

Substack copied Twitter so Twitter is copying Substack


Simpsons said it best

Muskrat isn’t gonna play nice and give real answers to legitimate questions. So stop reporting he isn’t answering. Take his rebellious response and use it against him - don’t talk about it.

“Just don’t look, just don’t look!”

LLaMA drama as Meta's mega language model leaks


Facebook releasing a product to minimal audience with widespread appeal? Gosh, doesn’t that sound like something they did in their startup days?

But then again, “restricting” its release just makes it easier to deny responsibility when something major goes bad.

Zoom chops president it hired less than a year ago


Unless you're bringing something truly unique, I dont understand why you would want to go up against the "free" tools of Hangouts and Teams. "Free" as already included in subscriptions, "free" as in people use it in their free time anyway.

Backup tech felt the need – the need for speed. And pastries and Tomb Raider


It was busywork to keep slackers away from real duties, while keeping them near enough to be scapegoats in an emergency

Basecamp details 'obscene' $3.2 million bill that caused it to quit the cloud


Re: "Most of that spend – $759,983 – went on compute"

How much for someone who knows what they're doing and don't need to practice any more?

Atlassian comes clean on what data-deleting script behind outage actually did



The initial deletion script did exactly as it was supposed to do. The error, as always, was human. Humans provided the incorrect IDs for deletion, humans failed to prepare a feasible restore process.

They should take from this the skill to consider as many what-ifs as possible instead of only the expected outcome.

Never let something so flimsy as a locked door to the computer room stand in the way of an auditor on the warpath


Auditors aren’t the enemy here. You know who is?

The manager who wants to work from home but can’t because of security protocols. So he complains to the ceo who unilaterally decides punching holes in said security is ok because the manager is a nice guy.

It’s the accountant who doesn’t read her emails properly and tries to wire a large sum of cash to the ceo who sent a poorly worded request from an unusual address.

Its the CS team who work late at night and prop doors open for each other with bricks so they can sneak out at 4am and have a smoke.

It’s the guy who tapes his passwords to his screen and needs other passwords reset daily.

It’s the facility manager who prints out secure WiFi settings and posts it every 5 feet.

Auditors are nothing.

iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a computer for grownups


Please don’t advocate giving the peasants access to the file system. Or improved shells. Apple devices work as well as they do because you can’t break them so easily just by fat-fingering a freaking /etc/ text file. Imagine the idiots who will delete / because of the mess, or because some tard on YouTube said it’s a way to free up space.

Do you really want your friends and family to call you at 3am because they farked their phones loading the newest flash version with pornhub pre-installed?

Who's using 2FA? Sweet FA. Less than 10% of Gmail users enable two-factor authentication


Re: Of course they don't use it

It sounds like you're arguing against the need for pool safety fences around pools.

Google Chrome ad-blocking to begin in February – but what is it going to block?


30 days grace for crappy ads sounds highly exploitable

Facebook: Who needs millennials? The cops love us more than ever!


Hard to see how it would chase people away, with its forcing a stupid timeline structure on us, telling us we want to be friends with people 7degrees of Bacon away from our actual friends, the massive amount of ads scattered everywhere, the required separate apps for separate functions with stupid update notes that don't say anything... yeah it's a real mystery why people are moving away...

It's Patch Blues-day: Bad October Windows updates trigger BSODs


Love that it's the sysadmin's fault for the cockup and not because Microsoft laid out some poor planning...

Apple's iOS password prompts prime punters for phishing: Too easy now for apps to swipe secrets, dev warns


Different keyboards?

We already get prompted with different keyboards from within apps. With the system already non-uniform I don't see how this will improve anything

Support team discovers 'official' vendor paper doesn't rob you blind


The story was an anecdote from some trainers... It may not have even been real.

Vibrating walls shafted servers at a time the SUN couldn't shine


I don't get how elevators shunting a dozen people at a time are easier to deal with than elevators shunting a few garbage bags full of coffee cups and snot rags.

What's that, Equifax? Most people expect to be notified of a breach within hours?


Sounds like a case of "do as I say, not as I do"

Las Vegas locks down ahead of DEF CON hacking conference

Black Helicopters

I would trust an email before trusting an unknown USB device from some smooth-talking fedora.

Bloke takes over every .io domain by snapping up crucial name servers


He should have offered the domains to HoTMaiL.

Sysadmin bloodied by icicle that overheated airport data centre


Re: Frozen winter shit.

There is an I in team, it's right there in the A-hole (font permitting)

Startup remotely 'bricks' grumpy bloke's IoT car garage door – then hits reverse gear


It is humourous we are lambasting "the cloud"... while using a tool hosted on another person's cluster...

Microsoft cloud TITSUP: Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, Hotmail down


There goes the migration from google I was about to explore...

Facebook investors yell at CEO: Get the Zuck out of our boardroom!


The last thing you want to do is show Zuckerberg you know how to kick him out of his company.

Who do you want to be Who? VOTE for the BBC's next Time Lord


Lets give Tom Baker another run at it. After all, who knows?

WTF? Francis Ford Coppola crowdsources Apocalypse Now game


There's a reason the big publishers won't touch his game - and it's not what he says it is. You'll be amazed.

Oracle sues its own star sales rep after she wins back $200k in pay fight


The more a sales agent makes for Oracle, the less they get in commission? Is that right?

Sign me the hell up, I'm so motivated I've already generated $0 in sales so I should get a nice fat check.

DirecTV Now plagued with faults, but uptake not slowing


I was off work for a few days and specifically wanted to check it out, because AT&T stores and tech support were giving me conflicting answers on home data (they would both say yes and no to "will it count towards home bandwidth", depending on who you talked to). Before the test ran I killed off all other streaming devices and unplugged them so they were literally unpowered. After the test, I left the devices off and usage has dropped to nearly nothing. I am highly confident if I switch on DTN and let it run, I'll see the same results.


Early adopters of the service were given a "free" AppleTV with 3 month subscription of the $35 plan. It was cheaper to subscribe for the ATV than buying a new ATV directly from Apple. In addition, streaming DirecTV Now data over LTE/3G used zero data if you are an AT&T user.

For the cons - there is an issue where the streams you watch are continually crashing. One "official" fix has been to delete the app and - wait for it - reinstall the app. This didn't work. So you might be seeing inflated downloads from this process. Finally, if you're streaming at home over your AT&T U-Verse account, data IS counted. Helpdesk says this is normal as AT&T can't tell that you're streaming over their pipes... Naturally this is bogus, of course AT&T can tell. They had just implemented hard data caps at $10/50gb overage only a month before releasing Now.

We watched DirecTV Now for a few days and blew through 20% of our terabyte allotment, which is a problem.

Chrome dev explains how modern browsers make secure UI just about impossible


Interestingly, I'm not automagically switched to https:// when on The Reg. I should stop signing in

Zuck off: Facebook's big kahuna sues Hawaiians to kick 'em off their land


Re: Ironic...

of course they do - it's like bronzey and goldy

Netflix US Twitter account hacked


How does breaking someone's account on a different service count as "testing your security"? This was done for the bragging rights. If the kid wants to impress us, break into Netflix proper and enable all content for all regions.

Sysadmin denies boss's request to whitelist smut talk site of which he was a very happy member


"British English" always sounds wrong. Do you work for the Department of Redundancy Department, by any chance?

Linux 4.9 has 'issues that just shouldn't be issues'. Or might not


Re: Vote WORRY

That's what production is for

Microsoft flips Google the bird after Windows kernel bug blurt


Relying on Adobe to fix a hole in your house is like asking a bovver boy to help with discrimination.

Today the web was broken by countless hacked devices – your 60-second summary


I don't think you can say "we weathered the storm" AND "our systems are coming back online" in the same speech. If you're knocked offline, you did not "weather" an attack.

Hackers claim they breached Aussie point-of-sale tech firm, try to sell 'customer DB'


Why did "Alex Holden, founder of US-based intelligence company Hold Security." not report this information to CERT himself, or the victims? Why did he offer it to a news publisher?

Sounds really, really shady.

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook's ad-blocker buster: It's a block party!


If my adblocker is blocking legit posts, it's not the adblocker I'd blame but the host for putting legit posts in the same style containers as ads. I already miss important posts from friends and family thanks to the crazy algorithms in place.

I am always shocked at how dirty some sites are when an adblocker is not used. It should be a mandatory part of Chrome, Firefox, and IE these days.

PHP flaws allowed God mode access to top smut site


Re: Or... and hear me out here...

Any intern capable of that deserves to be at Google, or anywhere else

It's not our fault we don't hire black people, says Facebook


People only hire people that remind themselves of... themselves. A white dude who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth is hardly going to see similarities with someone who fought and earned everything the hard way growing up.

Naturally there are exceptions to the rule, as there are nice people everywhere. But you'll see the majority of hires are clones of the hirer/hiring committee. The same school, preppy appearance, speech patterns..

Meet the grin reaper: Password manager now snaps login SELFIES


The picture itself can be used as code too.

If I'm snapped holding a stapler, it's all good. If the picture shows me holding scissors, send help asap.

If it's Monday before lunch, I should be holding an apple. If it's Tuesday after dinner, I should be holding a 12in black rubber dildo.

25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet


Why is tripe like this allowed to slip through the censor?

This local council paid HOW MUCH for an SD card?!


Re: Procurement always works this wonder

While your configuration was most likely fine, it's government. Everything has to be approved so everybody has to feel important. And you're not allowed to have original ideas without prior-approval, which you can get in advance of thinking you'll need prior-approval by filling out form I-93-V3 in biro (medium, black).