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BBC extends Capita Audience Services contract to 25 years


They changed the law fairly recently to say you had to have a licence. You could get away with it before if you only watched shows on demand, however if you watched ANY live tv on any channel you needed a licence. It was not a bbc licence. Its was a licence to watch broadcasted material.

More power to UK, say 'leccy vehicle makers. Seriously, they need it


Re: Its not just manufacturing that needs a solution

Problem is if you have more than one car , you will not be able to charge more than one overnight, some have 2, 3 or 4 cars if they have grown kids living at home but working. Not exactly sure they can solve that problem.

Azure VMs borked following Meltdown patch, er, meltdown


cloud and hyperconverged

In the rush to all things new and "flashy" in the assumption its cheaper a lot of people have been burned.

many years a go someone said, don't put any data into the cloud you don't want other to see. We had cloud providers saying how secure it was but strangely went very quiet when we asked if they would guarantee that with some money should data leak out, Never heard a salesman stumble of words so quickly.

Public cloud will never be secure, every security feature that has been created, has been got around at some point, or will be. Things are too complicated these days making it almost impossible to make things secure.

Hyper Converged was touted as the solution to most data centre issues, Spectre has shown that sharing your data and compute on the san node is suicide for security. I hated the idea anyway due to the state of software testing these days never mind trying to get different vendors to fix issue.

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine



it sounds more reliable than my talk talk line

Dell EMC refreshes its entry-level arrays



Dell support is bad, had a senior tech guy take out our San during upgrade, then following week another upgrade neary did the same!.. Big message on screen ," warning this will cause system outage, " hey just ignore that, boom all access to San went off,after several are your sure questions... Then same message on next upgrade different array , again " always says that it does not go off". Ok, I want that in an email to cofirm you are saying that the array will not go off. Please go away and check this... Email comes saying array will be fine. Arrange time, message appears on screen saying this upgrade will cause data outage... Are you sure we ask, yes he says, then in the background we hear. " wouldn't click that mate San will go off" we ended the call and cancelled update. We now have gone with different vendor. This was just Jan this year.

NAND that's that... Flash chip industry worth twice disk drive biz


Rebuild times

Main issue is rebuild times as hard drives get larger, 10tb takes long enough, never mind larger. Once SSD price for 10tb has got to the same price as hard drives, then game over. SSD is also more suited for de-dupe so it can store more if data can be de-duped.

Christmas cheer for KCL staffers with gift of extra holiday after IT disaster



Its actually quite likely that a mirror can break at both sides within a short time frame, as both disks have been written to in exactly the same manner, the disks may have been close on the production line as well. You really need multi party raid, so that multiple drive failures do not (or are highly unlikely) to cause problems. This is becoming a huge problem with large disk,s as rebuilding a raid array with 6TB,10TB or more takes a long time. in our old SAN we had 3 failure in a week out of 120 disks, luckily they are smallish drives so rebuild times are low. Our new one uses 3 drive parity, so you can have 3 simultaneous drive failures and still be okay.

Nimble whips out fat boxen: We're here for the all-flash array market


Re: Well they're good at marketing at least...

you can create block sizes any size you like, 4k 8k, 32, 64 etc when you create the volume. I can confirm that the cs700 writes on the hybrid are very good, sub 1 ms, that's with multiple oracle and sql virtual servers. I don't work for nimble, we have about 8 now of various types. The infosight is not perfect but pretty good and is evolving all the time.