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'Buyer's remorse' drove HP's legal crusade to go after Lynch, High Court told


Whitman has always appeared to stumble from success to success.....

.....despite her continued errors.

The one that always makes me smile the most is knowing she spend $144m (that's not a typo) of her own money on her run for California Governor on a Republican ticket in 2010.....Oh did I laugh, when I saw the results.

Ministry of Justice bod jailed for stealing £1.7m with fake IT consulting contract


It's not greed, it's human nature........

A long time ago a friend told me a story that his grandfather had told him years before......

If you take five really good friends, on a Friday night, having a beer in the pub and chatting...

Now put £25 in the middle of the table and tell them to help themselves, they/ll all take a fiver and be happy.

Now take the same friends, on the same night, in the same pub....

Put £25,000,000 on the table and watch them quickly start to argue over who deserves what cut.

People get emotionally invested in 'property and other baubles' because that's what society conditions them to as important, few have the wherewithal to work out what really makes them content rather then short term 'latest toy' endorphin rush.


You can't pay yourself a stipend.....that's traceable and forensic accountants are pretty good these days.

There's much more effective ways to hide money or even better wash it so you get it clean and legit when you know how.

Quantum cryptography demo shows no need for ritzy new infrastructure


Qbit measurement without alternation is not a given.


and that paper was written 15 years ago.....the world and technology jas moved on since then.

ZX Spectrum reboot firm's shareholders demand current directors go


Why has no-one spotted,.....

........that if they do ship, even by May 12th. They are not obliged to call the shareholders meeting till after that date.

What the shareholders, who want to call the meeting, should have done was issue the formal shareholders notice themselves....who's advising them on Company Law?

UK competition watchdog: Fox's takeover of Sky 'not in public interest'


Re: Mickey Mouse?

---> They've bought the feature film side and some of the TV production, not the news part.

But Murdoch had sold Sky to Disney as part of the deal....

So in effect Disney would become the owners of Sky not Murdoch.

Anyway, he's laid up in hospital last I heard after his son unsuccessfully tried to drown him, they should have got the Maxwell boys in as they're real professionals in accidental patricide off boats allegedly.

Smartphones' security enhancements just make them more dangerous


Any Biometric is the least secure model I can think of.....

While it may protect your device if the device is stolen there are far too many ways to collect fingerprint, facial and DNA data metrics to be able to 'spoof' them to fool the device.

Any security model that relies on anything other then a secret known to and stored in the owners memory is fundamentally a flawed model, convenience is no substitute for a properly implemented strong security model.

Alexa, please cause the cops to raid my home


Re: 45RPM


Stay Calm and Don't Feed The Trolls

Beware Paris Hilton's investment advice, SEC tells investors


Does anyone still give a toss what Paris Hilton says/endorses?

Surely, like a dried up prune, she's well past her expiration date?

Now KardiCash.....that could be concerning.

TalkTalk glitch causing mobiles and landlines to go off at the same time


Is it true they're thinking of renaming/rebranding themselves?

Using the principal of naming things in the style of "does what it says on the tin", they've decided the most apt rebranding name is......


Judge: You're getting an Apple data centre and you're going to like it


Re: Separation of powers?

---> "....For fucks sake, Apple owes the country €13billion yet the government doesn’t want it?

Who in their right mind turns down €13billion?..."

Someone who knows they're going to get it anyway but doesn't want to look greedy and piss off the people giving it?

Qualcomm takes 5G to spooky millimetre land


Finally a chance again for crossed lines?

When I was a kid (in the pre digital dark ages) it was common for phone lines to either die or 'cross' when it was raining.

Does this mean we might finally get the full 'landline' experience using mobiles?


Firemen fund sues Uber for dousing shares with gas, tossing in a match


It's all about the money.......

I posted this on another Uber thread, reposted here for thoughts.

By far and away the biggest single removable cost item from cabbing (be it Black Cabs, Uberites or Mini Cabs) is the driver.

If you take some conservative numbers.....

Let's say London has 105,700 cabbies in total.

40,000 Uber (Ubers own numbers)

21,000 Black Cabs (TfL Numbers)

84,700 Licenced Cab Drivers 2015 (Govt report linked below) subtract the 40,000 Uber = 44,700 (non Uber)


The 'average' London Black Cab makes around £40-50,000pa after tax and costs. Let's take the lower figure of £40,000 and multiply by number of cabs 21,000 = £840m pa. The tax revenue from that is probably in the order of another £400m pa (Income Tax, VAT, Petrol Taxes).

There's no firm number for Mini Cabs and Uberites, but let's say they make £25,000 per year after expenses and Tax. £25,000 x 84,700 = £2.12Bn the tax revenue from that as per above is say £1bn.

I realise these numbers are highly subjective and we've all seen the stories of Black cabbies making £90k per year etc....for the purposes of this lets keep number conservative.

So there's about £3bn of removable costs and the consequential loss of a further about £1bn tax revenues.

If anyone thinks that Uber isn't trying to dominate the market now, to ensure they get the lions share of £4bn a year flowing to their San Francisco base, while only paying a tiny amount of Corporation Tax, you're not really paying attention.

This is just one (admittedly big global) city. Worldwide we're probably talking 10-20m drivers who could be replaced by driverless cars.

If they pull it off the $70bn valuation will look cheap.

Limp Weiner to get 21 months in the hole


Re: It's not that Amazing

I'm always fascinated that to stop World War two with a time machine almost everyone says "let's go back and kill Hitler as a child".

I've NEVER heard anyone say "let's go back and save Franz Ferdinand" and thereby probably stop two wars.

People ehhh, usually just looking for the simple cock blocking solutions.

Shock: Brit capital strips Uber of its taxi licence


Re: Ben Hur Moment.......

Well talking about childish errors (it was a typo I'd already corrected by the way).

If you're going to quote someone and then explain why they're wrong perhaps use the full quote and then you wouldn't need to explain anything at all.

You quoted this.....

"Not on the 50mph 3 lane A13 where you regularly get some Preyesore driving in the fast lane doing 22mph......".

Then went on to explain that it was an overtaking lane, not a fast lane (which is of course a colloquialism).

Of course if you had quoted the whole of the original post, or did you get too tired to read beyond the first sentence? That the next sentence specifically referred to overtaking.

So the whole quote was

"Not on the 50mph 3 lane A13 where you regularly get some Preyesore driving in the fast lane doing 22mph.

On neighbourhood streets no problem, however on multi lane thoroughfares if you're not overtaking then get on the inside lane."

Now, was that too difficult to understand?

On neighbourhood streets no problem, however on multi lane thoroughfares if you're not overtaking then get on the inside lane.


Re: Ben Hur Moment.......

Not on the 50mph 3 lane A13 where you regularly get some Preyesore driving in the fast lane doing 22mph.

On neighbourhood streets no problem, however on multi lane thoroughfares if you're not overtaking then get on the inside lane.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones


Re: Billionaire's daughter

Mate, that's really unfair and sexist to comment on a woman's ability based on her physical appearance.

I'm sure she'd much rather people judged her on the emotion her facial expressions can evoke, it's the right thing to do.


Disgraced US Secret Service agent coughs to second Bitcoin heist



Why on earth did he return the coins?

Even if they gave him 15 years he'd be white collar, out in under 8 and made for life.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 2017, unhinged: Luxury fondleslab that's good...


Re: Those TV ads

Never mind the ads, what about the number of US network programs with the SP popping up in product placement spots all over the show. I reckon NCIS:LA (Guilty pleasure) must have had half it's budget paid for by MS.

Openreach pegs full fibre overhaul anywhere between £3bn and £6bn


Re: Leased line

The main issue with VOIP is latency not bandwidth.

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor


Re: Calling your b***s***

I suspect it's not BS but incorrect nomenclature



I used Big Blue PC's in the early/mid 80's, the whole thing really took off for business when Visicalc launched originally on the Apple ][.

Florida Man's prized jeep cremated by exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7


To anyone who's a fan of the old classic 'Married with Children'.

"......and what did you have in the car when it caught fire Mr Bundy?"

"Well, there was my Monet, twenty five thousand dollars in cash, original IBM bearer bonds now worth about four million dollars and of course a special commissioned Faberge Egg made of exclusively flammable materials....."


Having lived in Florida for a couple of years in my personal experience the type of people who wear "Don't tread on me" shirts are quite often informationally challenged as a life choice.

Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink


Everyone seems to have missed the point here......

If he started out as a contractor (a form of job vetting) and then became full time, how did Citiwank not pick up on the fact he was slightly off the reservation?

Looks to me like a classic case of budget constrained decisions having bad repercussions.

Theft of twenty-somethings' IDs surges


Do people under 30 have actual IDs?

Few of them seem to vote so are we sure they all really exist and are not some Matrixian constructs?

Bloke flogs $40 B&W printer on Craigslist, gets $12,000 legal bill


You have to sue for the legal costs......in the UK you don't have to bring a separate lawsuit.


If you want some fun about screwballtology track down a TV show called The Path.

Good fun can be had by all.


While I agree with the sentiment your example may not be for the reasons you think.

A substantial amount of International Ocean Freight still gets insured through Lloyds of London and it's a stipulation in pretty much all of these insurance contracts that any litigation happens in the UK (I accept for the reasons you laid out).

What's perhaps far more interesting is that the UK is becoming a court of choice for many libel actions involving the rich and powerful (AKA The Diminati).


While I can understand our US cousins get annoyed at the British 'superiority' regarding this kind of stuff, I'm sorry but there's too much of it Stateside to ignore.

This guy is small fry.....back in 2006 a JUDGE (not a joke....a fracking judge) sued his Dry Cleaners for a pair of lost trousers....the amount he was seeking in damages was $67 Million (again that's not a mistake).


Now if judges are going to try to game the system of course some peasant is.

The fundamental difference in US and UK legal systems in this regard is that costs in the UK can be awarded to the winning party...so if you issue frivolous lawsuits in the UK and keep losing you'll have to pay my legal bills as well.....whereas in the States each party is responsible for their own costs.

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software


Re: This is how the US is preserving its air superiority


'nuff said........

anyway what the frack is a strategic nuclear bomber doing retasked to close ground support......get real.


Re: This is how the US is preserving its air superiority

Air combat drones before 2022.

Very very likely.....and will kill pretty much any pilot driven aircraft soon after.

Donald Trump promises 'such trouble' for Jeff Bezos and Amazon


Re: It took a Brit to set the record straight

I think you mean this for people outside US.



If it wins.......

Trump has already commissioned appropriate lawyers to start drafting legislation to change the framing of certain titles within the American political system on his election.

Existing Title -- President of the United States.

New Title -- El Presidente for Life and Beyond

Existing Title -- Vice President of the United States

New Title -- Beatch Number One

Exiting Title -- Leader of the House

New Title -- Beatch Number Two

Existing Title -- The White House

New Title -- Trump Edict Centre

Existing Title -- Senate

New Title -- Loser Central

Existing Title -- House of Representatives

New Title -- (Disbanded for dissing Ivana/Marina/Marleen whoever.........)

and as to the REAL power behind the scenes in the US you only need to look here to see how bad it has really gotten.......how these guys are not charged under RICO is beyond me.


Trump is a bombastic blowhard, but idiot he is not. Do not get sucked in and believe the public persona he projects is the real him, he is an experienced and skilled manipulator, almost certainly a world class narcissistic and without any shadow of doubt the biggest danger to the free world if he gets elected. Not because of what he says, but as he is so hard to predict his actions are far too easily misinterpreted and on the global stage you cannot have statesmen acting as loose cannons....people (sometimes LOTS of people) end up dead that way.


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