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Joy to the vendors, HCI's day has come. And converged ... becomes less... of a thing – IDC


I feel like I'm ... missing something

Wheres the source data link?

Who'd a thunk it? IBM has a hyperconverged play – feel the POWER


Wait, didn't this already happen?

I swear this happened ages ago ... unless it was just a press release that it was coming months back, and now it's GA.

Partners? With them? No way, says HPE of Nutanix


Get burned?

Curious, has Nutanix burned you too?

Yes, they're pulling some shady stunts with these compatibility/certification shows (customers would expect this to be a two-way trust between software and hardware provider), but this is fundamentally because customers are demanding it, and the OEMs are trying to prop up their own hyperconverged platforms.

Shit though, this is software defined. Certifying on known configurations is step one before allowing it to be run on the broad spectrum of hardware in the world which I'm sure is Nutanix's next goal - and they'll be leaps and bounds further than anyone else when that time comes.

Meet the Tesla of the backup world – Datos IO (no, it doesn't make boxes that catch fire)


Forget something?

Which car is Commvault, then? I'm thinking german.

Ditch tape and fly into the public cloud with us, beams bullish Actifio


Not much longer now ...

Actifio's core value prop is copy data management - leverage your backups for cloned copies for reporting, analytics, dev, test, qa etc. It's a great and fantastic concept, but the users leveraging this aren't the infrastructure folks you commonly sell backup to, and the application folks aren't oft to force a backup solution on infrastructure folks.

Sales cycles of 9+ months long. Needing to tailor your SDLC to your backup solution to benefit from it (how many developers you know are itching to build processes against legacy infrastructure?). Often too-aggressive sales team lines customers up for failure due to overly-simplifying the resulting target infrastructure against requirements. Very limited application support.

Use snapshots and zero copy clones on your production SAN array, and get a true backup product like Netbackup or Commvault, and dump to S3 if you've got the bandwidth, dollars, and patience.

Sterling's post-Brexit dollar woes are forcing up tech kit prices


On the phone with someone from the UK yesterday, mention it was Canada day and Monday is the 4th of July. He mentions they, too, will have their own independence day! (yay, right?) Sounds great, but given people celebrate being freed of the UK ... wouldn't it be the EU's independence day?

Also ... he hates the word Brexit. The more you know ...

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is great on paper. But it's still only on paper


From what I understand, a fair amount of the losses being reported is the 18 months if R&D and prep to launch this specific product. Funny, when EMC announced Nitro ... it was baking for 18 months. Nothing is secret in the industry :)

Ker-ching! IBM paid 10 times Cleversafe’s funding for the startup


Ding ding ding!

Straight into softlayer it goes ...